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Divergent: Face Your Fears

One of the coolest things I found was last year Veronica herself began facing her own fears in the months leading up to Divergent's release. She conquered her fear of heights by sliding down an 18-foot vert ramp, dived into a public fountain and the legendary one that many have heard about - she jumped into a bathtub filled with mini mashmallows in celebration of getting a book deal. If there's one thing that can be said about this author - she definitely is not afraid of being adventurous. I think it's so cool she's taken on such a practical approach to her writing!

Throughout Divergent,  Tris and the other initiates are continually pushed, forced to face things that would have my heart running a marathon directly into the Cowardly Lion's shaky paws. In the Dauntless faction, there is a simulation where where one must attempt to overcome a series of their own personal fears. So I want to find out what YOUR simulation would hold. Do you think you would be able to overcome them?

My fear landscape:

I can't swim. Heck, I can barely even doggy paddle! I had countless swimming lessons at school when I was younger. All the other students advanced to the next skill group, but me? I didn't need an iceberg to sink, I accomplished that feat all on my own. I am deathly afraid of deep water. I'm fine if you put me in the shallow end, but if I my feet can't touch the bottom of the surface - I will sink and I will die and you will cry.

Corny picture, I know. But I had to squint my eyes while searching and typed 'cartoon spiders' -  I couldn't post a real one! I freak out whenever I even see one on tv. I can deal with small spiders - baby ones I'm happy to let roaming free. Medium sized ones, well they're still okay even if I do think they're growing up a little too fast. But it's the big, hairy, long legged ones that send me squealing for someone to get rid of it. I can't look at them otherwise they'll be stuck in my head all day long - furry images flashing through my mind of them crawling over pillow or the back of the chair or in my ear... agh!

This one sort of ties in with my fear of drowning. I'm afraid of any situation that will prevent me from breathing (well duh, I think we all are!). I don't really like wearing scarves or anything wrapped too tightly around my neck or head. Say if someone tickles me and I start struggling for breath, I go into major paranoia. Maybe I suffered death by suffocation in a previous life?

Losing Control
Not a huge one, maybe I'm just a control freak sometimes. I hate not having some amount of control over a situation I'm in - being forced into something where I'm unaware of what's going to happen next, where I can't control what will happen to me. I don't like it at all!

Public Humiliation
This is one of the fears someone else suffers in Divergent and I have to agree, I'm right there with them. I think we all may have this to some degree, unless you totally lack all inhibitions. Being completely degraded and shamed in front of a crowd of people? Or say, finding yourself stark naked in public? Well... if you have a flawless body, I'm sure you wouldn't mind so much. Neither would the crowd ;) But that would be terrifying for me and makes me think that public humiliation would be huge on my list. Part of the reason I could not be Candor is the fact that I'd be deathly afraid of revealing every single thing that goes through my head and utterly humiliating myself.

Those are all I can really think of, but I've no doubt there would be others in my fear landscape - I think we all have a multitude of fears, big and small, deep and shallow, but I can't say I'm overly comfortable with sharing some of those deeper ones with the whole wide Internet! Which automatically rules out two factions for me. Candor, because I can't be honest and tell all. And Dauntless, because I'm not brave enough to admit to my fears.

What would your fear landscape hold?

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Tomorrow: One choice can transform you. Find out which faction other bloggers and authors would choose!


  1. It's freaky how many fears we have in common!

    Drowning: First of all, you live on a freaking ISLAND Brodie!! Australia is surrounded by water on all four sides!! Go get some swimming lessons girl! LOL but I can't swim either :( It's fun floating in the water and I can keep myself going for 3 seconds when I use my legs but once I add in my arms I begin freaking out LOL

    Spiders: OMGG!! We're in the exact same boat as Ron! I HATE HATE HATE SPIDERS! I don't care if they're small or big, I hate them. They're so creepy and crawly and everytime I see one or think of one, I FEEL LIKE IT'S CRAWLING DOWN MY THROAT! OMG I FEEL IT NOW! BLEHHHHH

    Suffocation: I bet the stupid spiders crawling down my throat are going to suffocate me!! LOL too graphic? Well imagine having to feel it!! It's torture, I tell you. But suffocating to death would be horrible because your consciousness would ebb away slowly and you can feel the pain and the light headedness before you pass out and die. Horrible!

