Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Divergent: Win 1 of 6 copies!

With release date nearly upon us, Braiden (That Boy Needs Therapy) and I thought we'd do a few posts to get you all even more excited for this incredible novel. If you've read my review and Braiden's,  you'll see how much we LOVED this book. I do not make such statements lightly. DIVERGENT IS FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! If you like your dystopians, you're going to be drooling over this baby.

We'll be having a couple of Divergent-related posts over the next few days on both our blogs, so make sure you check them out!

Tomorrow: Veronica's editor, Molly O'Neill gives us a peek behind the scenes of Divergent!

And thanks to the absolutely gorgeous Eliza of Harper Collins Australia, between us we have SIX copies of Divergent to giveaway!! 3 on my blog, 3 on Braiden's. Unfortunately though, these copies are limited to Australia only. Sorry! If you have an Aussie address we can send it to, please do enter!

To win 1 of 3 brand new copies of Divergent:
Australia only.
Automatic entry for entering, extra entries for following our blogs and advertising.
Ends April 30th 2011

Enter mine then head over to Braiden's blog for another chance to win 1 of 3 copies!


  1. LOVE this book. I'm not in Australia, but the giveaway looks fantastic!

  2. Freaking lucky!! Everywhere I go (on the blogosphere!) there's an Aussie only giveaway for Divergent!

    That's cool though, you Australians deserve it for being oh, so cool! Except you Brodie. You suck ;P <3

  3. Great giveaway! For once, us Aussies get something ;) Go Brodie!

    I won't enter though since I've already got my copy coming LOL.

  4. Thanks Brodie, for the opportunity to win a copy of Divergent. Hopefully more of our Aussie Goodreads members will also enter!

  5. This book is hands down one of my top 5 favorite books. Not only was the plot thrilling and creative, the characters were not at all flat, with the exception of a few, and you could really feel their emotions. You could really see Tris struggling against her instinct and what she knew was the right thing, and feel what was happening in the subconscious part of her mind even when she couldn't, especially when she was trying to decipher her feelings for a certain individual who I won't name. There were so many interesting twists that all fit together into a fabulous story!


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