Friday, April 8, 2011

Spread The Awesome #1

So roughly five minutes ago I was in a really good mood and just feeling so appreciative of what the blogging world has brought me. I had planned on making a post of all the awesome things about it and to say how grateful I was to meet and interact with so many fantastic bloggers, authors and publicists. But then too many things-of-awesome fought their way to my fingertips whilst typing and I thought, why don't I regularly spotlight the awesome?

Introducing my aptly titled: Spread The Awesome feature! Name may change since I put zero thought into it.

Spread The Awesome

A weekly feature in which I spread the awesome about something I'm in love with at the moment. Whether it's a book, piece of news, person in the blogging/writting/publishing community - anything that is awesome and remotely related to reading. There can never be too much 'lovefesting' in the world :)

So, my awesome of the week:

River of Time trilogy by Lisa T. Bergren

I recently read and reviewed Waterfall, the first book in this amazing series and I'm currently blasting my way through the second book, Cascade. Which is BRILLIANT. I'm trying to pace myself because it's an e-copy and my eyes will throw a tantrum later, but it's TOO GOOD TO STOP. Seriously, this has fast become a favourite series of mine and the best part? You don't have to writhe in agony due to a long wait between each book release, the whole trilogy will be published before this year ends. And trust me, you'll want each instalment in your grubby paws as soon as possible.

The series follows sisters, Gabriella and Lia Betarrini as they're transported back in time to the 14 century and battle deadly knights, swoonworthy men and try to adjust to a world without 21st century perks. Like a toilet. The things we take for granted...

Lisa takes you on a thrilling, adventurous, romantic ride that will appeal to all YA fans and maybe even convert a few over to this genre! Gabi is such an awesome heroine - that girl can kick some serious butt and the guys in this series are so loveable! If you haven't checked these out, I urge you to do it now. You have my word: you will NOT regret it!


Here are other bloggers who have spread the awesome in their Waterfall reviews:

What's your 'awesome' of the week?


  1. Great Meme! ;) Yay! This is definitely awesome! I've read your review and heard you rave about this! :) I'm still hoping there would be copies of Waterfall soon! awesome this week is still: Forgotten by Cat Patrick! You know why!

  2. OMG I'M SO DOING THIS!! The River of Time Trilogy sounds pretty damn awesome! You're review of Waterfall was absolutely glowing so I'm sure I'll have to pick it up some time! I'm ganna make an awesome post too! I think you're ganna like what I feature ;)

  3. I have to say, Spread the Awesome is probably the best name you could think of! I totally love it! And now that I've read your gorgeous review on Waterfall, I'm definitely going to have to scrounge up a copy somewhere. I adore how they all come out this year-- makes the waiting so much easier:)

  4. I was thisclose to reading Waterfall over Dark Mirror a couple weeks ago. Buttt...I was bored at work and it wasn't available as an e-book (there was a reader in the area I could use), so I read the other first. I was putting it off till this month...and I just realized that I think I can only read one genre for the next couple of weeks if I want to do something I'm thinking about doing. So May now :( Oh well, closer to book two!

    Thanks for telling us it's a trilogy! I saw "series" on my copy and thought it would be longer. Trilogies are better b/c they end faster. Not that I mean I want it to end, but's less time to find out what happens! LOL! Besides, If I read it in May, I don't have long to wait until the second book comes out in June! *smile*

  5. I'm so excited for CASCADE! I love the new feature.

  6. Waterfall was truly amazing, and the River of Time series is definatly what im in love with!!!

  7. I love this feature! Oh gosh, and this series! Lucky you for having a copy of Cascade. :) I can't wait. Who do I think is awesome? YOU! Thanks so much for linking my review.


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