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Review: Crescendo

 Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
 Release Date: October 19 2010
 Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Nora Grey's life is still far from perfect. Surviving an attempt on her life wasn't pleasant, but atleast she got a guardian angel out of it: a mysterious, magnetic, gorgeous guardian angel. But, despite his role in her life, Patch has been acting anything but angelic. He's more elusive than ever and even worse, he's started spending time with Nora's arch-enemy, Marcie Millar.

Nora would have hardly noticed Scott Parnell, an old family friend who has moved back to town, if Path hadnt been acting so distant. Even with Scott's totally infuriating attitude Nora finds herself drawn to him - despite her lingering feeling that he's hiding something.

Haunted by images of her murdered father, and questioning whether her nephilim bloodline has anything to do with his death, Nora puts herself increasingly in dangerous situations as she desperatly searches for answers. But maybe some things are better left buried, because the truth could destroy everything - and everyone - she trusts

Crescendo picks up 2 months after Hush, Hush. Patch realises Nora is totally uncool after he meets a hotter-than-the-raging-pits-of Hell (his words, not mine) girl from Australia. So he dumps Nora, shacks up with the Aussie and the story switches back and forth between him saving his new damsel in distress, to her kicking the bad guys asses single handedly (she took on 6 angels and 10 nephilim AT THE SAME TIME). The girl (oh alright, so her name is Brodie) struggles with her identity, unsure if Patch prefers damsel or badass, so she gives him a taste of both. In the end, she and Patch live sexily ever after.

What? WHAT?? Are you calling my bluff? Oh shut up. *shoots Nora daggers of jealousy*

So, Crescendo picks up 2 months after Hush, Hush. Everything is hunky, dory between Nora and Patch... FOR LESS THAN A CHAPTER. Cue tension, but not of the sexual kind. Oh there's still plenty of that through the story, but add in a healthy dose of frustration and anger and hurt. Patch is spending an awful lot of time with Nora's rival, Marcie Millar and he doesn't seem to be giving Nora a straight answer as to why. Their relationship grows very rocky in Crescendo between him devoting way too much attention on Marcie, troubles with the archangels and the threat that if they continue to grow closer, something very bad is going to happen.

But Crescendo isn't all back-and-forth between Patch and Nora and sexy kind-of make up scenes where they just can't deny the sexual current buzzing between them. Becca Fitzpatrick has thrown in a whole wingload of twists and turns and revelations, half of which I did not see coming! We delve further into the mystery of Nora's dad's death - hard not after she starts having visions of him. Most teenage girls don't generally see their dead parent reading a paper in a coffee shop.

We're also introduced to a new character - Scott Parnell. Scotty the Potty - childhood friend of Nora. Or Scottie the Hottie thanks to that growing-hot-syndrome which affects many teenage boys. But is he good or bad? There's a lot of mystery shrouding this boy and the reader isn't sure whether he's a Potty or a Hottie or maybe both? A guy can have a history of wetting his pants, grow into a bad guy and STILL be hot. We're left wondering about this boy right up until the end. And that is all I shall tell you!

We also see a whole lot more of Rixon this time around since he's spending plenty of time with Vee, Nora's best friend. Oh Vee. I love her. I loved her in Hush, Hush and I love her even more after Crescendo. That girl is crazy, funny, sucks at being a spy and has a totally whacked understanding of the term 'diet'. I kind of hope she's let into the loop with the whole Angel/Nephilim world surrounding Nora in the third book.

Okay, so I have to devote some time to Patch. Patch. Patch. PATCH! Oh I love me a slice of that Devil's Food Cake. Err... Angel's Food Cake. Right? Yeah, Becca Fitzpatrick knows how to create doubt. You know deep down he's a good guy.... but his actions and his habit of not fulling divulging certain details and all the mystery that oozes from his sexy pores fill your head with questions and worries and make it ever so tempting to flip to the back of the book just to make sure he and Nora patch (no pun intended) things up. Because while you're insanely jealous that the she's wrapped her tendrils around his heart again, it means he's a good guy! Good heavens that boy is sexy.

I should also make a note of the main character. Which isn't Patch *chides self*. Nora's a strong-willed, smart girl. She still makes some dumb decisions, but don't we all? She goes through a whirlywind of emotions between heartache, anger, love, frustration, jealousy, worry, fear, doubt... and that's just with Patch! Add to that the weird encounters with her deceased father, intensified rivalry with Marcie, problems on the family front and uncertainty over Scott. As the cover suggests, Crescendo is definitely about Nora.

I read a lot of mixed reviews about Crescendo which managed to delay my reading. Even after Precious from Fragments of Life that it was fantastic and awesome and I'd really love it, it was only yesterday that I finally dived in. And while I love her for making me realise that I, too, love this book, I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!! That cliffhanger! Why? Why? Flipping why?! Why do authors deliberately wish to torture us when they KNOW we have to wait MONTHS and MONTHS for the next book in the series to come out? You know,  think Becca gets a kick out of it. First she dangles Patch right in front of us with the knowledge we'll never get a taste and then she has us waiting and waiting for his scenes to finally appear in Crescendo and then kills us with a freaking cliffhanger. I love her, but I totally want to chain her up in a dungeon and sit in front of her reading book 3 before she's even edited and have Patch standing behind me seductively whispering all his lines from the book.
Maybe I shouldn't have written this review so soon after finishing? *sigh*

Overall, I think you can tell I enjoyed this book. I think I may have loved it even more than Hush, Hush... I think! Hush, Hush holds a special place in my heart. It was because of that book that I even began reading blogs at all. I first read the chapter excerpts on the Simon and Schuster website, went cr-a-a-a-a-zy fangirlish over a certain fallen angel. And then went searching for all information I could find. I remember I found a link to the Barnes and Noble First Look program on The Neverending Shelf (first blog I followed!) and managed to score myself an ARC of Hush, Hush before release. HAPPY ME!

Rating: 5/5! (I'm currently on the hunt for cool rating icons. In the meantime you're stuck numbers).


  1. LMAO. You totally had me going with that first paragraph. xD I was like... "WHOA WHAT?!" XD Admittedly, I didn't read your entire review. I just skimmed it. Now, now, don't get mad at me D:. I plan on reading this series, so I don't want it to be spoiled. And since you apparently swear up and down by this book, I'm definitely going to have to read it soon(ish)! :D Great review ♥

    (I'm on the hunt for cool rating icons, too D: )

  2. Hahaha I'm all for making people believe MY version of the story is the real one *dreamy sigh*. I'm not mad at you, since you promised (I'm taking your legally binding comment as a promise) to start on this series. I hope you fall in love with Patch as much as I have!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Yay!! I told you so! :) But...oh well, fine! I didn't tell you it had a cliffy ending because you might not read it! *crosses arms and grins* But I'm glad you loved it! It was so amazing, yes? So unpredictable. I kept guessing and guessing. Great enthusiastic review!

  4. So I had this AWESOME comment and the internet STOLE it from me as part of a global INTERNET stealing conspiracy!


    You left out the part where after Brodie runs way with Patch she introduces him to her friend Laucakes and he is hypnotised by her fluorescent red hair and leaves Brodie's crazyass.

    Also: I'm judging you for defending Nora. She is a moron. Lots of judging.

    Also: Pores are not sexy. They are full of dead skin, oil, sweat and dirt. They are inhabited by flesh eating insects and a breeding ground for bacteria. If you find that sexy, then see aforementioned judging.


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