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Guest Post: BlogINK finalist Faye shares her fave books + GIVEAWAY!

[This guest post is written by a very special friend of mine; she's been the angel (or devil?) on my shoulder since I was a wee 14 year old first finding my feet in the online writing community. She embraced me with her friendly, British charm, humour and kindness. And now today, I want to not only share with you her amazing taste in books, but also help her win an incredible opportunity with Mira Ink that she so truly deserves! Plus, if you spare literally ONE minute to watch/share her video, you go into the draw to win a Christmas surprise!]

I’m starting this post by giving Brodie a huge thank you! In truth, she has been a big supporter of me, my blog, and my writing for many, many years and so it is so nice to be able to come and write a post for all of her lovely followers today! Did I mention yet how amazing we all know Brodie is? *cough* So, today I have written a post for you about some wonderful books that I love and admire!

It has been said that books are extremely powerful pieces of art and entertainment. They can carry strong messages, allowing those who are struggling through issues to realise that they are not alone. They can be lessons that we learn and can help to shape ourselves within society. It is for all of these reasons that I often find myself loving to read. It is not only an escape, but a new way of looking at the world.

Because of this, I have decided to highlight some of the books that I have read, either growing up or more recently since having this blog, that have affected me in some way; they have reached within me and touched my heart.

1. The Harry Potter Series
It would be honestly impossible to write a post without including this series. Ever since I started reading it, I became instantly attached but not just because the story was so brilliant, but because it helped me. It showed me that there were friends out there who would stand by you and that love can triumph above everything else. It showed me how to be brave and it just simply gave me so many lessons throughout the years I grew up that I can’t help but be a huge fan of the series.
2. Lucas by Kevin Brooks
My favourite single book because it was the first book I read that didn’t have a happy ending. I hated books with happy endings growing up because it didn’t make them seem real to me, how could any of these good things actually happen in real life? In Lucas, Kait simply writes her story as she remembers it, all the good parts and the bad parts and it feels so real and amazing that it helped to teach me that pain is a part of life but that good feelings are always right around the corner.

3. The Noughts and Crosses Trilogy
Aside from these books being absolutely amazingly written and Malorie Blackman just simply being one of the most inspiring writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading, this trilogy also helped me when I was growing up. It taught me that we should never let society stop us from being with who we want to be with. That we can’t help who we fall in love with and that everyone should be treated equally. Of course, it had a lot of darkness and destruction within the book and was emotionally grading for a lot of it, but overall, it taught a lot about humanity and the way we act and it simply helped me.

4. Everything Cecilia Ahern has ever written
Okay, so a bit of a cheat as it was never just one book that has inspired me when it comes to Cecilia Ahern but it would be impossible to choose just one for this post. All of her stories have this most magical feel to them but she also brings about messages of acceptance, friendship, love, imagination and just the idea that anything can be inspiring and amazing if we make it so. She is the writer that I truly aspire to be like.

5. Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid
This story is devastating. Truly and honestly. But it is so inspired too. It holds messages about looking past the outer image, of looking past what is simply obvious on the outside and understanding that everyone carries their own baggage. It is a book about friendship, love, loss and simply learning how to grow and survive within the world. It talks about acceptance and familial love and it is just such a powerful book that it was impossible to read this book and not take some true life lessons from it. 

6. Emerald City by Alicia K. Leppert
Depression is one of those “invisible” illnesses that people who have never had it will never truly understand. They cannot see what would drive someone to suicide, they do not understand why someone would simply refuse to get out of bed or to run away and this book really does a grand job of touching on this subject. It shows how it is possible to fight the depression and to keep things going. It’s a lovely story that actually helped me during a time when I myself was fighting to keep myself from being swallowed by the big black whole of depression.

7. The Kite Runner & Ten Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini 
This man is by far an immense writer and the stories he writes are incredibly inspirational. He details stories of friendship, of torment, and struggles unknown to many and he goes outside of the box to show what love and life can truly be like. His writing is brilliant and his books have always managed to find a special place in my heart and I manage to carry the messages of his stories wherever I go. It is not our place to take things for granted.

8. Faith by Jodi Picoult 
The first book of Jodi’s that I read which made me instantly fall in love with her work. This book talks not just about faith in religion but also faith in each other and faith being able to just help us live this life. It is full of love, friendship and simply an inspiring and magical story that truly touched me. It also opened me up to the rest of Jodi’s work which is all incredibly amazing and brilliant.

9. Speechless by Hannah Harrington 
It would have been impossible to finish this post without mentioning one of my new all-time favourite authors. Hannah has managed to find a way to really tell real stories about real people. This story covers serious topics of bullying, gossiping, fighting and homophobia. Yet it is dealt with so amazingly and has some really great lessons and messages hidden within its text that it would be incredibly difficult to read this book and walk away without thinking about life in general and our roles within it.

