Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Hunger Games: Peeta and Gale Casting!

I know, everyone has heard already. It's all over twitter and there's a dozen blog posts announcing it... but one more won't hurt!

What do you guys think of all the latest casting for The Hunger Games? While I did have my eyes fixed on Hunter Parrish or Lucas Till for Peeta, I'm okay with Josh Hutcherson being cast. Give him some blonde hair-dye, obviously, and I think we're good. He has the 'nice-guy' kind of face, don't you think?

Liam I was a little unsure about him... okay, really unsure. At first glance I really can't see Gale. But Erin convinced me and after googling some pictures, I realised it was his super blue eyes that were putting me off. In the pictures where his eyes look darker or are shadowed, I can see Gale! But all in all, it's the acting that's most important and clearly these guys blew the other contenders out of the race, so I'm excited to see our District 12 boys in action!

Josh on the left, Liam on the right. Vice versa in the next pic.

And of course, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss whose casting I'm happy with!

Now we need Haymitch! Cinna! Effie! President Snow! Prim! The tributes! Did I miss anyone important? Either way, so excited for them to start filming and making this film reality. I want the first trailer already!

What do you guys think?


  1. I'm glad that I converted you! Liam will make a great Gale . . . not sure about Josh because I was ALL for Hunter Parrish as Peeta! He was my Peeta!!!!! But Liam . . . totally spot on! As for Jennifer, wasn't happy that the TRUE GRIT actress didn't get Katniss . . . but Jennifer seems like a great actress and who knows . . . I might be surprised!

    Erin <3

  2. I hate it...I'm so so so disappointed in the castings, I CAST MY OWN PEETA AND GALE -

    It had so much potential and then they cast Josh whats his name ( I don't even know him) I don't mind Liam but seriosuly Gale is meant to be like black hair olive skin :/ least they can do is DYE THE HAIR

  3. LOL. Maybe Liam will look better with some tanning? x)

  4. I don't think I'm fam. with either actor, to tell you the truth. Then again, I wasn't with Jennifer, either. I really appreciate the way the people in charge are looking for TALENTED actors who can handle the meaty role, unlike certain other movies I can think of where it's more for appearance. Speaking of appearance, I do hope hair dye and whatnot goes into this movie, but I think one of the producers or directors or someone associated with the film mentioned it, too, so I'm helpful!

  5. I saw some manips of Josh with blonde hair and blue eyes today (those fan artists work FAST!) and he could look pretty Peeta-ish when transformed, I think! It's funny how all three of them need physical altering though... but I think that suggests, like A Backwards Story said, that they're looking for TALENT rather than just a match in appearance.

    Hair dyes, contact lenses and yes, tanning! :) They're all easy to come by. I think they'll all look pretty much up to the part by the time they film. As long as there's chemistry, I'm a happy girl!


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