Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #45

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine where you can spotlight a book you're giddy with excitement to read so other people can be giddy with excitement too :)

Author: Andrew Klavan
Release Date: May 8th 2012
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Add it: Goodreads
Sam Hopkins is bored with his status as a preacher's kid. So when a group of guys notorious for being in trouble offers him friendship, he accepts. Before long, he has several new skills—including hot-wiring cars.

At school, there's an eccentric loner named Jennifer. When Sam defends her from being bullied, she begins to seek him out as her only friend. Her ramblings often seem illogical . . . but then start to contain grains of truth. One leads Sam to discover that one of his new friends has been killed. And then she tells him, "I'm looking for the devil." Sam doesn't know what that means, but he knows it's a matter of life and death that he figure it out.

Everyone else thinks Jennifer is suffering from schizophrenia. But Sam is starting to wonder if there could be something prophetic in her words. Discovering the truth is going to be both crazy and dangerous.

If you haven't read Winter's Shadow, go add that to your wishlist instead!

Author: M.J Hearle
Release Date: 1st May 2012
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Add it: Goodreads
Blake is gone.

He sacrificed himself to save Winter, leaving her alone, unprotected... hunted.

An ancient enemy is rising, but Winter is no longer the innocent girl who was fated to die at Pilgrim's Lament. She will not wait to be saved. She will do what she must to survive, even accept an unsavoury alliance with those who destroyed her love.

In the gathering darkness, the enemy of an enemy is not always a friend, and Winter must find the strength to stand alone and fight for the one she loves. For she is the key to unlocking the secrets beyond the veil of shadows.

And she is Blake's only hope.

Crazy Dangerous: Oooh so intrigued! Is Jennifer crazy or is there something much more.... devilish going on? Either way, the result will be either crazy or creepy! I can't wait to dig deep into this dangerous mystery and to see how Andrew pulls it off.

Winter's Light: Pretty cover! I really enjoyed the first book in the series, Winter's Shadow, M.J Hearle has brought a mythology totally fresh and haunting to the YA scene. Winter's Light sounds like it's going to amazing... and the whole 'enemy of the enemy' suggests something perhaps even more dark and sinister is being introduced? I cannot wait!

What are you waiting on this Wednesday?


  1. Oooh haven't read Winter's Shadow but they both sound good. Crazy Dangerous sounds fantastic!! Will be keeping an eye out for that, thankyou for sharing it it!!

    The Cait Files

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! How is it that I have never seen Winter's Light cover??!! That is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Even better than the first one! I love the white theme in the cover!! I so can't wait for the book too! I haven't heard of Crazy Dangerous but I'm adding it to my TBR...again. *sigh* LOL. Thank you for sharing this awesome list with us, Brodie ♥!!!

  3. OK, So, FINE. I can't read the blurb for Winter's Light... BUT THE COVER IS PURDY! I'm never gonna get sick of redheads on covers. EVER.

    And Crazy Dangerous? for one, it sounds like the perfect book for you. Biographical, you say? *cough* but serious? It sounds AMAZING! Bring on the crazy!

  4. Oooo! I haven't heard of it before but the one for Crazy Dangerous sounds really great!! I sort of accidentally glazed over your warning sign, so I kind of read the blurb for Winter's Light, which is kind of making me wonder what happened in the first one, so I'll have to add Winter's Shadow to my TBR list now :D Awesome picks!

  5. I haven't heard of Winter's Light but I LOVE the cover!! I really really need to get that one :)

    Great choices and happy reading!! Check out my waiting on Wednesday!!

  6. Oh oh, I featured Crazy Dangerous a few weeks ago and what can I say? Great minds think alike :) And I cannot wait for Winter's Light! Blakeeeee! T^T

    Check out my IMM picks for this week!

  7. Never heard of Winter's Light must go check it out now! Thanks for sharing.

    check out my wow?

  8. I really like the sound of M.J's series. And Crazy Dangerous sounds intense.

    My WOW
    Safari Poet

  9. OMG I can't freakin' wait for Winter's Light. Loved the first book. Great picks!

  10. I haven't read Winter's Shadow yet but I LOVE the covers of the series! Especially this one, it really reminds me of the AU/NZ cover of Hallowed and that was freaking beautiful! Crazy Dangerous sounds pretty amazing as well - seriously, where do you find all these great books? Anyway, great picks and thanks for sharing!

    Kim @ The Paper Planes

  11. I had to add both of these books to my list. Amazing covers, amazing stories. Want to read them :)

    New follower ;)

    My WoW

  12. OMGGGG THAT COVER IS SOOO PRETTYYY <33333 Looks like I'll have to finish Winter's Shadow before this one comes out :D Crazy Dangerous sounds soo awesome! Oh how I Love mystery <3

  13. OMG! OMG! OMG! I DIDN'T KNOW WINTER'S LIGHT HAD A COVER YET!!! Where the hell have I been hiding?!? And it's so puuurdy!! I enjoyed the first book too, and I'm eagerly awaiting this! Crazy Dangerous sounds interesting too! I'll be reading both of these!!

  14. Love WoW posts - I always end up finding new pretties to add to my tbr shelf, hehe!

    Winter's Shadow sounds awesome! :o

  15. Crazy Dangerous sounds like it could be really good. I haven't read Winter's Shadow (or heard of it before) so I am going ot check it out!

  16. Awesome picks, I've added Winter's Shadow to my TBR list. Please stop by my WoW. Thanks!

    Anna @ Wandering Librarians

  17. Haven't read Winter Shadow but the cover love is on a streak! Winter's Light has a good one! need to read the first book! Crazy Dangerous is really new to me. Awesome pick!

    My WoW picks here

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  18. Both of these are great picks. I especially want to read Crazy Dangerous.

    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews
    My WOW...

  19. I want Crazy Dangerous!! And Winter's Series! Amazing picks, Brodie - the cover of Crazy Dangerous is SO dramatic!

  20. Noah Shaw was fairly awesome, wasn't he? ( :

  21. Ohhhhh, I am intrigued by both of these books! They sound really great. :) Can't wait to check them out!

  22. I hadn't heard of either of these, but I'm going to have to check them out now! Winter's Light looks SO good, I'll be adding that to my to-read list immediately!

  23. Crazy Dangerous sounds crazy awesome! And I promise, I didn't read the Winter's Light blurb, but I do already have the first one on my wishlist. I seriously don't know how I'm going to read every amazing book that's out there. Authors just need to stop writing and let me catch up first. Haha.

  24. Oh, my gosh!!!! I just found out about this!!! I saw the link on my FB page!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL cover!!! I LOVE your pick!!! I have read WINTER'S SHADOW, and can barely wait for the sequel!!! Thank you so much for posting this!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!

    Maria @

  25. Haven't read Winter's Shadow so can't comment on the sequel (though the cover is pretty), but Crazy Dangerous sounds amazing! It's got that creepy vibe to it that I love - definitely adding it to Goodreads!

  26. Oooh no, spoilers? Can't read that one then ;)


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