Friday, March 11, 2011

Contest Craze Mini Challenge: Date with Dean Winchester

If you don't already know, Princess Bookie's annual Contest Craze is beginning once again over on her blog. If the thought of winning free books turns you on, I suggest you check back there often as the month progresses ;)

Anyway, she's hosting a mini-challenge where we post on our blogs a tv or movie character we'd want to date and just how this dream date would progress. So I give you....

Dean Winchester

So if you have any taste you'll have seen or at least heard of the show Supernatural. Two hot brothers hunting down the supernatural?

Dean Winchester is the whole package. He's got the sexy looks perfected, he's funny, sarcastic, confident, loyal to the point where he'll literally sell his soul to save the one's he loves, he can kick serious butt and he's a doting father. To his 1967 chevy impala, of course. You lay one hand on her shiny metal surface and you'll be wondering why your head is suddenly dismembered from your body.

In true Dean Winchester fasion, our date will take place in a  hotel room, with take-out food and pie for dessert. And when the food is gone and we decide to dive into our second 'dessert' - the kind that requires feeding the body in a non-edible manner- we'll suddenly hear a high-pitched, whining noise. Dean will jump off of me the bed to fend off the oncoming angels. But before he gets the chance, Castiel (good-guy-angel for all you non-fans) will swoop in, say one of his unintended-funny-lines and draw a symbol in blood on the wall to blast the other angels out of here. He then decides he wants to become more acquainted with the human mating rituals and I, with my sexy charms, convince a  thoroughly unimpressed Dean that the idea would be a good one. But before we can do more than ruffle Cas' wings, Sam Winchester busts down the door, raving like a lunatic and starts punching into Dean. 

Castiel and I watch in rapt attention as the two brothers beat on each other because like fans of the show, we are sadistically entertained watching the brothers turn on one another. 

But since this is all physical and no emotional angst, I step in between them - the brothers stop instantly as the light of my beauty overpowers them. I ask Sam what the hell is going on to which he responds, while giving Dean the stink eye, that he's suddenly in remorse over Dean killing his manipulative, coniving, we-all-want-her-gone, previous sex-buddy, Ruby - aka demon we hate -  after his bi-polar alter ego Jared Padalecki married the actress who plays her.

Dean starts scoffing down food in an attempt to calm himself and think the situation through. Because this date was only supposed to be with one character, Dean and I quickly regroup before Princess Bookie calls us out on our cheating. We decide we're going to Bobby's to continue our date in the Panic Room where we'll be free from any supernatural-invasion. I also subtly hint that while supernatural a-holes are not welcome, angels who wear trench-coats and brother's who once had an addiction to demon blood are more than welcome to stop by for the nights festivities. So really, the 'official' date is between myself and Dean, it's not our fault that nothing goes to plan in the world of Supernatural.

And if you've actually taken the time to read through my nonesense, I am impressed LOL. If you're not a fan of the show, none of the above probably makes much sense to you and if I have destroyed all your interest in watching the show - please remember I am a moron. Do not let my idiocy stop you from giving this awesome tv show the time it deserves!

And on that note.... I have to go prepare myself for my date.


  1. HAHAHA!! I love it!! Dean is way hot and the whole date sounds exactly like something out of the show!

  2. HAHAHA! I only watched Supernatural through half of Season 5, but that was definitely long enough to understand all of your references. And you're right...Dean and Sam (and Castiel) are all miiiighty fine! Lol.

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! He so would have been my choice too. This is my favorite show and I think you did an awesome job!

  4. LMAO! I just found this now through the awesome power of Link Within. That sounds like a pretty good date to me :)

  5. Every girl want a date with Dean Winchester.


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