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Character Interview: Lila & Alex from Hunting Lila!

I'm so thrilled to welcome Lila and Alex to the blog today, from Sarah Alderson's debut novel, Hunting Lila. Fans of the book, you'll love reading their answers! And if you aren't a fan, I've no doubt this will sway you ;)

- Lila, it's been an emotionally rocky road since uncovering your abilities. But if you were given the choice of any superpower - which would you pick?

Lila: Demos has a superpower. I would love to be able to stop Jack from thinking. Period. The world could use less of Jack thinking. Removing certain emotions he's feeling right now about this (indicating her and Alex) would be helpful too.

Also Suki's power (reading minds). That would have been useful around the time I was falling down some stairs. It would have changed everything - I wouldn't have needed to hack Jack's computer for a start. I would have known about Rachel, I would have known straight up what Jack and Alex were covering up.

Alex: Not covering up - just protecting you from.

Lila: Same difference.

Alex gives Lila a look.

Lila: See that look? That one right there? The kind of inscrutable face he's pulling where you have no idea what's going on in his head? Do you know how difficult that is to deal with? Yeah, I repeat, it's annoying that I'm not a mind-reader.

Alex: Well if I had Demos's power I might have been able to stop you running away all the time. That's an annoying habit you have.

- Alex, it's nice to see some bromance in YA - if you and Jack could do any outrageous crazy-ass 'guy' thing, would would you love to do?

Alex: (SPOILER) You think it gets any crazier than tracking Psys and trying to contain them? We've done some stuff in our time, especially in training. They were dropping us half-way up mountains and out in the desert - with no supplies or weapons or maps. Just us on our own fighting off pretend bad guys and trying to make it back to the base in one piece.

There was also the time I had to break Jack out of a Mexican jail cell but let's not go there. It's classified.

- Any embarassing childhood stories about each other? Spill the beans!

Alex: I'm not going to embarrass her. Though there was that time when you -

Lila: Stop right there. Not fair. Oh god. I did so many embarrassing things. Do we have to go there?

Alex: No. We don't have to go there.

Lila: I hid a teddy bear in his bag on Valentine's Day. I drew a card and then stuffed it all in his back pack when he wasn't looking.

Alex: Yeah. I pretended I didn't know it was from you.

Lila: You were at our house. Who else would have left it in there? Jack? In my defence I was six.

Alex: You were cute. Back then.

Lila pulls a face.

Alex: There was also the time she climbed the tree in the back yard and swung upside down trying to copy Jack.

Lila: (laughing) I can't believe you brought that up. I can't believe you even remember that.

Alex: She forgot to put on any underwear. Jack fell off the branch and landed on his head he was laughing so hard.

Lila: I was seven! Pause.

Well I caught you and Jack reading Playboy that one time.

Alex: Jack was reading it. You know me better than that.

Lila: Yeah, can we move on to Jack. I have plenty of Jack material. I could write a whole book on Jack.

- Do either of you have a celebrity crush?

Alex: She used to have a poster of the Jonas brothers on her wall.

Lila:  You haven't seen me since I was fourteen. Times have changed.

Alex: So who are you into now?

Lila: (looking down) Nobody. And seriously, if you keep pushing the Jonas brothers story I really will be crushing on nobody. And anyway, what about you and your Keira Knightley obsession?

Alex: (shrugging) It's the accent. The british thing - it does it for me every time. Lila's sounding more British these days. I like it.

- Boxers or briefs, Alex? We're dying to know!

Alex: Boxers.

Lila: But he is a commando you know.

- Lila, would you rather be Catwoman or Supergirl?

Lila: Can I be Spiderwoman? Is there a spiderwoman? I always had a crush on Spiderman.

Alex: I'll have to get myself a costume.

- What would be the perfect date for you both?

Lila: Just doing something normal that doesn't involve running away from bad guys, firing guns, having to flip tanks and stay in the type of motel where the rooms are rented by the hour  - you know. Something like dinner and a movie. Yeah, that would be good. And actually, maybe we could keep the motel part in there too. 

And the bike. It would have to include the bike. The bike's a deal breaker.

Alex: I've already planned it. It's a surprise. And don't even think about asking Suki because I've already covered that. She tells you - she gets contained. And I promised Jack no more bike remember?

Lila: Jack doesn't need to know. He'll just punch another tree or something if he even finds out we're going on a date - we can just keep it quiet. I think the bike and the motel are what is needed to push this date from amazing to perfect. Just so you know.

Alex: Just wait and see.

 - Be honest, what do you think of the woman who brought your story to life? Is Sarah difficult to work with?

Lila: Only that she likes being in my head more than Suki does.

Alex: She painted me in a pretty flattering light. What can I say - other than she's great? ;)

Haha it was so awesome chatting with you both today, thank you so much stopping by!
Book Depository
And the sequel, Losing Lila will be out August 2nd 2012
(but don't read the goodreads synopsis if you haven't read Hunting Lila - spoilers!)
Sarah has another new novel, Fated, which will be released January 5th 2012.


  1. Awesome character interview Brodie! Love these two! ;)

  2. I love the banter between these two. So cute. I am so curious to read this book now. Can't wait.

  3. Awesome!!I want this book soo bad!!

  4. haha that was so fun =D

  5. Awesome interview! Hunting Lila is one of my fave books of the year and I cannot wait for more from Sarah. Thanks for sharing =D

  6. I LOVED THIS!!!! WOW I need this book yesterday!! Thanks Brodie :)

  7. Oh my God, I can't believe I didn't see this! Awesome interview - Alex and Lila are both so hilarious! SO excited for the next book, and for Fated :).

  8. ... That wasn't fair.

    Now I want to read this book SO MUCH MORE. I'll have to get myself over to the Book Depo soon.

    Lila and Alex sound like such an adorable pair, I can't wait to see their interactions in the actual book! I'm interested about this Jack person too ;)

    Fantastic interview!

  9. Loved this! Lila and Alex sound so cute! :) Now I'm even more encouraged to read Hunting Lila. And I can't wait for the next book too - been reading lots of amazing reviews!

  10. I finished the book a couple of days ago - and this is just what I needed for a Lila and Alex fix.
    I loved the book and this interview just made my day.
    Thanks Brodie :)


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