Monday, May 14, 2012

Enchanted Blog Tour: Video Excerpt read by Alethea Kontis!

Alethea Kontis has been making a splash around the blogosphere the past few months, on a blog tour to promote her new YA release, ENCHANTED. There's character interviews, author interviews, guest psts and a few hot giveaways! You can find a full schedule of these amazing posts from March 22nd to June 25th HERE.

And now for my stop on the tour, I'm so excited to be sharing an exclusive Youtube excerpt from Enchanted, read by the beautiful Princess Alethea! :)

What did you think? Intrigued? Can't wait to get your hands on a copy of Enchanted? The teaser has definitely made me more excited to learn more. Poor Sunday!


  1. DEAR GOODNESS, I AM DYING TO READ THIS BOOK. I fell in love with the cover at first sight and Alethea's reading of the excerpt convinced me to get this book when it's out!

    Awesome post, Brodie! Thank you for sharing this with us! <3

  2. Oooh definitely intrigued! Can't wait to read this book. And I LOVE the cover! Thanks for sharing :).

  3. ALETHEA, WHY ARE YOU SO SWEET? <3 I read, reviewed, and ADORED Enchanted a few weeks ago and Alethea was a total sweetheart by thanking me for reviewing her book -- needless to say, I have the biggest soft spot for her now! x) And this video totally justifies it - I mean, she wore a tiara while reading the excerpt! That's just too awesome for words! :')

    Yay for the blog tour!! I'm so happy to see you on it, Brodie!! :) <3


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