Monday, September 26, 2011

Mammon Blog Tour: Interview with J.B Thomas

I'm excited to welcome J.B Thomas, debut author of the deliciously demonic, Mammon, to the blog today! Did I mention she's Australian? Or more formally, a member of AAAAAAAAA (Australian Authors Are Amazingly Adroit. And Also Aesthetically Appealing). A lot of Aussie YA authors are finding themselves VIP members lately.

She's here today to answer a few questions and then tomorrow she'll be stopping by again to tell us all why Russian men are so sexy (given than love interest, Ivan, is one of them!). Enjoy!

Many of us are battling Twitter addictions, so can you sell us Mammon in 140 characters?
Exciting, new, original, action-packed, great romance. Unique concepts. Brilliant bad guys; valiant good guys. Enthralling page-turner with a new twist on demons.

Would you rather be a Ferryman, like Joe or a telepath, like Grace?
I would rather be a Ferryman. Telepathy is okay but I don’t really want to get inside people’s heads. It’s hard enough being in mine. To be able to travel between dimensions would be interesting, and to know that I could use the rift to get rid of demons would be empowering.

How did you react when you were told you were going to be published?
I was ecstatic! I didn’t crack the champagne until the day that Mammon was released, however. I was saving a nice bottle of Moet. I look at copies of the book now and still feel the same sense of awe. To see my book on the shelf at Dymocks or a major department store is very gratifying.

If you could spend the day with any character from Mammon, who would it be?
Ivan. He’d be fun to hang with and if we came across any bad guys, he’d sort them out. He’d also teach me how to say funny things in Russian, and possibly how to insult people who deserved it.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories to share? (Like random things that inspired certain scenes, things that didn't make the final cut, etc. Anything that happened while writing).
Well, some of the cut material may well find its way into another book. So, mum’s the word there! However…I can say that a general source of inspiration has been my own fist-banging anger after seeing yet another human flee (in a most futile, always-tripping-over manner) from one monster or another. In horror films, I mean. I knew that I wanted to write a team of hard-core fighters who would never be taken like that. I can’t stand to see people being victims when they can turn around and fight. (Of course, in real life it’s totally different. If you’re in danger, RUN!)

Demons have overtaken the planet. What three books do you take with you in your demon-proof bunker?
Any book with Bear Grylls strapped to it. That takes care of the survival aspect.

A ‘how to’ book of some kind, so I can learn how to do all those basic things that are taken for granted in the western world (with a shotgun strapped to it for those pesky demons that can’t be gotten rid of).

A book of fables or fairy tales, so I could teach the children about good and bad without them having to go outside and see it first hand.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today, JB! I had a lot of fun reading your answers :)

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  1. Awesome post. Unlike J.B. I would prefer to be a telepath than a Ferryman. Less pressure.

  2. LOL the AAAAAAAAAA? :P. I think I'd prefer to be a Ferryman too, it sounds awesome! Thanks for the great interview :).

  3. Great post! I love the sound of this book, I love the sound of hard-core fighters instead of fleeing wimps.

  4. This book sounds really interesting!! And I've not heard of it before. So thanks for putting it on my radar! Great interview!

  5. Great interview. I, like Christy, hadn't heard of this book before. It has a hot Russian and sounds interesting so it's on my radar now!


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