Sunday, September 4, 2011

September is heating up our screens!

Not at all book related, but September is premiering some kickass tv shows! So I wanted to share what I'm looking forward to and see what you guys will be watching. I'm most excited for the new seasons of Nikita and The Vampire Diaries after those explosive seasons we just had from each!

WARNING: Spoilers below if you have not seen the latest seasons of these shows. You have been warned!

This has fast become one of my favourite shows. Action and secrets and badass to the extreme. Those last few episodes of season 1 just changed everything and I'm so excited to see what season two offers! With Michael and Nikita FINALLY teamed up together and now on the run, the introduction of Oversight and Alex working with them and Amanda in more power than before (I personally think she will make a more twisted 'villain' than Percy)... season 2 is going to be awesome. I'm also hoping to see Birkhoff toe the line between Division and Nikita/Michael. This show is so addictive!

We have vampires, werewolves, witches and now..... ghosts?! What is going on with Jeremy? (feels like a Shadow Kiss vibe going on there... he's been touched by death and can now see the dead?). And I'm kind of excited to see dark!Stefan and the deliciously twisted things Klaus is going to get him tangled up in. While I prefer Stefan purely for eye candy purposes, I want to see some Elana/Damon love. AND Caroline/Tyler, please!

I wasn't a big fan of season 6, sadly. I don't know what it was exactly... I just didn't really care about them tracking the alpha's. I didn't care about purgatory or Eve or the other angels or Lisa and Ben or the Campbells. Maybe it's me? But I'm hoping season 7 will pull me back in with a bang and I am curious to see what Castiel aka the new twisted God, will have in store! And please lots of Dean/Sam bromance!

I haven't read the book series, but it's from the creators of The Vampire Diaries and is full of witchy goodness! If that's not an instant recipe for success, I don't know what is!

So intrigued by this! Futuristic civilisation, planet in despair... solution? Why, travel back in time where scary, giant dinosaurs roamed the planet, of course. Intrigued? You bet I am!

Ah! I've only seen season one so far and scattered episodes throughout the other seasons, but I did catch the season three finale and whoa. The promo is a totally Peter-centric... but WHERE is he?! What is going to happen? How? Huh? What now?!

Who else is looking forward to these? What other shows are you interested in this month?


  1. Can't wait for Nikita to return! Secret Circle should be awesome. :D

  2. Eeeek. I hadn't seen that Fringe preview yet. Joshua Jackson is so hot. I adore Walter as well. So funny.

    Vampire Diaries...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I am so excited to see Paul Wesley play "Dark" Stefan. I adore Jeremy so I am excited to see his storyline play out as well (Ghosts of Girlfriends past!! Most guys worst nightmare). I am so glad it's September!

  3. I'm so looking forward to The Vampire Diaries! Can't wait to see some Delena development! :P

  4. I can't wait for Vampire Diaries to come back and am looking forward the Terranova for sure!

  5. So many great shows! I need to get back on track with Supernatural. I haven't seen any series in such a long time now, done some reading and spent way too much time in front of the computer..

  6. DELENA!!! Cannot wait for Vamp Diaries and The Secret Circle! Loved the books so I'll be interested to see what happens

    The Cait Files

  7. I will watch ONCE UPON A TIME, RINGER, and SMASH this fall. Considering GRIMM, but thinking I won't like it.

    Plus, new seasons of GLEE and PARENTHOOD :)

    Currently watching PROJECT RUNWAY...

    Did I ever ask you if you watch the Australian series DANCE ACADEMY?

  8. Whether I am correct or not, I'm going to take some credit for this post. :P

    And I am soooooo excited for more live (well, sort of live) tweeting with you! This is going to be such an awesome season.

  9. I think The Secret Circle looks HELLA GOOD. I'm excited for it :)


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