Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday

Both Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday are weekly features where their respective hosts post a fun question for other readers to answer on their blogs. Then everyone goes blog hopping around the blogosphere to make new friends and discover new blogs. So don't be a Lonely Lucy, hop on over to Friendly Fernando's blog and share your love of reading together!

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books 

This week's question:
What are you reading now and why are you reading it?

I just started reading DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver. I've been reading sooo many AMAZING reviews for this book. If you haven't heard of it, you must have had your head buried under a turtle, because everyone is talking about this! And rightly so, because Lauren Oliver is amazing. I chose to read this not only because I loved her previous debut, Before I Fall, but because the plot for Delirium sounds amazing and based on everyone else's reviews, I'm going to love this!

 Follow Friday is hosted by Rachel at Parajunkee's View

This week's question:

Question to come...


  1. I'm already a follower, but i thought i'd drop by and say hi and happy hopping! :)

  2. Yay! Another Aussie book-blogger *hi-fives* I read Delirium last week before its release and I was absolutely FLOORED by how amazing it was. I really hope you're enjoying it!!!

    Here's my hop and weekly round-up!

  3. Everyone seems to be reading DELIRIUM right now. Hope you enjoy it!

    Hopping by.

  4. I've already commented this on your goodreads, but I'll say it again: I'M SO JEALOUS. haha :) I'm happy that you're enjoying so far, dear. I've heard so many good things about it!

  5. Good answer! The answer on my book blog is a little embarassing; it’s a book that’s been sitting on my TBR pile for a year.

    To my shame, I only opened the book because I remember it contained an Amazon gift card.

    All the sordid details on my book blog –

    Hop on over!

    Howard Sherman

  6. Hopping through. I can't wait to read Delirium!
    My Hop

  7. Hopping by to say have a great weekend!

    Already following :)


  8. I found you on the blog hop and now I'm a follower.
    Happy reading.

  9. I have heard SO many good things about this one, and the blurb sounds amazing, but I've still not read it.

    That cover is so pretty... can't wait for your review :)


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