10. The Divergent Series 
This story is one that tells the tale of a strong, powerful feminine who is willing to fight for what she believes in. It has a good sense of friendship, hope and love and it is truly an inspiring dystopian series. It is one that I will remember for a long time and one that I would easily be able to reread as well. It shows that when we feel like we’re truly alone in the world, there may just be others around the corner that are like us and are willing to do everything they can to make sure we never feel like we’re alone again.

There are many more books that have touched me over the years, but these are some that will probably forever be carried along with me. Authors who I will always be grateful for as they have helped me in ways that they probably didn’t even realise they were doing at the time. This is why books are so amazing, because while they transport us to another world and another place, they also teach us some amazing, helpful and inspired lessons about the very world we live in and the very lives we lead each and every day.

Books are, in a nutshell, simply magical <3

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  1. You've known Faye since you were 14? Wow, I didn't know that! *imagines you as wee 14 year old* I would have loved to meet young Brodie :D Great post, I've not read many of these books apart from the first two HP books, Speechless and Divergent but I'll definitley look into the rest! Go #TeamFaye!

    1. Yes, go, go find new amazing books! :D
      Thank you so much Rebecca!
      And haha, Brodie hasn't changed much :P SHe's maybe matured a LITTLE but... no... I don't even think she's done that :P


    2. Ahahahaaha! 14 year old Brodie sounds adorable! AND TERRIFYING O__O

  2. Aw, yay for having been online friends for so long! I hope you guys get to meet one day :)

    Thanks for this list of books, Faye! I already had the XO books on my to-read list but have also added Lucas and Black Heart Blue - they sound like books I will really enjoy :)

    Good luck with your competition!

    1. Thanks!

      And yay! I hope you love them like I love them! :D

  3. Ah, I love you both! its so awesome that you are both such good friends! Amazing post Faye! You described my feelings for The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and the Harry Potter series!!!!!! I truly adore the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione and Neville (someone who is more then he appears to be!), Snape (always!) and really all the amazing protagonists strong bravery!
    Must check out Lucas! my first series with an unhappy ending, was the Series of Unfortunate Events. Thanks for the intro to new books Faye! Terrific post!

    1. Yaaay! Glad you liked the post Rach! :)
      Annnnd perfect that I captured your thoughts too! That is always such a brilliant thing to do! Feels pretty swell!
      Yes! Do it!! And I've never read it o_O
      Thank you!! :D

  4. I love your list, Faye! Harry Potter would be right at the top of my choices too. :) Speechless, Divergent and Khaled Hosseini's books are some of my favourites. I haven't read anything Malorie Blackman yet, which makes me feel like a failure of a reader! I've heard such great things about Noughts and Crosses. :)

      If anything, try Boys Don't Cry, it's her newest series and it is so good! :D Her way of writing emotions is <3.

      And Thank Yooou!

  5. Harry Potter! Definitely one of the best series of alltime. I really loved Speechless too! It was really touching and beautifully written. I'll have to check out those other books on your list too ;) PS: Brodie is AMAZING, isn't she?

    Awesome post, Faye ♥ Thanks for sharing it with us! GOOD LUCK! TEAM FAYE!

    1. Hell Yes!! To this entire comment! Thank you Celine, glad you enjoyed! :)


    HARRY POTTER! And JODI PICOULT! Faye, have you read Jodi Picoult's other books? Esp. The Pact, Nineteen Minutes & Vanishing Acts? They're all so inspiring and thought-provoking! I'll have to check out Faith soon<3

    Oh, and GOOD LUCK FAYE!<3

    1. ahhaa, RIGHT??!?

      I have read many of her books, but those three I haven't yet gotten around to, but they're sitting so nicely on my bookshelf! Have you read My Sisters Keeper because that is <33... ten times better than the film! And dooo!

      And thank YOU! :D

    2. OMGG MY SISTER'S KEEPER! That's the first Jodi Picoult book I read :D Absolutely LOVED it!<3 I haven't seen the film yet...movies based on books are never as I probably won't watch it. Eeeee! You have to read those three:D They're my favourite books by Picoult (oh My Sister's Keeper too!!!)

    3. I will make sure that I do then!!
      Annnd... don't! They changed the ending and I was SO angry. Then I understood but AT THE TIME. I was all... NO. lol.

  7. I keep seeing Noughts & Crosses around and so many of my favourite reviewers and bloggers seemed to love it. I really must add it to my tbr pile, asap! Speechless impacted me greatly as well, and Divergent was a great "junk food for the brain" sort of read. I loved Tris. :) Brilliant post!

    1. Yes, I would agree with everyone about Noughts & Crosses. It isn't for everyone though, and the hype has ruined it for some, but personally, I just loved it so much!
      Thank you so much Leanne :)

  8. You like a book specifically because it doesn't have a happy ending?
    Fayezer, you're CRAZY.




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