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Rapture Blog Tour: Interview with Lauren Kate!

The blogosphere is dark with wings...

Internationally best-selling author, Lauren Kate, is spreading her wings across Australian blogs throughout the month to promote her newest release, RAPTURE, the final installment in the FALLEN series! Rapture concludes Luce and Daniel's epic love story that has literally spanned the ages. I'm so excited to welcome Lauren here today to answer a few questions. Huge thanks to Random House Australia and the lovely author herself for the opportunity to probe her brains!

Rapture is beautiful conclusion to the series and one that is sure to spring a few tears to the eyes of fans! Be sure to grab your copy in stores NOW!


Q: From 2009 to 2012 - 4 years, 4 books and thousands of fans later... did you ever anticipate the series would be this big? What is the one thing you will take away from the experience?

Lauren: The success of the Fallen series isn’t something I’ve gotten used to, but I have learned how best to cherish my readers’ enthusiasm, how to funnel the support I feel from around the world directly into my books. I come away from the series with the sense that my readers are my guardian angels. I feel very supported as I moved into my next writing project.

Q: Which scene, from any of the books, are you most looking forward to seeing in the movies?

Lauren: I’m really looking forward to seeing the first time Luce cleaves to her past self at the royal ball in Versailles.

Q: This is clearly Luce and Daniel's story, but Cam also has a strong fanbase behind him. Were you anticipating such a positive and vocal reaction towards his character?

Lauren: I guess I should have known. Cam is based on my husband, so I was in love with him from the start of the series. Because I care for him so much, his character arc and his backstory became far more complex than I’d expected. He began to steal the show at times and I’m still not sure his tale is complete. I love meeting readers who’ve fallen for Cam. I’m like, “I know. I know.”

Q: None of the characters are inherently good or evil (well, Bill is another story... but there's no denying he has charm!). They all come in fascinating shades of grey, especially Cam. Was that something you purposefully set out to explore or did it develop naturally?

Lauren: I realized that this was a theme I was exploring when I finished the first book. It’s not just that the lines are blurry between good and evil, but that good and evil rely on each other, cannot exist without each other. They are two sides of the same coin. This idea goes back to Zoroastrianism and is at the center of the Judeo-Christian tradition. I wanted to place Luce—who is rather pure and open at the start of the series—in the center of the maelstrom of characters who were classified as one thing or the other but who, in reality, fell into an array of shades on the good-evil spectrum. She’s a great lens through which to see the futility of these classifications. As she recognizes this futility, she’s empowered to grow into the soul she’s on her way to becoming.

Q: Let's pretend you're in Luce's shoes and you've been cursed to live through thousands of lives. You're now finally in a position where you're not going to spontaneously burst into flames the moment you encounter your beloved (the fire department thanks you for your cooperation). Where and when (any era, any place) would you like to live out the rest of your days with your long-suffering soulmate?

Lauren: This is a lovely question and I suppose it’s strange to say “right here right now,” but this is where I hope to live out the rest of my days with my long-suffering soul mate. The place and time I’d most like to visit would be first century Jerusalem around the time of Jesus. I’m eager to know whether there was electricity in air, whether everyone knew what was happening, what they sensed their moment meant.

Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous answers with us today, Lauren!!

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  1. Great interview, Brodie. Woooo to the Cam question. *whispers* I'm Team Cam . . . just so you know. haha.

  2. Fantastic questions, Brodie! I really loved reading Lauren's responses. I really hope it's not the last we see of Cam because he was one of my fave characters in the books. :)

  3. "I’m eager to know whether there was electricity in air, whether everyone knew what was happening, what they sensed their moment meant.”

    Not sure what this is supposed to mean in regards to Jerusalem and Jesus... surely they had some knowledge about what was happening because of JESUS!

  4. Awwwww CAM<3 After reading so many of Lauren's responses to questions about Cam/Daniel...I think I might be liking Cam more and more now :) Although Lauren will probably kill us if we decide to steal Cam from her! LOL
    Every time I read these interview questions, I feel like I should be reading RAPTURE already! I WILL SOON THOUGH :)
    Awesomeeeee interview Brodieeee<3 And I absolutely LOVE Lauren's answers :D

  5. I hope they don't cast someone dumb for Luce. I would really be disappointed if they did.

  6. Awesome interview, Brodie! You're brilliant at coming up with imaginative questions, I love it! This interview makes me want to start the series again! :)

  7. Amazing interview! It's so interesting to hear that Cam was based on Kate's husband. I had no idea. :D I also had no idea the books were being turned into movies. Can't wait to hear more about that in the future!

  8. If Cam is based on your husband, I think you must have the most AMAZING husband ever, Lauren!! (Hehe, can you tell that I'm Team Cam through and through?) If you write a spin-off series for him, I think I'm going to be the happiest girl in the world! As long as we know he gets his HEA, I am satisfied :')

    I really liked that last question and answer too! My answer would've been: "Take me to the future where my long-suffering soul mate and I can teleport to beaches and drive hovercrafts!" But I think Lauren's answer was so much more romantic and sweet. When you think about it, I guess that right here and now is a great place to be <3

    I love your Aussie blog tours, Brodie! After this and your review, I can't wait to read Rapture!! :)

  9. Awesome post Brodie! I adored Rapture, I thought it was an amazing end to a fantastic series. Great interview!

  10. Aaaaaah, Brodie! I LOVE THE INTERVIEW! I don't believe you agonised over these questions for one second--they're too perfect. I seriously LOVE hearing that Cam's based on her husband! Eeeee ♥


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