Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Michael Grant Blog Tour: Show no FEAR and go BZRK!

I am pumped to be the 5th stop of Michael Grant's Australian & New Zealand, 'Show FEAR and go BZRK' blog tour in celebration of his new novel, BZRK and the fifth installment of the Gone series, FEAR. You may have seen my review for BZRK posted back in February, which was one of the most unique, creative and downright creepy/crazy books I've read in a while!!

Huge thanks to Hardie Grant Egmont for putting this tour together and allowing me to take part. Today, I've secured words from two very opposing sides, Nexus Humanus and BZRK, the former being one striving for world peace in the novel, while the latter is trying to take them down. But who, really, is the bad guy? Today, a representative from each side gives you a taste of what they believe in and working toward. In the war that may threaten the very sanity of humanity, which side will you support?

Written by Jindal, for Nexus Humanus:

Is there a single square meter of planet earth that has not drunk of the blood of innocents? Is there a country that has not known war? Is there a group that has not at some point been hated for no reason? Is there a man, woman, or child who has not felt threatened, fearful, abandoned, alone at some point?

Humans are wired from birth to see people in two categories, "Us" and "Other." We fear the other. We mistrust the other. We may hate the other. And in our fear and mistrust we may decide that the life of the other is less important than our own. We do not make war on "Us," we make war on the other. We do not turn away from the cries of of us, we turn from the other. We do not shrug it off when a curable disease kills one of us.

What if there was another way? Imagine that there is another way. Imagine a world where everyone is "Us." Imagine a world where there is no "Other." Imagine a world where the idea of a child going hungry is inconceivable, where each of us would feed that child because that child is ours. Imagine a world where no one of us would despise another because we are all "Us."

It's a pipe dream. A fantasy. Except. . . except that it is no longer a fantasy. We can unite the entire human race. Each of us, "friending" every one else. A single, interconnected, human race. Not a black, white, Asian, gay, straight, male, female, old, young race: a human race. It's no longer a dream. It's no longer a fantasy. My friends, it is here, it is now, it is so very real. It is: Nexus Humanus.


Written by anonymous for BZRK

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Wild utopianism has killed more people than have ever been killed by greed or a desire for power. Nexus Humanus is a lie, a creation of the Armstrong Twins, a shill, a fraud. It's not even the main game, people, it's a sideshow. Something very different is going on. Details are irrelevant, all you need to know is that it's all a lie. Happiness is not sustainable, life itself is brief. We live and we die and in between we sometimes feel joy and other times despair. Sometimes we love, sometimes we hate, at times we are good and other times we behave badly, but that's the price we pay for being free. It's what makes us human. You want an end to war, hatred, bigotry, rage, all the evils of the world? Too bad, because that's not within the grasp of humanity. It's a goal we strive toward, but strive is all we can do, we cannot push a button and make it happen. And that, in the end, is what they hope to do: to make us machines and not humans.

 Thank you so much to Michael for taking the time to stop by here today! Be sure to check out the fantastic stops on the rest of the tour below!


  1. Quick question: Is it silly of me to pronounce the title like "berserk" instead of "bee zee arr kay"? x)

    And here I thought that the dystopian genre was starting to get maxed out -- world sounds even cooler than I originally thought it would be!! I'm imagining that (and feeling sorry for the world with multiple Mimi-like people), and I'm SO intrigued! I actually just ran into a random guy at the library the other day who explained the semantics of this world to me, so I think that it must be some sort of sign that I need to start it soon! :D

    Those were two FANTASTIC guest posts, Brodie! <3 I'm officially ready to go berserk for this series, if you know what I mean! x)

  2. WOW, I am so interested to read this book now! I love the cover and what an amazing post! Loved reading both of them! <3

    This book sounds more and more amazing every time I hear about it... and I LOVE... hmm... how perverse it sounds... like, who's REALLY the good/bad guy here? LOVE it. LOVE! ♥

  4. Great post! I've only read the first few books of the author's first series . . . but I might need to try and catch up with his other books. They sound great.

  5. Hmmm. I'm thinking I might need to read your review again. I remember thinking it wasn't my cup of tea, but having just finishing Insignia, where war is fought via a "computer game", via the mind controlling the starships, and vaguely remembering something about BZRK to do with the mind, and then reading this post, I'm thinking this mind/computer thing may not be so bad to read. Thought I could be misremembering completely. I'll take another look. Cheers, Brodie!

  6. MG is amazing at what he does — writing.

  7. OH MY GOSH, BRODIE!!! I'm away for a few days and your entire layout changes? I LOVE IT!! <3 The header is just as gorgeous as your last one was and ahhhh, HARRY POTTER is now a permanent fixture on the blog :D (Well, unless you change the header again...) It's SOOOO nice though, I love all the different books being represented! And then the background you have is fantastic. I need to find a better one for my blog and I adore the fantastical kind of feel of yours. YOUR BLOG IS SO PRETTY, I JUST KIND OF WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH IT. /rant


    DUNDUNDUUUUUUNNNN. Wow, this sounds so intense and creepy and well-developed. I've never read any of MG's books (for shaaame) but I've heard tons of good stuff. Plus, BZRK is now sitting on my shelf so I should be able to get to it soon! :) Thanks for the awesome post!


  8. Awesome post! I really liked this book when I had the chance to read it and found it to be all sorts of crazy, but brilliantly exciting and action-packed too. :)

    (Seriously, how can you expect me to visit other blogs when you have a header like that?! I want to steal it from you! :D)

  9. Ohhh, I love this post! It kinda gave me the creeps. I so have to read this book! It sounds SO good. And creepy. o: *runs to store*


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