Sunday, May 6, 2012

Owl Post #1

Originally, I wasn't planning on changing In My Mailbox. In no way do I support plagiarism, but I'm comfortable and familiar with IMM and wasn't really feeling the other alternatives out there. Plus, I just don't want to get involved in all the blogger drama. But I've noticed nearly every other person I follow has switched and sticking with it sort of IS getting involved in some way, right? So I figured the best way is for me to just do my own thing. SO.

Introducing... OWL POST! Bear with me, it's the best I could think up haha. And as many of you know, I'm a Harry Potter freak so it's the perfect fit for me. And I'm not a muggle, so why pretend I get my books the same way as the rest of you? Big thanks to the amazing, wonderful, gorgeous photoshop pro Lisa for putting text on this image for me! <3

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows me to excitedly share all the yummy books I get in the mail each week! Owl's are the normal way for magical folk to send letters and parcels within the wizarding world. They're much faster and more reliable than sneaky postmen and can even deliver to a person without an address. They're also kind of badass.

The Night Circus - Bestseller lists + every blogger and their fictional boyfriend's sister have been gushing about this book. I need to see WHY! I'm participating in a blog tour for it later this month, so I'll likely read/review it around that date.

Disharmony! This is by an Aussie author and sounds FREAKING AWESOME. A psychopath... an empath... a genius. Three siblings who will save the world... or destroy it. If that doesn't hook you in, what planet are you from? I plan to read this next!

I read and loved Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, also by Morgan Matson, so without even knowing what Second Chance Summer is about, I'M EXCITED. Poor book suffered damage to the top left corner by an overeager owl on it's first delivery.

I got The Sweetest Dark (looking all purdy on my Kobo, which I named Merrick in honour of those smexy boys from Storm) off Edelweiss, it sounds like a fantastic read! And thanks to the amazing folk at Entangled for sending me Onyx through NetGalley to review. I LOVED Obsidian, so I'm dying for more of that sexy, sexy ass Daemon.

I know I'm behind on reading/commenting many of your FABULOUS posts, but I hope to rectify this tomorrow! If I can tear myself away from reading Insignia, because GUYS. THIS BOOK IS SO FREAKING GOOD! Lovelovelovelovelove.

What have the owls delivered to you this week? 
I'm not racist against muggles, it's okay if you get yours the 'normal' way. I'll still come visit your post! :)


  1. Lies! Where's your Hogwarts letter huh?!

    Awww, yeah, Onyx!

    1. Hi, I got that when I was ELEVEN! DUH! Want me to prove my 7 years of Hogwarts education? *twirls wand* >:]

      VERY excited to read Onyx. The reviews I've read have been killing me haha.

  2. Ooooh! The night circus! Hope you enjoy it like i did.

    My owl (well it's actually called ony shelf) :

    Happy reading! :)

  3. OMG! You got disharmony!! Hope I'll find it on my doorstep next week ;) Only requested it a few days ago but fingers crossed! Can't wait to read SCS. LOVE MORGAN! <3 Great Owl Post!

    P.S. Calling me a pro for sticking two words on a super super awesome picture is so LAME. <--- Are you sick of that word yet? ^__^

  4. +JMJ+

    I respect your decision to do your own thing, but Owl Post has got to be the best alternative concept anyone has come up with since we started looking for alternatives. I almost wish you were making it a meme. =)

    An owl sent me Heather Dixon's Entwined recently, but I've been preoccupied with lots of "real world" stuff and haven't been blogging (or reading) much. =(

    I hope these books turn out to be great, especially The Night Circus. That's one I'm looking forward to as well.

  5. Oooh, I can't wait to read Second Chance Summer. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour is a real favourite of mine! I'm on the blog tour for The Night Circus too, so I'm looking forwared to reading that one too. I've heard amazing things!

    This week brought me Sweet Evil and The Disenchantments. :)

  6. I'm glad you decided to do your own thing, you could even make it a meme if you want to and since IMM wasn't originally down to TSS you could credit the original thought, anyway... it shows that you're not a sheep, you've chosen you're own way... just like Harry did with the sorting hat :-)

    I'm looking up Second Chance Summer :-)

  7. Cute name. Nice haul.


  8. You're not a muggle either? I thought I saw something Brodie-looking wondering around Hogwarts! I'll say Hi next time. ;)

    I can't wait to hear what you think of Onyx! I loved that book though I may be slightly biased as I have a thing for that sexy, sexy Daemon. ;) Great haul this week! I hope you enjoy all of your new books. :)

  9. haha I'm not a muggle!!! The Night Circus does sound great! I still need to read it too! I also need to read Obsidian and Onyx.
    My Stack

  10. Owl Post... love it! You got great books this week. I've been after a copy of Disharmony, it sounds great! Enjoy!
    My IMM has morphed into a Clock Rewinders:

  11. OWL POST! Genius. And TOTALLY you considering your the biggest most proudest Harry Potter fan girl there ever was, EVER!