    Control: Yeah, I need to have some sort of control. Even if someone else is in the lead, I have to make sure to get my job straight so I can focus on it.

    Public Humiliation: I think everyone fears this to some degree, even if they think they don't. It's practically hard wired into the human brain. Just so you know, it won't stop me from eating you Brodie! The news can suck an egg for all I care. Nothing can get in the way of me and my yummy Brodie's-ear-with-ice-cream-and-sprinkles dessert!

    My own fear landscapes would include:
    1) Being home alone and getting attacked by a crazy murderer who found his/her way into my house somehow.
    2) The scary monsters under my bed grabbing me while I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
    3) All the food in the world disappearing. That includes you Brodie.
    3) All the books in the world disappearing. That includes Divergent. If anyone takes it away from me before I can read it, that someone's in for a whole lot for pain.
    4) Going no where and doing nothing with my life. This one is legit. I think about it all the time. I'm almost done high school and everyone keeps talking about the "future" and "careers" as if they're some prestigious schools that only the elite can attend. Jeez, school is already taking everything out of me as it is. I don't need the threat of spending all this time in school for nothing looming over my head.

  2. LOL I know! Surrounded by water and I can't swim to save my life. BUT. I'm nowhere near the coast. That counts for something, right? Let's ignore that Australia's longest river runs right through here.

    But I loved your post below my post hahaha. These are the reasons why I'm secretly your fangirl, Honey. Crazy we share so many of the same fears! And I'm totally with you on being attacked by a crazy murderer and books disappearing *GASP*. And the food disappearing, because despite your weirdo urge to eat me, I'm one tasty piece of meat :P And definitely #4. I'm out of high school and STILL feeling that way, so that's probably not so promising for my future! But you know what - I'm learning to just think 'who gives a crap?' I'm choosing to ignore other people's expectations of me. It's my life and I want to take each day as it comes and figure out what I want to do at my own pace.

    Thank you for your sharing your fears! (Promise I won't use them to my advantage buahahaha).

  3. Just watch Brodie. I'm going to push you into that crazy long river and you're going to wish you listened to my advice!
    You're my secret fangirl?? YEAH RIGHT! You practically scream your love for me to the world!

    I know I'm not alone on #4 and I'm glad to hear your thoughts on it. It's frightening eh? But you're right, who really gives a crap? We're going going to spend every day of our lives doing what we choose to do. It better be something that we like, not what our parents or teachers want. Plus, if all else fails, you and I can start up a secret book heist organization. Only crazy book lovers will be able to join. The books will be our drugs, we'll sniff them all day long! And all the publishers will have "WANTED- DEAD OR ALIVE" signs for us. OMG the future's looking bright Brodie!

    And thank you for promising not to use my fears. I won't promise the same though! You better watch out, I'm ganna show up one day with a swimming pool filled with water and SPIDERS! MUAHAHA! Your life is in my hands Brodie ;)

  4. Eeee! Brodie, I love your LinkWithin thingy! SO MANY COOL OLDER POSTS!

    Uhhh... I think my fear landscape would be endless

    1. Bugs/insects
    2. The dark
    3. Being burned alive
    4. Being buried alive
    4. Dying
    5. Losing the people I love
    6. Heights
    7. Cockroaches SPECIFICALLY
    8. Flying
    9. seaweed, when I'm swimming in the ocean *shudders*
    10. Sharks, when I'm swimming in the ocean
    11. G E R M S
    12. Being unloved/unwanted
    13. Failure
    14. Z O M B I E S (a real, and ever present danger)
    15. Children
    16. err... I could be here all day :P

  5. I couldnt put it down until the end of the middle. She really speeded things up then. The ending could have been ten times better if she slowed things down rather than speeding them up. I also think that she should have let one of Tris's parents live and killed Marcus instead. Other than that it was a great book,especially for Roth's first.


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