Sunday, July 10, 2011

Introducing Harry Potter Week!

Name: Brodie
Active since: December 2010
Monitored since: June 2011
Last sighted: July 10th 2011 in The Hog’s Head, Hogsmeade, convening with Professor Sybil Trelawney of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and three other known Muggle-sympathisers (Liz, Honey and Sonia).
Muggle parents, brother and sister. Her pet puffskein Norman also shows unacceptable affection toward muggles.
Security status:
TRACKED. Family and house are under strict surveillance. All movements are being monitored.
Eleusinian Mysteries will be under intense surveillance for 2 weeks due to an anonymous tip of alleged illegal pro-Muggle and pro-Harry Potter activity.
begins spray-painting on toilet cubicle, MINISTRY OF DUNDERHEADS.
moves to next cubicle, EAT DRAGON DUNG!

stops mid-spray, Oh. It's Sunday already? Crap.

man suddenly comes out of toilet cubicle, "Gallopin' Gargoyles, what's that smell... " 
his eyes travel to the graffiti being sprayed across the toilet door of the Ministry of Magic entrance, "STAY WHERE YOU ARE!"

turns to run

"YOU'RE UNDER ARREST FOR-" falls over as he tries to pull his pants up

"BYE!" apparates back to blog

I'm not even going to ask what he was doing in that toilet. The toilet that is supposed to be a direct entrance to The Ministry of Magic. What showed up in the fireplace it was linked to?? Anyway, I guess that wasn't the best way to react after learning I had a case file. But seriously, I have a freaking case file at the Ministry of Magic! Those bleedin' bludg-..... you know what, nevermind. Sure, it could jeopardise my future ambitions of working in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Or rallying the wizarding population to help regroup the Hobgoblins (Stubby Boardman, you are my idol <3). But I am not going to let them unhinge me.

So it seems some puffed-up Ministry-loving, Death Eater-supporting-flobberworm must have been spying on us in The Hogs Head the other day and alerted the Ministry. (When I get my wand on you...). Sonia, Honey, Liz and I were all hanging out in Hogsmeade, when Trelawney dragged us off to The Hogs Head and performed her usual acts of fake divination rubbish. Kind of amusing listening to her attempts at predicting the girls future, although I did stop laughing when she told me I was going to be the first victim when the Ministry legalised Muggle-Hunting. Miserable old bat. Though she kind of freaked me out when she started talking about our Harry Potter Week and went all deep-gravelly-voice and wide-eyed, urging us to 'protect your followers' and babbling on about the Ministry and ugly toads. I don't know, I stopped listening to her halfway through... managed to swipe myself a bottle of Firewhiskey while everyone's attention was diverted. (Sorry Aberforth).

Anyway, I can't believe it. The final ever Harry Potter movie comes out this week. This moment has come way too soon!! The girls and I are hosting this week because we are huge Potter nerds and want to celebrate this amazing series with you all. I've read their posts already and I'm telling you, these girls are all so INSANELY creative and talented and funny and dude, if I ever decide to make horcruxes, I'd totally put a piece of my soul in them. (Because that doesn't sound creepy at all).

Each of us will be posting something different every day, so make sure you stop by all our blogs for a magical week of all things Harry Potter and maybe try your luck at winning some prizes! I'm fortunate enough to be having a few special guests drop by a little later today to host an episode of Potterwatch, so stay tuned!

 Huge thanks to the wonderfully talented chromatic for the amazing banner and button! Visit The-Dark-Arts for all your wizardry artist needs.

 If you would like to add our button on your blog and link to any one of our blogs to help advertise the week, we would love you forever and will even shout you a round of Butterbeer next time you're in Hogsmeade ;)


  1. What a fun post! I can't wait to read your weeks of HP posts!

    This is the last week I get to do my HP challenge which is a little sad, but at least I get to see the movie which will perk me back up!

  2. Aaah, Brodie, you're the best. I still can't believe you didn't invite us for spray painting though... just think of the insults we could have come up with if we were together!

    Again, that invitation for your soul in my body is still open <3 We're not creepy. Totally not creepy.

  3. Hahahaha Brodie you're awesome. I'm so excited that Harry Potter week is finally here. And this is basically what my browser is going to look like all week, I'm pretty much continually refreshing the pages. :P

    Also, I was going to ask if I could promote HP week on my blog and then you read my mind! Perfect. :)

    I can't believe it's almost time for the very last movie ever!

  4. Which Ministry clown do you think has been spying on us? Wait 'til I get my hands on them...anyway, can't believe we wasted our time with Trelawney. She's a loony, I don't believe a word of what she said!

  5. Heh, this is going to be a fun week! Also, a terribly sad one once it's all over with...

  6. Oh Brodie, always acting out, aren't you? Was it really THAT necessary to vandalize the poor cubicle? Well, I guess it was. SOMEONE MUST BE PUNISHED FOR THE CREATION OF OUR FILES!

    But I totally agree with Sonia. HOW DARE YOU NOT INVITE US! Imagine the havoc we could've wreaked! LOL <3


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