    You have Second Chance Summer? Second Chance Summmer. I repeat Second Chance Summer! You have Second. Chance. Summer. Second! Chance! Summer! SECOND CHANCE SUMMER! ARGH! If you dont notice I'm going a little crazy here!! Wish my copy would hurry up and arrive! C'mon postie, move it!


  12. Love the new Owl Post idea and graphic! Very cool! Sorry that one of your books got damaged by an overeager owl, but hope you enjoy all of your goodies!

  13. Brodie, this feature really suits you and your blog, I love it!

    I can't wait to read Second Chance Summer, it sounds so good!

  14. Great idea, Brodie! Totally knew it was going to be Harry Potter related which I fully support by the way! Now like you I don't support any sort of plagiarism and it kind of sucks with what happened with a certain blogger in question since she was a very popular blogger too. But anyway, great books! I'm SO HAPPY that you bought a copy of The Night Circus . . . everything about that book is all LOVE for me. One of the best I've read in adult/fantasy fiction.

  15. You got some very nice books this week. The highlight, from my view at least, is Onyx. I am totally dying to read that. :D Enjoy all of your new books and have a great week.

    Kathy Ann,
    I Write, I Read, I Review

  16. BRODIE YOU HAVE TO TURN THIS INTO A MEME! I'm seriously fangirling right now, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS!

    Oh and by the way, those books :O Envious! I was going to get Night Circus but it's so expensive *cries*

    I didn't know you were a witch as well! Woooo! *dances like Dumbledore*

  17. HAHAHHA Trust you to come up with a name related to HARRY POTTER!
    *SQUEALS* NIGHT CIRCUS! It sounds SOOO AMAZING<3333 Can't wait for your blog tour stop!!
    YAYY for DISHARMONY! I'm SOO excited for it! Might start it after Insurgent :)
    ONYXXXXXXX! Right, I haven't yet read OBSIDIAN but after reading everyone's reviews, I NEED TO GET A COPY! I'm getting excited every time I see Onyx in someone's mailbox even though I haven't even read the first book!

  18. I'm looking forward to your review of Insignia, if it's that awesome! ;)That book has been on my radar for absolute ages! Also great idea with Owl Post, I need to read Shana Abe, and of course The Night Circus was fab. Enjoy!

  19. @Owl Post: Awesome name, banner and SQUEE!

    Man, I so cannot wait to read Disharmony! I think I might try to squeeze it in after I read The Immortal Rules (Insurgent RUDELY butted in with its arrival two days ago). I just can't get over the fact that the author is a psychologist! I'm envious about Second Chance Summer. Still, crossing my fingers I get it next week in the mail. Sorry, I'm a muggle.

    Happy reading BRODIE!!! :D

  20. Oh Brodie this is a sumptuous idea! I've never done either an OP or IMM, but if I ever do I'll be sure to be linking up beside you! ( :


    NIGHT CIRCUS. I.AM.DYING.TO.READ.THAT.BOOK. I heard great things about it. Most of the reviews I read are positive so I can't wait for your review too!

    DISHARMONY!! So excited to read this one! The book trailer sounds awesome! SECOND CHANCE SUMMER!!! Me dying to read this one as well! I really enjoyed Amy & Roger's Epic Detour so I can't wait to read Morgan's newest book!

    AWESOME BOOKS THIS WEEK, Brodie! <3 Happy reading!

  22. Owl post is a great title. I like it. I switched over to Mailbox Monday but honestly think I'll just switch to my own week in books type thing.

  23. The Sweetest Dark looks great! I'm looking forward to your review on Night Circus before considering if I should get the book. :) Lovely haul this week.


  24. BRODIE.




    You are amazing. I love Owl Post. I'm not even going to talk about your books. The title of this thing is just adorable! You really made me smile tonight. Thank you. Have a lovely week ahead! :)

    *wipes drool off your mailbox*

    I am DYING to read Disharmony--I read the first couple of chapters, and UGH. *DIES. SO. GOOD.

