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Valentine's Blog Event: Interview Feature - Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart

My very last Valentine's post for February! Excuse me, I'm a little emotional *takes a moment to compose self* Ahem. I'm happy to close this month with the ever lovely, all-Australian, Rhiannon Hart! She's the author of one of my favourite novels of 2011 - BLOOD SONG. If you haven't yet read my review listing all the reasons why you must read this book, THEN GO CHECK IT OUT NOW.

Oh, you're back so soon? Well then, why don't I treat you with a fancy mock interview feature Rhiannon wrote - ripped straight from the Pergamian Standard society pages -  giving a glimpse into the personal lives of Zeraphina and Rodden, set between book one and two. But get your swords ready, I think our dear Rodden needs some persuasion to open up a little!
Rhiannon Hart - Mock Interview Feature

On the eve of Amaternost, the early summer celebration of love and romance, Constantino Belfur of the Pergamian Standard society pages met with the two greatest enigmas of the season: new arrival Princess Zeraphina of Amentia, sister to the future queen, and stalwart figure Rodden Lothskorn, king’s man, in an attempt to tease out the true meaning of their unlikely friendship.

When I encounter Princess Zeraphina she is fresh from riding, perspiration covering her brow and dust coating her riding clothes. In fact, there is little on her person suggests her royal heritage. She is devoid of ornamentation. But there is something undeniably regal in her manner: she possesses the gravity that one would expect from a newly minted queen, rather than a younger princess. My attempt to address her as “your highness” is met with a scowl. “Call me by my given name, please,” she insists.

Many call her a private princess. She is seldom at court despite her sister’s constant presence, newlywed Princess Lilith and darling of the Pergamian people. I spoke with the future queen while I was attempting to run her little sister to ground. There is a clear-eyed happiness to Princess Lilith’s features, so different from her stormy sister.

“Fina”—Lilith’s pet name for Zeraphina—“hasn’t always been so reluctant in company. And it’s not that she’s shy,” she protests. When asked what may have inspired such reluctance, Lilith thinks for several minutes and confesses she does not know. “It’s just her age,” she says with a shrug.

Zeraphina is no stranger to scandal. The rumours abounding about her lineage ran riot at court for a time, but have been firmly squashed by our King Askar. The confirmation is surprising from that quarter, in its genesis at least, if not its perpetuation. I was able to trace the source to none other than our living riddle, Rodden Lothskorn.

Lothskorn is an imposing figure amongst the slight, fair-haired Pergamians, and I confess to feeling a little out of my depth upon confrontation with him. His heritage has been oft talked of too. He’s a difficult man to persuade, and I find myself conducting our interview in the corner of a courtyard while Lothskorn grips a riding crop in one hand. He too is fresh from the stables and refuses to retire to any other location for our discourse.

 “I came to Xallentaria from Jefsgaad, where I worked for the captain of the guard there,” Lothskorn says. “Before that, I grew up in Pol.” Pol is the capital city of Verapine, the desert nation across the Osseran Sea west of Pergamia. No trace of Lothskorn’s native accent remains. He hints that he was grown when he made the crossing, so an effort must have been made to expunge it.

Lothskorn is all too aware of his mysterious status, and indeed a faint smile crosses his usually stony features when I draw his attention to it: he’s not without a sense of irony, and I predict the rest of my interview attempt will come to naught. My remaining questions are met with a firm, no comment. The only other sentence he strings together is, “That is a matter of security.” It’s said several times. My arch response that the procurement of Princess Zeraphina’s stunning peacock dress for what was originally her farewell ball can hardly be a matter of security is met with a glower.

Zeraphina is not yet as skilled at evasion as her riding partner, and I put to her many of the questions about Lothskorn that I put to him. “He doesn’t talk about himself, I’m afraid.”

Speaking of Lothskorn does soften her features somewhat, and when I question her about her feelings for him, Zeraphina becomes silent. She gazes out the window for a moment. “Rodden is easy to misunderstand. I was mistaken in my impression of him for a long time. There are days when I find him incredibly frustrating, and days when I know I couldn’t be without him.” Here she blushes, and refuses to say more.

This reporter is painfully aware that he has cast little light on the mystery surrounding the connection between the unlikely pair. There is little doubt that there is more to be discovered. So be comforted, reader, that court secrets rarely stay secret for long. 

*snorts* Why does it not surprise me that Rodden is frustratingly vague with his answers? Well no, he's less than vague isn't he? Wait until you see him in the book! You want to simulatenously jump his bones and tear at his chest! Have you read BLOOD SONG already? Or eager to become a new fan? Trust me, you want to, this is such a fantastic novel!

Now bid farewell to our Valentine's month over on Lisa's blog, where she's ending with a super adorable scene from Tera Lynn Childs!

And that's a wrap!! All giveaways (except for the Boyfriend Battle, which ends tomorrow) will end Tuesday, March 6th 3:59pm AEST (which is Monday 11:59pm US EST). Lisa and I will be doing a wrap-up/thank you post with a list of the winners later next week.

