Sunday, October 7, 2012

Owl Post #15

Inspired by The Story Siren's In My Mailbox, Owl Post allows me to excitedly share all the yummy books I get in the mail each week! Owl's are much faster and more reliable than sneaky postmen, and the common way for magical folk to send and receive letters and parcels.


I've read quite a few amazing reviews for this and the idea behind it is SO fascinating. I can't wait to crack it out and hopefully love it. Also, the AUS/UK cover trumps US with the pretty hint of colour!

This is based on the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. I don't often read books written from movies (it's usually the other way around), so I'm curious to see how this will compare. Anyone read it yet? Seen the movie? Sounds like a creepy mystery. Me like!

Well, since I picked these up from my library, they're sort of cousins to the almighty book, therefore I feel okay including them :) Offspring has fast become a favourite show. It's not even my usual flavour of tv, but it's so quirky and addictive and you grow SO invested in these characters lives! I'm FINALLY, for the FIRST TIME watching Lord of the Rings!! I watched the first movie a week ago and... why? WHY didn't anyone force me to watch earlier?? So excited to continue, aswell as check out X-Men: First Class!

I've already started this and really enjoying it so far!! I loved Article 5 and Kristen is an absolute SWEETHEART, so I've been so excited to finally read this. If you live in the US or Canada, I'm giving away a print ARC HERE!

What have the owls delivered to you this week?


  1. YES YOU'RE WATCHING LORD OF THE RINGS! :D *squeals* I loved the second book the best, but the third movie is the best of all the three movies, so I hope you LOVE them! :D I have to watch X-Men actually...isn't James McAvoy acting in it? Hmm...definitely need to see that one!

    I love the cover of What's Left of Me but I've read SO many mixed reviews that I decided to skip it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it though, Brodie. If you enjoy it a lot, I'll definitely add it back to my shelves! Wonderful haul, dear, and I can't wait to see what you think of Lord of the Rings! *continues squealing and running around computer in happy circles* ;)

  2. X Men First Class!!! AHHHH! <3 it so much. What's Left of Me is super intriguing. I can't wait to read your review.

    Those owls were awesome to you again this week. Enjoy!

  3. BRODIE! I SPY LORD OF THE RINGS! X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and What's Left of Me! YAY! I just finished What's Left of Me and I really enjoyed it. Kat's writing was AMAZING and the premise is definitely unique.

    LORD OF THE RINGS. I so hope you love both of the movies (and secretly hope you enjoy watching Orlando Bloom too ;) X-Men First Class was awesome too. NICHOLAS HOULT. Enough said.

    Glad the owls brought you AMAZING goodies this week, Brodie! Hope you enjoy them all ♥


    I can't believe you just saw it for the first time! YAYYYY that you loved it!! <3 Those movies are some of my favourites... everything about them was just SO well-done. I can't wait for The Hobbit! :D And ahh, X-Men. Another favourite <3

    Oooh, I like your cover of What's Left of Me too! :) I've been hearing such promising things about that one so I hope you enjoy!


    Happy reading & viewing! (And omg, I'm finally almost caught up on OUaT... just the finale of season 1 + the new episodes to go. SO GOOD IT'S CRAZY.)

  5. I still need to read What's Left of Me! It looks fantastic. The House at the End of the Street looks really scary, but I'm intrigued. Great haul this week!

  6. Ack! What's Left of Me looks really pretty in the photo! I received it on Netgalley so I don't mind too much if I don't get a physical copy for review. Enjoy! Lol I like how everyone is spazzing out about your DVDs and I'm just here about the books. :P I'm not into any of those... though I may get into them in the future.

    Check out my book haul!

  7. LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Adore those movies so, SO much!

    Last week or so I finished What's Left of Me. I really enjoyed it. It reminded me a lot of The Host though. Anyway I hope you enjoy it too! Like I told you on goodreads . . . I'm still SUPER jealous over you getting a copy of Breaking Point. Can't wait to read your thoughts about it!

  8. I am very excited to witness you borrowing from your library. I do so like people who use libraries :)

    I've not seen X Men First Class, you will have to tell me your thoughts.