    AND Second Chance Summer! Eeep! OK, seriously, I'm jealous... but happy for you and your amazing delivery... the corner of Disharmony looks a little crinkled? Did it get in a fight with a Howler? :D

  26. I love "Owl Post"! Awesome way to convey your Harry Potter love :P. So many great sounding books - Second Chance Summer! Ahhh! Disharmony looks amazing too. Happy reading! :)

  27. hehehe! You are the cutest Brodie...OWL POST?! I love it. It suits you and your blog perfectly.

    The Night Circus is great...I liked the setting more than the characters, but it's still magical.

    Also, the fact that you are doing your own thing is awesome. I am as well, and I find it is working better for me.

    Great books, and I can't wait to read your review of Onyx as I have been hearing so much about these books and I trust your opinion!

    Happy reading!

  28. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! You Aussie's and all your Harry Potter love... I seriously want to hug you, Brodie! :') <3 And ohmygoodness somuchawesomeness youwillnotbegettingsleep!! I actually wasn't the biggest fan of The Night Circus because it was pretty slow paced, but the magic and the world and the whole IDEA of it was so brilliant that I loved it anyways. And ONYX!! I'm part of the HUGE chunk of the blogophere who wants to smother-hug JLA because she wrote it for the book bloggers, so I can't wait to read what you think of it!

    AMAZING owl post this week, Brodie!! It's okay if you haven't been around a little bit (EVEN THOUGH WE MISSED YOUR ENTHUSIASM), but I'm just glad that you're back! <3 :')

    Hugs and kisses,
    Mimi <3

  29. This may sound really stupif, but when it comes to people switching or sticking to this or that mailbox meme... I have no idea there was any drama! I didn't know people were switching! Or even that were were that many going on :S I am all confused :S Lol.

    With your ebooks, you have just reminded me I left one off my own post! D'oh! I need to go edit.

    But The Night Circus! I am intrigued. Not sure if I'll enjoy it though. We'll see! Taking part in the same blog tour. :)

    I've yet to read Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, but I love the sound of Matson's books! :) And the others all sound awesome! So looking forward to your reviews! :)

  30. Gasp! Onyx!

    And I didn't know there was a new Morgan Matson book!! I LOVED Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, and I was hoping she'd have something new out soon, just kept forgetting to check ;)

    Awesome books this week, hope you enjoy!!

    Check out what I got at Geek Chic This Week :D

  31. +JMJ+

    I keep popping back here to check whether you've announced the launch of a new meme. =P

    1. Hehehe! I'm WAY too inconsistent to keep up my own meme (some week's I don't post things I should be and I get lazy. It's an issue. I'M A PROCRASTINATOR/) but you are MORE than welcome to take the idea and use it yourself or even create your own meme, I'm totally fine with it! The genius known as Rowling inspired the idea, afterall :D

    2. +JMJ+

      I know what you mean. =) My own book haul posts were often written months apart. So I felt a little guilty the two times I dropped the suggestion, knowing that I'd only show up once in a while.

      But if I do use your "Owl Post" name, I will totally credit you and J.K. Rowling! ;-)

  32. Teehee - Owl Post - what an awesome idea! :D

  33. Woohoo for Second Chance Summer - I'm dying to get my little hands on that book and hopefully my review copy arrives soon. Hope you enjoy it! Donna xoxo


    I haven't read any of the books you got this week (surprise surprise!) But I really want to read Night Circus and Disharmony sounds really interesting! I also have Obsidian sitting on my shelf that I really should get around to reading soon, yes? Haha.

    LOVE YOU <33

  35. Exactly the same here! Then I almost decided to start my own thing called Owl Post, but I googled first and found your lovely blog! :)
    I just found the perfect alternative to IMM! So would it be OK if I use your meme picture with linking to your blog of course?
    BTW, great books!


    1. Of course!! You can use both. It don't mind whether you link to my blog or not, J.K Rowling is the main source of genius here, afterall :)

      Love meeting fellow HP fans! <3

    2. Thanks! :) I love meeting new HP fans too! :)
      And here's my Owl Post:
      BTW, I love your header!

    3. +JMJ+

      I see that we all love Owl Post!

      Petra, I'm going to check out your post right now. =)

  36. The night circus sounds so awesome! Great haul and new meme!
    New follower!

    My Post!


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