You guys have been absolutely amazing. We'll gush more about you all in our wrap-up post, but just know how much we appreciate you making this such a success! Good luck in the giveaways and we hope you've enjoyed the month! We definitely have! <3


  1. I've never read this series before. And, though I recognize it, this doesn't seem familiar to me at all. But, WHY HAVEN'T I ALREADY READ IT?

    It sounds fantastic! A fantasy? A paranormal fantasy?


  2. "Rodden is frustratingly vague with his answers . . ." Haha yeah I wasn't surprised with that either. Anyway a beautifully written interview feature! Loved it!

  3. Aaaa! Rhiannon has kindly sent me her spare ARC copy of Blood Song for review! <3 I SO CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!! I've been hearing great things about it and she's an AUSSIE author so that's a plus!!! LOVE LOVE THIS POST!!!

    1. And OMG, 30 minutes left before the end of February! :( Thank you so much for hosting this EPIC AMAZING FABULOUS blog event with Lisa, Brodie! WE'VE HAD LOTS OF FUN AND FEBRUARY WAS SUCH AN AMAZING month because of you guys! Lisa and Brodie, you guys rock! <3333

    2. I love how you were almost counting down the minutes. :P I'M SORRY. I THINK I WAS ASLEEP AT THIS POINT. FORGIVE ME PEOPLE.

      And I totally agree with Celine. YOU GUYS FREEEEEEEEAKING ROCK. CHYEAH. *rockstar peace sign*

  4. I can't believe it's finished! I feel so sad! No more fun lovey posts! :( Oh well, there will be your normal reviews, etc, to enjoy :) Thanks for all the hard work you and Lisa have put in! You're both amazing!

    Great post! Oooh dear god, I need this book! I do love me some fantasy! And the tension in this book sounds amazing! Oh oh oh! Looking forward to reading this one :) Thanks, Brodie!

  5. *sighs dreamily while pondering her chances of getting away with kidnapping Rodden*
    Awesome interview but in no way does it do Rodden justice!! He's so smexy! Seriously, Blood Song was definitely one of the best books of last year without a doubt and a personal all time fave of mine. Hart sure knows how to write brilliant characters and an epic storyline. I feel like the wait for Blood Storm will drive me mad sometimes.....

    And alas it comes to an end! Boy, did Febuary feel like it flew by! One minute it's the 1st and now it's all over. You and Lisa have done an incredible job with this event--you should both be so proud of yourselves. Thanks do much for all the fun times--it's been an absolute blast!! <3<3

  6. Awesome book and the cover is so gorgeous!
    Thanks for the wonderful event you and Lisa orchestrated! It was great fun :D

  7. I'm just dying to read this book. The aussie books are killing me. So hard to find.

  8. I'm definitely eager to become a new fan!! I have this, just have to read it! ;-) Great post, very interesting - a little teaser of what I'm in for when I read the book! :-D

    Thank you so much for everything you've done to make this event - it was beyond awesome and a lot of fun!!

  9. Sounds interesting. A bit confusing (but that's just me), but interesting. I will be adding this to my list of to-reads. :D Thank you!

  10. Ooh, this books looks so eerie and mysterious! :D Dying to pick it up now! :)

  11. WOW! With all the princesses and regal beauty and talk of royalty, I am so intrigued! I can't believe this isn't on my TBR pile yet. The little-girl-who-wants-to-be-a-princess-in-me is definitely telling me to add it! ;) And I love all the names too! Zeraphina, Rodden, Xallentaria, Jefsgaad... I think I can safely say that I've never seen any of them before! x)

    I love that excerpt and the cover! And I'm loving that you're loving Rodden -- frustrating boys are really sneaky like that! LOL thank you so much for posting this! :)

    P.S. I'm SO. Incredibly. SAD that February is over!! Crossing my fingers and legs and toes that this Valentine's month will become an annual thing -- it was so much fun, Brodie! :) <3

  12. Oh, I'm definitely eager to become a new fan! You've definitely sparked my interest and I'd love to get my hands on it asap.

  13. I can't believe school had me miss the final day *sobs* And now it's over! :( But it was an awesome event that truly made my month! Loved every second of it, so thank you both for being such awesome hosts. :D

    Also, I love the post!! I can't believe how much my to-read pile has grown this month. o: Now to add another book... ;)

  14. fsfsdfhsdifhsfhsdofhsdofhsdohufsd.

    So badly. It looks absolutely amazing. Is it available in paperback? I can't remember if I've seen it in the shops...i MUST have. *ponders*

    My brain is imploding with Chemistry goodness. REACTANTS. MOLES. PRODUCTS. STOICHIOMETRY. @_@


  15. Wanted to read this book ever since i found out about it! Sounds good :)

  16. I havn't started this series yet. Probably why I was a bit confused with all the names and places up there ^^^ But I will get to it. I pass it too many times in the shops to not eventually pick it up.

  17. I loved Blood Song, it was wonderfully written and the world was great in a creepy kind of way ;))
    Lovely feature, it makes me miss so much the characters. <3 Thank you ;)

    Happy midnight reading!


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