Friday, March 25, 2011

Author Interview with Marianne de Pierres

I'm very excited to welcome Marianne de Pierres to you all! She's the author of the amazing new YA novel, Burn Bright. You can read my review HERE. I should have asked these questions after I read the book, because it's so full of awesomeness and I would have thought of better things to ask, but there's always book two!

You're a highly successful Australian author with quite a number of adult titles to your name. Burn Bright is your first YA novel - was the transition from adult to teen easy?
I’ve been writing the book over a period of years so it feels like the I’ve been writing for teens for a long time. It wasn’t really a transition but a gentle learning curve.

The world of Ixion sounds incredible - where did that spark of inspiration for the story originate?
I’d been doing a bit of research on nocturnal animal and their habitats and I had a hankering to indulge my inner Goth. Bats and deserted churches and caves all combined to make this eccentric, scary place called Ixion. Then I had to think about who might go there. The story evolved after that.

From the reviews I've read so far, there appear to be a number of moral issues presented. What do you want readers to take away after reading your book?
Foremost, I want my reader to be transported to another place. I want Ixion to be as real as possible to them. After that, it’s really down to the individual how they interact with the text. I’m not moralizing, I’m just throwing up possibilities and situations. My job is to inspire and entertain, not give life lessons. That’s something people learn by themselves.

Burn Bright has one of the most gorgeous covers I've seen among YA books - what was your reaction when you first saw it?
OMG! I fell instantly in love with it. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to connect my work with Jaroslaw Kubicki’s amazing art. It’s a privilege really. It’s so perfect for the book, as is the song that Yunyu wrote for it.

Do you have any fun behind-the-scenes facts to share? (scenes that didn't make the cut, inspirations for particular scenes, funny stories about something that happened while writing, etc)
I did cut one scene, but it was one of the more intense, darker scenes. I felt I had gone too far with it, so it will always stay in my scrap file. Nothing particularly funny happened during the writing of Burn Bright – I don’t think it’s that kind of book. But some very awesome things happened because of the book; including getting to work with musician, Yunyu, who wrote the song to accompany it, and the artist, Catherine Geaney, who created the single cover (Angel Arias) and some of the extras on the website.

In a our own real-life dystopian future where books are banned *horror*, which three books would you risk your freedom to save?
Charlotte’s Web, The Oxford Dictionary, The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Are you currently working on anything (adult or young adult) that you can share with us?
I’m a writer who tends to keep a lot going on at once. I also write crime novels about a psychic investigator called Tara Sharp and I have two of those novels upcoming ( . Then I have the third book in the Night Creatures to write (it’s called Blaze Dark at the moment but that might change). When those three books are written I’m going to start work on another YA series called Emo Trader. It’s a very cool idea about literally trading emotions that I can’t wait to get to.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with us today, Marianne! 
A pleasure talking to you, Brodie!
How awesome does Emo Trader sound? Seriously, that book NEEDS to be published! *wants*

I know a lot of international readers have been asking where they can buy a copy of this. As far as I am aware, physical copies are only available in Australia and New Zealand at the moment. However do some Googling because I know some Aussie online bookshops ship internationally. If you have a Kindle, Amazon have the e-version for sale: 

If you want to see Burn Bright released in your country, spread the word! Seriously, it is an amazing book!


  1. Love the interview!! I'll be doing one soon - along with a giveaway! Can't stop staring at the covers. They're so gorgeous. A research on nocturnal animals and habitats? That sounds fun! But what's more fun is that she fused it into her dystopian/fantasy world!

  2. Great interview, Brodie! This book sounds so lovely, and the cover is just gorrrgeous. I wish I could get my hands on a copy over here. I just might have to order one from overseas! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. Nice review! I'm writing my review...and questions! in time...depends how enthused I am after assignments.

  4. Brodie, because of you, every time I see or hear about an Australian author, I get so excited! And your review for this one was fantastic, can't wait to read it!

  5. I owe you a book. Please email me specifics so I can get it to u at
    (If you've already done this, I"m sorry but I seem to have missed it)\
    Thanks, Beth ;)

  6. Book Depository might also have it. I've never used the site before, but I guess they would have Australian titles for us?

    This was an interesting interview. Thank you for sharing it with us! Also, yes--I need Emo Trader in my life based on that little nugget of information!

  7. Angel Arias was so cool! The cover of Burn Bright is gorgeous; I'm glad that Marianne said who did it because that cover artist deserves props.


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