Monday, September 5, 2011

Why you MUST READ Hunting Lila!

So, the talented author of Hunting Lila, Sarah Alderson, is hosting an amazing giveway right now, which I'd rather not tell you about because I REALLY want to win it, but I must explain why I'm subjecting you to my awful poetry. She's giving away a signed and personalised ARC of her hotly anticipated novel FATED (have you read the synopsis? hello awesome!), which I would trade my left ear for. And I'm very fond of my ears, so that's a big sacrifice.

So, my entry is below, but for those who don't understand the message from my awesomely lame rhyming: YOU NEED TO BUY YOUSELF A COPY OF HUNTING LILA. IT IS AWESOME. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A COPY ALREADY? AND NO YOU CAN'T HAVE THE HOT BOYS.

Buy yourself a super cheap copy with free postage from The Book Depository
Or add it to Goodreads and stare at it everyday wondering why you didn't buy a super cheap copy with free postage from The Book Depository
Why should you read it? You ask stupid questions. But I'll humour you anyway:

It starts with a failed mugging, two jerks and an eye
A knife, a girl, and some badass psi
The boys pee their pants and run home to mummy
The girl, to our luck, runs to boys who are yummy

Jack is her brother, Alex her near-but-not lover
Both working for The Unit in a mission undercover.
Secrets, surveillance and super powers, ahoy!
Deceit, suspense and did I mention the hot boy?

Alex spends his days making Lila's pulse race
Which is why he's too drained to ever reach first base
He breathes. We swoon. Rinse and repeat
Leaving Lila and I banging our heads on concrete

But he better hook up with Lila soon
And stop making all the girl bloggers swoon
Because boys like Braiden are getting the grumps
That it's Alex and not him giving us pleasing goosebumps

There's guns and a girl who can infiltrate your head
And a constant desire: Alex, take us Lila to bed!
Alright, yes, there's plenty of lust
But boys don't despair, in Alderson we trust
For a book full of badassery, danger and action
Grab a copy today for guaranteed satisfaction!


  1. Wow, I must say I really enjoyed reading this! It made me laugh. xD

    While I love the plot of this book, I have to admit I found Lila rathering annoying (the other characters were awesome though..Alex *swoon*)

  2. You're awesome. You'll win the 'best answer' prize for sure ;) My creative little bunny! *huggles*

  3. LOL. Gosh, I can't stop laughing! You sure are talented with poetry :) Man, I want a copy of this! I'll just read it everytime I'm sad and I'll instantly be happy again!

  4. I feel for you Brodie! Totally know what you mean!

  5. You'll be happy to know that I DID order a copy for myself thanks to your review a little while back. I'm anxiously looking forward to receiving it and now, thanks to your amazing poem, even more so, haha. I can't wait!! :D

  6. LOL I love that poem, Brodie! You are particularly talented in this area, aren't you (coughhaikucough). I can't wait to read Fated either but I'm not entering, so I hope you win! :P

  7. Ok, I want to fan girl all over you now. That's epic awesome Brodie. You're talented, and creative. It's AWESOME! I hope you win! It's really cute, and had me laughing.

    As for you swaying me to read this book - you've done it. I am going to get a copy ASAP because it sounds awesome...promise you can keep the hot boys (as long as I get Noah Shaw, deal?!).

  8. Haha thanks for the love! Fingers crossed I'm lucky, but I've got some tough competition ;)

    And yay! I'm glad I maanged to sway Steph and Kathy! I hope you girls will love it! Damnit... how about we share those hot boys, Kathy? One time offer and only for you ;)

  9. Oh you... Always have to outbeat me. “Sarah! Is it too late to do another post?”

    Obviously I, yes “I”, was the influence for you making a alright poem with dreadful poetry skills!

  10. LOL, this is awesome, Brodie! As I read it I heard the poem kind of as a rap song in my head :D

  11. This is GREAT! And so is your blog button. I just grabbed it and im going to add it to my blog. :)

    Have a great day


  12. I know I am late to the Hunting Lila party, I love writing poems for reviews and this one was AWESOME!!!



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