Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mammon Blog Tour: Why are Russian men so hot?

Mammon author, J.B Thomas, is back again today for a very sexy post. Don't deny it, you find Russian men ridiculously sexy, I know you do. And J.B is here to decode this attraction and explain WHY (she's rather skilled in this area, given that the love interest in Mammon, Ivan, is Russian). Of course, we need some visual models. So I asked J.B for some Russian hotties and she suggested Liam McIntyre (he once played a role as a Russian gangster) and Chris Hemsworth (who you all probably know played Thor).  Now I present to you, the hottness of Russia:

To many Westerners, there’s a mystique to Russia, and Russians in general. We all know that the women are beautiful, but what about the men?

To me, there’s a sexy combination of factors that make Russian men – or at least the ideal of the Russian man – irresistible.

That accent.

Oh, sure – it’s easy to be intrigued by voices from Eastern Europe in general, but the Russians nail it. Just imagine his warm lips touching your ear, whispering words of love to you in Russian…oh, but I’m getting carried away again!

They have a great intellectual history and love of arguing over politics and philosophy. They are proud of their history, their authors and social activists.

Weren’t expecting that one, were you? Or perhaps you were! The Russians have a tradition of being great thinkers and talkers. Okay, sometimes it’s lubricated by a good helping of vodka, but still…

They are well known for wrestling and other ‘manly’ sports. They are often tall, and well built. They are old-fashioned, protective and chivalrous when it comes to their women. (Yes, I realize I’ve listed more than one point here. It’s hard not to gush.)

Their special-forces (Spetsnaz) guys are the toughest soldiers on earth…or so they say. Who am I to disagree?

Are you seeing a pattern here? Oh yes – the hot Muscovite, Ivan!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, JB, and sharing the secret to this age old attraction we hold! No, I'm not imagining Liam McIntyre whispering Russian sweet-nothings in my ear. Pleeeeease. As if! *fans self*

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  1. Haha, this post is hottt. :P My fave Russian man is defnitely Dimitri from VA, hotness incarnate. :( Too bad he's fictional, sigh...

  2. Awesome post Brodie. My favourite Russian - like Tina - would be Dimitri from Vampire Academy. Though for those who know me, it was kind of obvious.

  3. Gosh.. I need a fan ;) I think I need to order Mammon now to find more about your Russian hottie, JB.

  4. Please do, Mari! I promise he won't disappoint! JB x

  5. Mmmmmmm, Russian Hotties. ;) I love this post! haha!

  6. Yum! Dimitri from Vampire Diaries comes to mind. Such a fun post!

  7. I agree with everything on this post. Everything. And I especially like the pictures...:P.

  8. I know what you mean! Ze accent! :) LOved this post! :)

  9. Great post!

    You hit the nail on the head perfectly J.B. over why we all love Russian men. And I say all because lets face it, we alllll!

  10. Those guys aren't even Russian! The first one is Australian Chris Hemsworth and the second one is not Russian either.
    Here is a real Russian guy:

    American bred, Russian supermodel Dmitriy Tanner:

    Sexy right?
    probably as sexy as Dimitri Belikov.

  11. Anyone have really visited russia can say tha men living there are generally shabby and sickly...and in fact all the man showed in this post aren't Russians at all.

  12. the guys the photos are;
    1) Chris Hemsworth;
    2) Liam McIntyre

    Both are Australian and they have British ancestry.

  13. Yes Russian men are gorgeous they're as fair as Scandinavian men only not as feminine and girly. Here's a lot here but some of the content on the blog is NSFW

    and @ Heidekt, too bad most Brits look nothing like those two actors. British men are hands down ugliest in Europe.

  14. Its also worthy of note many Western men are biased toward Eastern European nations. Constantly posting Tatars, and minorities living in Russia rather than actual ethnic Russian me. They also often post poor people as examples of average Russians. Then they post the most model looking Western European they can find.

    Well I live in American and most of the so called "Anglo American" nordic gods here as well as a large chunk of the Southern Europeans are ugly as sin. Westerners LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to rely on the looks of models and entertainers as average for their countries. Couldn't be further from the truth.

  15. so I'm legitimately Russian by birth and by originally being born there (grew up in USA) and my thoughts on this post..... Yes we do have some of the most beautiful men and woman (not just being biased lol) but if you write a post on Russian men PLEASE have the decency to put Russian boys in the pictures and not Australian and British boys...... That just completely condridicts what you are trying to say. So please do edit your post. Thanks.

  16. Oh, Ladies you are fantasizing, not on the real Russian but on the imaginary Russian. They are all different. Yes there is a culture of manly sports and courage and chivalry are very important in the Russian set of values. But Russian men: there are tall, there are short, there are well built, and there are somewhat fat, there are sexy and hot, and there are average guys. It's true that most of Russian men are very chivalrous. But some of them are also very traditional and patriarchic (not all of course).
    But overall there is some truth in this article: chivalry, manly sports, love for culture, reading, philosophy.


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