Sunday, June 3, 2012

Owl Post #4

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows me to excitedly share all the yummy books I get in the mail each week! Owl's are much faster and more reliable than sneaky postmen, and the common way for magical folk to send and receive letters and parcels. Yes. I went to Hogwarts. Be jealous.

I don't have to hate UK bloggers anymore! When copies of Throne of Glass dominated so many UK posts last week, Brodie was hulking out in jealous rage. And because owls are intuitive and knew this - I GOT A COPY IN THE MAIL THIS WEEK!! I am excited, excited, excited to read this! I can't review it until late July, but if I can stop being lazy and write up those few reviews so I have a small stockpile, I'll get to this very soon.

Black Heart Blue was a complete surprise. -  "I didn't order anything from The Book Depository. Who sent this?!" *reads receipt* "FAAAAYYYYEEEE!!!!" *shakes fist* - The sweet, amazing, superhero Fayezer from A Daydreamer's Thoughts sent me this. Because she is crazy nice and I'm going to kill her by squishing her to death in the biggest hug <3 Thank you!! It sounds like such a moving story, I can't wait to read it. You should all check out Faye's incredible review for it here!

What have the owls delivered to you this week?


Winners of The Night Circus + party pack:
Sarah E.
Jennifer K.

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  1. YAY! Throne of Glass! I am hoping to snag a copy at BEA while I am there.

    Those smart owls! :)

  2. Throne of Glass sounds really exciting! Happy reading!
    My Stack

  3. I got Throne of Glass from Netgalley a while back, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. It looks good!:)

  4. Throne of Glass! Man! Me and my owl are going to migrate to the UK very soon! :D

    My Owl Post

  5. SQUEEEEEEEEEE! THRONE OF GLASS! So pretty. I can't wait to get my copy <3

  6. YOU GOT THRONE OF GLASS! *in a glass case of emotions right now* I've been dying for this book because they've compared it to Game of Thrones which I'm obsessed with. Hmph. Good job I requested this book early. :)

  7. Some interesting titles. I haven't actually heard of either of them but will definitely need to look them up.

    You can ind my IMM here:

    Have a great week and happy reading :-)

  8. What? What? *blinks*

    Am I seeing this right? THRONE OF GLASS? THRONE OF GLASS?!?!?!
    If I don't get a copy, I'm going to rage all hell. >:D

    God, I am so so envious right now! I'm waiting for my Swagbucks $5 Amazon GC to clear so I can buy the rest of the e-novellas!!! Just, just...I NEED this now. I'm in such a reading slump, just haven't wanted to read. I need something that I'm super excited about, and baby, this is it! I've been pining for this one way too long.

    That is so awesome that a buddy sent you a book! <3 I haven't been active in the book blogging community lately, so I didn't even know that the Throne of Glass ARCs were circulating around, and thus, no stress! But now that I've seen you get one.......ARGH! Must. Have. Now.

    But first, I have to do my 2000 word, 60% weighted assignment. @_@ That, my friend, is why I'm here.

  9. Throne of Glass, yay. I just started reading it and it seems good so far. Hope you enjoy it! Donna xoxo

  10. Woooo! What a GREAT mailbox! :D Enjoy your books this week <333

  11. +JMJ+

    A few months ago, a friend sent me some surprise gifts via The Book Depository as well: five of them!!! =D So I have a good idea of your reaction when your package arrived. ;-)

    Here's my Owl Post #2. Thanks again for hosting this, Brodie!

  12. I just reviewed Throne of Glass! It is AMAZING!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it (you better love it as much as me!) ;) I also adore the cover for Black Heart Blue. I've been seeing that around a lot lately and it sounds great. Hope you like it! :)

  13. I'm currently reading Throne Of Glass and it is so good! I hope you enjoy it! I also have Black Hear Blue waiting to be read!

    Happy Reading!!

    Letterbox Love!

  14. I've seen Black heart blue in two IMM post today it sounds really interesting. OMG you got Throne of glass i'm so jealous :D I pre-ordered a copy and I can't wait to read it !
    I hope you'll like these books & happy reading !

  15. Yaaay! So glad you got Throne of Glass! Really didn't want you turning into a green-eyed monster! :) Still yet to read it, but god, it looks good! And Black Heart Blue! That's such a nice thing for Faye to do! Hope you enjoy it! Still have to read my copy. Happy reading, Brodie!

  16. Brodie, Throne of Glass is amaaaazing!!!!! Drop it all and read it now! ;) Enjoy both your books! :)

  17. Hope you enjoy reading Throne Of Glass! Looking forward to the reviews.

    Happy reading! =D

  18. Ooo, I keep seeing Throne of Glass, I want it! So I'm a bit jealous ;) Also, yay for awesome surprises from friends!! :) I hope you enjoy your books this week!

    Happy reading!

    Also, love the post name ;)

  19. LOL Brodie!!! So happy that you finally got your own copy of Throne of Glass too -- can't have you hating UK bloggers when they're so awesome! :') Sam's review of it made me want to jump out of my skin to go and get a copy of that, and I'm sure that your review will be no different! x) And don't you just love it when books come as surprise gifts in the mail?? BOOKISH FRIENDS ARE THE BEST <3

    Beaaaaaaautiful owl post this week, Brodie! I hope you're having an amazing weekend :) <3

  20. Throne of Glass looks amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!! Great haul this week :D I hope you enjoy everything!!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  21. I'm so excited for Throne of Glass! It sounds awesome! Can't wait for you review. And Black Heart Blue sounds fab too - happy reading! :)

  22. oooh your cover for Throne of Glass is SO PRETTY. I don't think I've seen that cover before and now I'm quite jealous! I hope you enjoy it. :D

  23. Throne of Glass AND Black Heart Blue both sound super amazing. V. envious of you and your intuitive owls Brodie ;)

  24. EEEEEEEEEEEE! I got both of these this week, tooooo! Coincidence? Or not ^__^

    THRONE OF GLASSSSS. I seriously can't wait to read this :D

  25. OWLS KNOW BEST! <3 Hedwig is clearly your spirit animal.

    Throne of Glass sounds FANTASTIC and you're so right... everyone seems to have it O_O I will live through your fabulous reviews and (hopefully) praise. I had NOT heard of BHB but I'll definitely go check it out now!



  26. I haven't heard of either of these, so thanks for introducing me to some new books! And hooray for mysterious owl deliveries from wonderful bloggers, that must have made your day!

  27. BRODIEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU GOT THRONE OF GLASS?!?!?!?!?!?!? MEEEEEEEEE IS ÜBER JEALOUS!!!!! Gahhhhh YOU BETTER READ IT SOON ( if you haven't already!!) Sam LOVEDD it, and I'm convinced that I'll love it too <3 HURRY UP AND READ IT SO I CAN READ YOUR REVIEW!!!! Hehehehehhe But I see you're reading STORMDANCER at the moment! HOW IS IT? AMAZING, I PRESUME? Hahaaaa anywayyyy ENJOY all your books Brodieeee <3

  28. I so joining you with this owl post meme on the last sunday of June, can't believe i've been a ravenclaw since i was eleven and never thought of this.

    Happy Reading
    Le' Grande Codex


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