Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Die For Me

Author: Amy Plum
Release Date: May 5th 2011
Publisher: Harper Teen / Hachette Australia
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My life had always been blissfully, wonderfully normal. But it only took one moment to change everything.
Suddenly, my sister, Georgia, and I were orphans. We put our lives into storage and moved to Paris to live with my grandparents. And I knew my shattered heart, my shattered life, would never feel normal again. Then I met Vincent.
Mysterious, sexy, and unnervingly charming, Vincent Delacroix appeared out of nowhere and swept me off my feet. Just like that, I was in danger of losing my heart all over again. But I was ready to let it happen.
Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Because Vincent is no normal human. He has a terrifying destiny, one that puts his life at risk every day. He also has enemies . . . immortal, murderous enemies who are determined to destroy him and all of his kind.
While I'm fighting to piece together the remnants of my life, can I risk putting my heart—as well as my life and my family's—in jeopardy for a chance at love?

Following the tragic death of their parents, Kate and her sister Georgia have just moved to Paris to live with their grandparents. It doesn't take long for Kate to set eyes on three absolutely gorgeous young men in the same cafe as her. Yes, we've read plenty of those paranormal books where girl meets hot guy, he has a supernatural secret and they fall in love. But what sets apart the books that could potentially up as another cliched love story is amazing characters, awesome mythology and beautiful writing. Thankfully, Amy Plum has managed to succeed in all three!

I loved the way Kate and Vincent's relationship was developed! They have such a great connection with one another. You could see an actual friendship there within the relationship - rather than just one of those intense 'I love you, I'm going to stop eating and sleeping just so I can devote my entire existence to you!' bonds that happen super-fast in some books. I mean, they did fall for each other pretty quickly, but there was playful bantering and teasing, a genuine attraction to the other that heated up. And some sexy kissy scenes. Throughout the novel they grew closer (how could you not with such a beautiful backdrop as Paris?) and it was such a sweet and romantic relationship. J'adore!

Vincent, Jules and Ambrose were all so CHARMING! Every single one of them... these guys will make a girl fall. Vincent certainly lived up to expectations, he was fantastic. A fun, playful, flirty, charming, sexy gentleman who also is pretty badass with fighting and has this layer of dangerous intensity to him.  More of these guys in book two, si? Wait... that's Italian. I mean... oiu? ouiWee? Crap.

The supernatural element was awesome. I loved how they could take on a humourous side while trying to explain it to Kate. The Revenants are such a cool idea and while the general 'undead' aspect has been explored in many different forms before, Amy has refreshed the walking dead with her own original spin that I really enjoyed seeing come to fruition.  And the best part? They don't have a craving for human flesh! Or human blood. Or any part of human body expect maybe to nibble on a few luscious lips.... okay, that was totally Kate and Vincent's influence there *shoves them both into a cold shower*. *er... separate cold showers*

The seed of love that was already planted within me for the beautiful Paris was watered and tended to by Stephanie Perkins in Anna and the French Kiss and now it's fully sprung to life after reading Die For Me. Amy really makes use of the amazing setting, which adds a beautifully romantic atmosphere to the novel. And the novel's own mythology adds a dangerous element to Paris. The setting and plot complimented each other perfectly.

Die For Me was a thoroughly captivating novel that will appeal to all lovers of paranormal romance with a gorgeous atmosphere, intriguing mythology, sweet love story and characters who had me sighing and laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I can't wait to return to this fantastic world in the sequel!

Rating: 4/5


  1. I loved your review! I can't wait to read this! Paris is so romantic!

  2. Great review! I can't wait to read this. :)

  3. Great review! Oh i'm so excited to read this! :)

  4. Great review! Loved this book too! Especially Vincent!

  5. Very good review!
    You made me want to read it! :)

  6. I was honestly put off by this book, because of the cover. It just looks like every other paranormal romance book out there!
    But now that I've read a couple reviews (yours was funny-btw) I think I may pick it up when my local library has it.

    New follower =)

  7. OUIIIII! I mean, WEEEEEE!! ;) Die For Me sounds absolutely fantastic!! I would read it for the hot boys alone. But I've really gotta stop acting like I'm drowning in hormones for every book with a hot guy!

    I finished ANNA last week so the allure of reading another book set in Paris is really strong. Plus the boys already have their claws hooked in me. Am I talking about boys again? Jeez!

    They don't have a craving for human flesh? BLASPHEMY! I bet your sighing in relief eh? Well don't. You know I'm going to eat you one day.

    But Paris and the hot boys are calling to me. I'm still going to read Die For Me, even though they don't eat human flesh *insert eye roll*

  8. Thank you for the review. I have seen this book mentioned in quite a few places, but now you have convinced me that I definitely need to read it.


  9. Ooh, sounds great! I'm really looking forward to reading this now, after you review. Plus, set in Paris? It has to be good :P. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the great review!

  10. Thanks for the review, I enjoyed this one too.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  11. I'm reading this one now, and so far, I like it, though it hasn't really astounded me or anything yet. Then again, I'm only about halfway through, so who knows?


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