    I really like the cover for What's Left of Me, it's really pretty and I TOTALLY didn't see the second face in the picture until someone else mentioned it.

  9. X men first class is nice! I loved learning the history of all the teachers/main characters :)

    Especially Magneto and Xavier

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  10. Amazing haul! I have set my eyes on Article 5 series as well, I hope I get the books soon :)

    My haul.

  11. BRODIE.
    You're gonna like First Class. I know it. It has that guy... uh... you know, the pretty one in the body suit? Let's just call him Magneto. That will do.

    I'm REALLY liking it!

    You know what WASN'T in the mail this week?

    Yeah. You know.

  12. Wow, so surprised that you hadn't seen any of the LOTR movies until recently. I love those movies! Though I'm still yet to watch X-Men: First Class. Really want to though! Love the X-Men, and I'm a fan of James McAvoy's face.

    What's Left of Me sounds SO good! I'm expected a copy in a few days, so looking forward to reading it! Happy reading & watching, Brodie!

  13. Vivian the Spirit says: BROOOOODIIIIE!! <333 -huggles- What a lovely haul and I know right?! What's Left of Me has blown everyone away and I'm still here waiting for my copy.. I hope you enjoy it just as much and looking forward to your review for it!! <3 and OMG. The House at the End of the Street sounds like a thrill, haven't seen the movie though.. Happy reading this week!! POOF!

    Vivi's Shelf

  14. looks like you got some cool movies this week too!

  15. Is that my movie collection you have there? ;) I LOVE Lord of the Rings! Anything X-Men has a soft spot in my heart too. I hope you enjoy them all. :D I'm not sure about movie to book adaptations. Like you said, it's usually the other way round, and very few are actually written well. I'm eager to hear your thoughts. :)

  16. Oh and thanks for the oh-so-subtle Anna push! ;)

  17. What's Left of Me- that is one book I'm desperately squeeing after! I hope you love it and I can't wait to read your review!

  18. Oh boy, what a wonderful movie collection you got there, Brodie! X-Men AND The Lord of the Rings! Wow, we're going to have chat/gush/rave after you're finished seeing them. ;) And What's Left of Me was a mixed bag for myself (marvelous concept and writing, but sketchy, flat world-building ruined it for me). Regardless, I look forward to seeing what you think of it! Really great haul and enjoy your goodies!

  19. LOVE the movie collection. (: And I'm not so sure about movie to book adaptions, but I'm looking forward to hearing how you like that one. And What's Left of Me doesn't look like something I'd like to read, but it does look pretty good!

    Hope you enjoy all your books... and your movies! (:

  20. *ooogles at the movies*
    I mean *cough*

    I got The House at the End of the Street this week too :D
    And I watched the film. It was really intriguing. I mean, as a horror it was pathetic but as a thriller mystery? Awesome.
    Looking forward to seeing how the book deals with it all :D

    Enjoy your reads!
    Oh, insanely jealous of what's left of me, just fyi :D

  21. I've only watched one Lord of the Rings film, years ago, and 'popular' seems to be an understatement, so maybe I should watch day. ;) What's Left of Me is one I'm really looking forward to. Enjoy your haul! :)

  22. OOOOH! I just got What's Left of Me delivered in hardback and IT'S SO PRETTY! Can't wait to start it :D

    I haven't watched (or read!) Lord of the Rings either! I attempted to when I was younger, but I can't be too comfortable watching movies, especially at night otherwise I WILL fall asleep! Haha

    OHHH enjoy :)

  23. What's left of meeeeeeeee. I'm so excited to read that one. And I LOVE the movies from LORD <3 Happy reading and watching :D

  24. Yaaaay Lord of the Rings! I'm a huge fan. I have the extended editions on DVD. So glad you're liking them! What's Left of Me sounds awesome too. Happy reading/watching! :)

  25. I am shocked that you haven't watched Lord of the rings til last week!! :O I suppose you'll be ready when 'The Hobbit' comes out this year at the movies :P I see you're currently reading "What's left of me", it sounds good so I hope you enjoy it.

    Sam @

  26. Brodie, I'm so, so jealous that you have BREAKING POINT! It was one of my favourite reads this year and I can not WAIT for the next book. ENJOY girl!


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