Sunday, May 13, 2012

Owl Post #2

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows me to excitedly share all the yummy books I get in the mail each week! Owl's are much faster and more reliable than sneaky postmen, and the common way for magical folk to send and receive letters and parcels. Yes. I went to Hogwarts. Be jealous.

These three were all unexpected review copies, but a nice surprise, nonetheless!  I've seen quite a few mixed ratings on Goodreads for Burn Mark- some seem to love it, others not so much - so I really have no idea how I'll go with it. But hello, it features both WITCHES and FAE. Colour me intrigued!

I hadn't heard of Everything Left Unsaid until this week. From the synopsis, it sounds like it will be an emotional read and as much as I want to throw a book that breaks my heart, I secretly LOVE when it can reduce me to a blubbering mess. Also, it's Aussie YA!

Whisper is the 4th book in the Riley Bloom series.... of which I've read none. And I'm not a huuuge MG reader, so I'm not entirely sure if I'll ever get around to reading this. If not, I'll likely pass it onto someone else or give it to my library.

So! That's all for me this week. I'm happy it's not a massive pile because I am slowly, but surely, getting through my TBR (yay!). One book I am DYING to have come soaring from the skies by the owls is THE GOLDEN LILY!! Gah! Everyone's reviews are killing me. Adrian Ivashkov is calling my name. One month, people, one month!! #wecansurvive #ifnotletsturnstrigoiandkilleveryonewhohasacopy #imkiddingimkidding #notreally #sorryiforgotthisisnotwitter #ithinkillstopnow

What have the owls delivered to you this week?

If you're Aussie and you know it.... go enter to win one of 3 SIGNED copies of ARTICLE 5!!! I also revealed the super awesome title to the sequel!

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers out there today! I love my mummy <3


  1. I also have Burn Mark. I'm really excited. I love witches!
    My Stack

  2. BRODIEEEEEEE! MEEEE LOVE YOUR MAILBOX THIS WEEK<3333 Gahh...EVERYONE seems to have received Everything Left Unsaid - it sounds SO amazing and like you said, an emotional read! I hope I receive a copy too :S Ooohh BURN MARK! WTICHES!FAE! WHO CARES IF PEOPLE DIDN'T QUITE LIKE IT, IT SOUNDS SOO GOOD! heheee Can't wait for your review!!! LOL Pan Macmillan sent Whisper to everyone, eh? I gave my copy to Aliceee...since I won't be reading it:)

  3. EEEEE BRODIE! I got Burn Mark last week and it sounded really cool! I'll probably be reading it next month since the book is not yet out in AUS until July!

    And Everything Left Unsaid! I totally did not know it was an Aussie YA! And I just checked the book out in GR and it looks interesting!

    Whisper! Hmmm, I don't think I'll be reading this book since I haven't read any of the books in the Riley Bloom series.

    And LOL BRODIE! I *gulps* haven't read Bloodlines...YET! I'm going to read it soon. I HAVE TO. I HAVE TO READ IT BEFORE THE GOLDEN LILY COMES OUT. At least a day before the book comes out? :P

    LOVE YOUR OWL POST, Brodie! <3 Happy reading!

  4. Just looking at the pictures, Burn Mark was the one that instantly caught my eye - but witches AND fae? Seriously, that's awesome! Screw mixed reviews, I wanted it! Can't wait to hear what you think of it. I hope it's amazing!

    ps. the non-twitter hashtags made me giggle


  5. I really curious about Burn Mark as well - I love the cover as it's really eye-catching! :-)

  6. Ooh, another Aussie YA, looking forward to it, like you I'd never heard of it!

    And YES! I cannot wait for The Golden Lily! Hurry up, June!

    When I see the title of this feature, in my head I yell "OWL POST!!!!" ;)

  7. Your owl was sure quick in bringing those books! haha. Anyway great books you have there! I read Burn Mark on netgalley which was 'alright' read for me but I hope you enjoy that one since I'm a sucker for any witchy books. I also got Whisper the other week which wasn't so bad either. Curious about your other book Everything Left Unsaid . . . haven't heard of that one before.

  8. Hello, this is my first time visiting, and I love this feature of yours! Burn Mark looks really interesting, I'd never heard of it but now it's been added to my to-be-read list!

    Happy Reading!
    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic
    Instead of an IMM post I now have a new feature, Stocktake Saturday.

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  10. Oh my. Oh my. OH MY. Everything Left Unsaid looks amazing. Sad yes, but beautiful. I don't know what it is, but I love a good, heart breaking book. Maybe because it give's you a good excuse to have a good cry every now and then.. That and I dunno.. their usually very powerful and stay on your mind for long after.

