Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giveaway: Inside Out, Outside In + Swag!

HarlequinTEEN Australia have recently launched their official Facebook page and they want you to come join them! This will be the hottest place for access to exclusive information, competitions and to read reviews of some of their amazing titles. Also, you'll be able to keep up to date as author Maria V. Snyder heads to Australia and New Zealand for her book tour in August. They're currently hosting an AMAZING competition where you can interview Maria, have your article printed in the e-mag Spine Out and win an iPad2!

If you've read and loved books such as The Iron Fey series, The Goddess Test, Spellbound, Saving June or The Girl In the Steel Corset, then you'd be crazy not to become a fan. No doubt they have some more hot new titles on the way soon!

And to celebrate launch of their Facebook page and Maria coming down under, the amazing Gabrielle at Harlequin is offering up an incredible prize!

One lucky Australian will have the chance to win Inside Out and it's sequel, Outside In, plus a signed poster of Inside Out and a few bookmarks.

Australia Only
Ends July 31
+2 If you LIKE their Facebook page
+2 If you advertise this giveaway anywhere (twitter, facebook, goodreads, blog, sidebar, etc)


Good luck!

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  1. I'm crazy because I have not read ONE Harlequin (Teen or other) book. Ever. But I have heaps on my wishlist, including this series and Snyder's others.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. thanks for the awesome giveaway Brodie :))

  3. Let me tell you how annoyed I am that Book Depo won't sell AU covers such as these two and FORGOTTEN by Cat Patrick. It makes me so sad!

  4. ^ Especially since the AU cover for Forgotten is like ten times nicer.

  5. Exactly, right? I haven't bought it in the US yet b/c I'm hoping the PB cover will be nicer...or that book Depo will decide we can buy it from them!

  6. Australia makes some beautiful book covers! It's such a shame the Book Depo don't get them in stock. The Insiders series, Forgotten and Unearthly I all prefer in Aussie cover.

  7. Oh, I really liked UNEARTHLY, too, though atm, I'm SICK of people using that stock image. The UK (I think UK) version of THE GODDESS TEST and The Mephiphesto Covenant or whatever that book is called (US Ed).

    I also like the UK UNEARTHLY. Eh, I like all three!! Can't wait to see what everyone does for HALLOWED!!

    I don't remember if it was you or Small (or both?), but earlier this yr, one of you mentioned this awesome AU-exclusive novel that sounded so good and had an awesomesauce cover (I think I'm not confusing books here). I was sad!

    Do you know if there's a site that ships internationally to the US at decent prices? I was sad you didn't have an Amazon! And I don't get what's up with Book Depo at ALL. They ship to you but won't sell your books? :(

  8. Oh it is a little annoying when the same image is reused over - there is thousands amazing stock out there for them to be uniquely creative!!

    Ooh, was it Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres? Her cover is ridiculously amazing! And the story was so original and ulike any other plot I've read.

    Here are some Aussie sites that ship internationally. The problem is, in Australia we don't really have cheap bookstores. If you buy a book from a department store here like Big W or Kmart, you'll probably pay around $10, but if you buy at a bookstore you pay nearly $20 or more for a paperback. Hence why I either shop online or dept. stores. So I don't know if these will be much help, but they're all I can find, sorry. (Dymocks charges $40 for up to 1kg international shipping!!! that is ridiculous!)


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