Sunday, July 1, 2012

Owl Post #7

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows me to excitedly share all the yummy books I get in the mail each week! Owl's are much faster and more reliable than sneaky postmen, and the common way for magical folk to send and receive letters and parcels. Yes. I went to Hogwarts. Be jealous.

 I borrowed a bunch of mythology books from the library ages ago and this was the one I liked the most. I only got to read parts of it, but it has TONS of content and very detailed, so I decided I needed my own copy!

Also known as Shadow and Bone in the US. I have been DYING to read this! When Sam, Sonia and 560 other bloggers are all singing it's praises, it HAS to be something special, right? Not that you can see in the crappy photo, but the cover looks so pretty in person!

I took to twitter and asked the most vital question: Should I catch-up on this series? Well... the love for these books was overwhelming! I cannot believe there are so many fans, yet I haven't picked up a single book to read. SHOCKING, BRODIE. I will get on these soon!

Was not expecting this at all, since it's not my usual read. But it has some great early reviews and I love me an angel book. I hear this is a spin-off from one of Gena's other series? Think I can easily read this without having read those? Also: Cover. Mmmm!
Contemporary. Bad Boy. Troubled Guy. Touching romance. Really? How can I say no to that?!

I was planning on seeing the movie anyway, but I wasn't sure whether to read this before or after.  Lisa convinced me to wait until I after the movie. Which means... Chris Hemsworth, dear? I'm coming to a cinema near you real soon! Well... not technically near you, but near your rugged huntsman.

What did the owls bring you this week?


  1. Excuse me while I drool over the cover of Wicked Nights. YUM YUM YUM! And what? You got Throne of Glass recently and now you have Gathering Dark (Shadow and Bone) AND Pushing Limits? Lucky Brodie!

  2. Your owl has done it again! Great books. I absolutely LOVED Pushing the Limits (which surprised me a lot) and Before I Wake (which I know you haven't read the entire series as of yet but you need to get crackin' Brodie ASAP because you're missing out on awesome books). As for The Gathering Dark, I own the US copy with the different cover and title and whatnot, and trust me . . . you'll LOVE it! One of the best books at the moment. Happy reading!

  3. Those awesome owls keep bringing you amazing books. Can't wait to see what you think of the movie (Snow White and the Huntsmen) and see if you had the same reaction to the ending as me.

    I have heard so many great things about Pushing the Limits! Can't wait to read your review for it.


  4. Pushing the Limit's. You have Pushing the Limit's? You have PUSHING THE LIMITS. PUSHING THE LIMITS! Eeeeeeeeeee :D PUSHING THE LIMITS. PUSHINGTHELIMITS. Am I pushing the limit's with all these crazy, repeated Pushing the Limits? xx

  5. Oh so ‘The Complete World of Greek Mythology’ is that one... well I say mine is better! I swear there must be a cloned owl with cloned books just being sent to our doors/mailboxes... blah! :P

    Looking forward to reading The Gathering Dark soon. As well as Pushing The Limits. I fee like I’m being saturated with contemporaries at the moment even though these past few weeks it has only been like 3 lol.

  6. Lots of great books! Enjoy :)

  7. OMG GREEK MYTHOLOGY! I loves. I've been meaning to get a good GM book. I'll keep this in mind for when I go looking at the end of the year ;)
    WELL. I did not realise that SAB and TGD were the same book. -__- But yes, I've seen awesome reviews for SAB. Enjoy!
    *snorts* I saw Gena in your pile and was like "Whhaaaaa….? BRODIE?" ^__^
    Nomnomnom. Huntsman. He was sort of near you last month since he went over East and all ;)
    Lots of yummy books this week. Enjoy!

  8. I have pre ordered Pushing the Limits, I really hate the UK cover though, it looks sooo ugly and the US one is lovely. I should my Gena this week whoo hoo!

    Pleaserreview the Greek book... I'm on the lookout for a good Greek ology book, adult but not too adult, if you know what I mean :-)

  9. The Gathering Dark is fantastic, one of the best books of 2012! Pushing the Limits is awesome too! I caught up on the Soul screamers series this week and I'm so glad i did!

    Letterbox Love!

  10. Your owl is amazing, Brodie! I wish I had my own personal owl ;) The Gathering Dark does sound amazing and Pushing the Limits has had a lot of praise given to it - I'm eager to 'meet' the bad boy and read about the complicated romance! You've just reminded me that I NEED to go see Snow White and the Hunstman, it looks so gooooood!

    Fab haul, hope you enjoy all those luuuurve-ly books ;D

  11. Amazing haul this week Brodie! I can't for you to start Gathering Dark and I'm excited to see what you think of Pushing the Limits!(: Happy Reading! :D

    Ivy Book Bindings

  12. Awesome haul, Brodie! I am so looking forward to The Gathering Dark and Pushing the Limits! Snow White and the Huntsman looks good too!

    I am SO EXCITED for you to read the Soul Screamers series! I want to see you fall in love with them too! :D Happy reading!

  13. Ooh The Gathering Dark! I've been wanting to read that for ages! And I really liked Pushing the Limits, hope you do too! Love your Greek Myth book too - I like Greek Mythology so may have to pick up something similar myself! Happy reading :)

  14. GREEK MYTHOLOGY!! I'm a HUUUUUGE fan. If you haven't yet read the Percy Jackson series, you totes should. Pushing the Limits was really good! And the Soul Screamers series is pretty awesome, definitely worth you catching up on!

    The Cait Files

  15. Huh, I didn't know Shadow and Bone/The Gathering Dark were the same book.... HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT? And Pushing the Limits looks amazing! Can't wait to see what you think of it. Hope you enjoy all your new books! (:

  16. I STILL need to read the Soul Screamers books lol! Pushing the Limits sounds so awesome!!!! I know I wouldn't be able to say no to it either! I REALLY want to read Shadow and Bone too!!!!! I have high expectations for it :-) I love all the unique covers!!!! Enjoy all these awesome books :-)


  17. Squee! I love that you borrowed a mythology book :D
    OK. That out of the way. THE GATHERING DARK! I am DYING to read this, and Pushing The Limits as well! WEEEEEE!

    And Wicked Nights. The cover. You. It just seems so appropriate ^__^

  18. BEFORE I WAKE! yeaaaah we will both have sexy Tod moments coming up<3

    OHHH and pushing the limits has a different cover than mine! I like it!! I also have that one and will be reading soon!!

    Enjoy all of your books BRODIE <3

  19. I enjoyed SWATH, but thought the romance was under-developed. Chris is swoon worthy, isn't he?! ;)

  20. Great books! I ordered The Gathering Dark just a few days ago! :)
    Oh, and the Greek mythology book! Sounds really good.

    My Owl Post.

  21. Oh man, Pushing the Limits is sooo good! I'm not usually a fan of contemporary books, but this one was so touching and romantic. I can't wait to hear your thoughts! And eeek! The Gathering Dark!! I hope you love it, Brodie! (I'll be coming for if you don't!) ;)

  22. Sleep with one eye open, Brodie. One eye open. ;)

  23. My mom has all sorts of mythology books and I browse through every now and again because they are SO COOL. *dances* PUSHING THE LIMITS AND THE GATHERING DARK? Could your mailbox get anymore awesome? I certainly think NOT. Those are two of my favorites of the year, Brodie! They will treat you well ;-D

    — Asher @ Paranormal Indulgence


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