    It looks like it publishes in another 3 months? How the heckle and jeckle did you score a copy! Um..jelly! Love you loads girly <3

  11. Burn Mark sounds awesome, I haven't read a book about witches before! Happy reading. :D

  12. God, the internet is achingly slow right now and I DON'T KNOW WHY! Driving me nuts. I've refreshed this page at least twice now, trying to load up this comments form. Haven't read much about Everything Left Unsaid either. Hope you enjoy. :)

    I also got Burn Mark but I don't think I'll get to it in time...

  13. Hope you enjoy! Grr...looks like Blogger freaking ate my message. The internet has been screwy here tonight. I've refreshed this page at least 3 times now...

  14. I have not heard of any of these until now I do love the sounds of Everything Left Unsaid. Can not wait to see what you think of it!

    haha, I hope you get to read The Golden Lily soon! *Don't kill me though*

  15. YAY! You got Burn Mark. Tell me what you think since you'll read it before me, most likely :P Never heard of ELU either but I've seen it around this week! Happy reading :D

    All Hail The Mail!



    BURN MARK LOOKS SO GOOOOOOOD! ALSO: I think you're going to have some exciting things in next week's mailbox. Just a hunch ^__^ (I got something exciting, so I'm assuming you will too... also... there's something about telepathic dolphins on TV and I'm confused and)...


  17. Haha I love the title of this meme :D !! I haven't heard anything these books but I hope you'll like them. Happy reading :).

  18. Burn Mark! Doesn't it sound awesome? I am SO excited to read it! Really like the sound of Everything Left Unsaid too, hope you enjoy it!

    We already had Mothers Day over here, but awwww. So sweet that you love your mummy :P. Have a great day together!

    Happy reading! :D

  19. The owls were nice to you again this week! Haven't heard of Burn Mark, but witches and fae? Sign me up! Enjoy Mothers Day! :)

    Here's my post.

  20. Oh! I have heard quite a lot about Burn Mark. Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

    Happy reading!

  21. Yay! Burn Mark!! I have this to read too. Maybe we could Buddy Read? Since I have yet to do this with you!! xD

    Annd, yay for Aussie YA writer! The book sounds really interesting, can't wait to see what you think! :)

    Faye <333

  22. I'm still yet to read Burn Mark. I like the sound of it, but it doesn't make me go OOOH like a number of other books I have, so it keeps waiting for me to pick it up, lol. Everything Left Unsaid sounds AMAZING! Really looking forward to your review of it, it really does sound good!

  23. Yes,like everyone else here I'm very curious about Burn Mark. Two words: witches and inquisition! Very much looking forward to your thoughts on it, Brodie :) because your excitement is always contagious, and then I run and buy the book you've raved about. Enjoy all your reads! :)

  24. I haven't even heard of any of these books before, but they look cool. I hope you enjoy!!

    Check out what I got at Geek Chic This Week (:D)

  25. I LOVE surprise books! They always brighten your day when you don't expect them -- especially if they're books you think you'll like or have been looking forward too... but even when you HAVEN'T heard much about them before because they expand your TBR pile even more! :) Burn Mark sounds cool, and of course I'm adding that contemp to my wish list! ;)

    ALSO: I can't believe I've ever noticed this before, but you spell the word "colour" with a "u" in it like us Canadians do! THAT IS SO AWESOME! :D (That, or I'm pointing out a typo which would be really awkward in which I give you the permission to ignore me LOL...)

    I hope you enjoy all of your beautiful books, Brodie! <3

    1. We speak & spell the Queen's English in Australia.

    2. What marybelle said! :D Australia, England and Canadian all speak the same awesome language. It's the Americans that are slightly odd species :P

      Hehehe but it would have been hilarious if you had pointed out a typo. Shame on you :P

  26. Everything Left Unsaid looks and sounds awesome! Adding to GR now!

  27. I have not heard of any of these books. I received BORN WICKED by Jessica Spotswood in the post today. I love witches.


  28. Everything Left Unsaid looks graat! I hadn't heard of it until right now, and now I want to read it. And I'm right there with you. I say I hate reading emotional books, but I secretley love them!

    Hope you enjoy all your books!

  29. So I never heard of the first two but they look SUPERFAB, yo. I like the covers a lot. And I don't know if I'll ever read Noel's side series. It's just too weird that I read those and don't finish the Evermore series. There's something about her writing that bugs me anyway. STILL, DIGGING THE COVERS in the series.

    *snickers* The Golden Lily is AMAZING. Fabulous. Wonderful. Beautiful. Exciting. Thrilling. Sexy. XDD

  30. So not only do I get to be jealous of your books, but about Hogwarts too? :o *sniff* I waited for that letter for years. Yes, years. I thought maybe there'd been a mix up... Lol.

    I seriously can't wait to hear what you think of Burn Mark! I'm more than a little intrigued by that one!


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