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Divergent: One choice can transform you

 One choice can transform you. At 16 years of age, every teenager must make the decision that will forever affect the rest of their lives. Which faction do they choose to devote their life to? Do they stay in the faction they've grown up in with the rest of their family? Or are they meant for something else? Too selfish for Abnegation? Not daring enough for Dauntless?

Braiden and I asked fellow bloggers and authors who've read Divergent to answer: Which faction would you choose? Check out what some of your favourite bloggin' celebs would choose below, but first you must suffer through my answer!

What faction would I choose?

On the official faction quiz, my result was actually Dauntless, but it's not the faction I'd choose!

I'm not nearly brave enough for the crazy things those Dauntless get up to, I'm an excellent liar so Candor would probably spit on in me in disgust, I'm not selfless enough for Abnegation (that last cookie is MINE and I will gnaw off your arm if you take it). So that leaves Erudite and Amity. While I do love learning and the thought of all those books and information just waiting for me to access makes me all kinds of giddy, I'm also lazy. I don't want to learn all the time. It's healthy for the ego to be clueless in some areas. And smart people with evil motives are dangerous, so I wouldn't feel safe at night. So that leaves me with Amity. The peace-loving faction! Considering my twitter username is "peacelovevegan" I'm pretty sure I made up my mind ages ago. The idea of living in a community where people hug and keep the peace and sit around camp fires sprinkling fairy-dust in each others hair (complete guesswork there on my behalf), I'm all for that. But I have a feeling Veronica is going to add some sinister edge to the Amity folk in book two. Don't you ruin my fairytale, Roth!

What other readers chose...

If I had to make a decision on what faction to live in in a Divergent world I think I would pick Amity (the peaceful).  I'm not sure if it's the book itself that's made me come to this conclusion because of the events that happened, but I think being peaceful would be the easiest and the lifestyle I would most prefer.  The thing is, if I were living through some events like they are in Divergent I'm not sure if I could be peaceful.  If I could sit back and do nothing.  Assuming they do nothing, I guess we don't know. 

Ideally there wouldn't be factions because no one can be just one thing.  You can't say that your Abnegation (selfless) but you can't be Erudite (intelligent).  Why can't you be both?!  So I guess making a decision is near impossible.
- Candace from Candace's Book Blog

 While the five fractions seem appealing - because each and every human possesses these different qualities - but I would have to choose the Dauntless. To be brave it requires the most heart; you can be brave to be wrong, brave when you're scared, brave when you're trying, and you can even be brave when you're simply being honest. It takes a lot of self-sacrifice and knowledge altogether, and while the Dauntless fraction can be pretty extreme in their tactics . . . but what's wrong in facing your fears? Eventually, you'll have to face everything that brings you down in order to become a stronger and a more independent person.

 I think if I had to choose a faction to belong to, it would be Erudite. I've always been curious, even as a kid, and I've never settled for just accepting the answer someone else has told me. I'm always asking questions, always searching for more answers, and if I don't know something, I get on my laptop and research it (I'd be lost without Google). I don't think you necessarily have to be some genius in order to be in Erudite, you just have to want to know things. And I think that describes me best. Plus, there's no way I could ever be in Candor or Dauntless or Abnegation. Telling the truth all the time would be torture, I can't even watch horror movies they scare me so much, so bravery is out, and selflessness? That'd mean much less reading time! There's always Amity, but it sounds boring, if I'm honest. So Erudite is is!

- Liz from Planet Print

I'd love to say I'd be the building-jumping, face-punching, tattoo-getting Dauntless, but if I'd had to choose as a teen, I would have been Erudite.  That's right--you'd better be careful how much you believe of what I write...

- Kiesten White, author of Paranormalcy

 First off, Divergent is my new favorite book. I love it more and more the more that I think about it. I have been shamelessly promoting it and get all fan-girly whenever I read a review for this book. I think that everyone should read it and love it like I do.

If I had to choose a faction, I think I'd have to go with Amity. It sounds super corny, but I'm a bit of a peace-loving liberal who would love nothing more than to live a Peace Corps type of life. I know that these Amity folks come off as a little crazy in the book, but I still found that I identified with their urge to help others more than any of the other factions. 

- Mrs. DeRaps from DeRaps Reads

So I've come to the conclusion that I would be Divergent - and not because it's cool or the right thing to say, but because I have bits of all factions in me, but I don't belong to just one.

- Lynsey from Narratively Speaking

Visit Braiden's blog to see which faction Beth Revis and other people in the blogging world chose!

Which faction would YOU choose?
Let me know in the comments!
Or take the faction quiz and see where you're most suited for!
Abnegation - selfless
Dauntless - brave
Erudite - intelligent
Amity - peaceful
Candor - honest

Don't forget to order your copy of Divergent!
Read it and see for yourself why this is going to be THE NEXT BIG THING!!


  1. I got dauntless...but I don't think I would be aha. I'd hope to be erudite I think...but maybe that's being a touch arrogant!

  2. I got Amity in the quiz ironically that’s what I chose. And even the description of it on the quiz seemed similar to my lengthy response that I wrote.

  3. I got Dauntless on the quiz, so I think I choose the right one when I made my comment (up there!)

    :) Great post Brodie! As always.

  4. Wow - there's a real selection there of picks! Amity seems the most popular - I feel a bit evil now for choosing Erudite :P. This post was a great idea - and it makes me want to re-re-read Divergent...

  5. I'm really looking forward to reading this book! :)

    Interesting review,



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