Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spread The Awesome #2

A weekly feature in which I spread the awesome about something I'm in love with at the moment. Whether it's a book, piece of news, person in the blogging/writting/publishing community - anything that is awesome and remotely related to reading. There can never be too much 'lovefesting' in the world :)

This week is more of a personal awesome I want to spread. If you read my review for Bryony Pearce's debut novel, Angel's Fury, you know that I loved the book. Anyway, the other night I received an email from Bryony asking if her editor could add some of my comments to the cover of Angel's Fury alongside other reviewers when it goes to print. How flipping cool is that?! My actual name won't be printed, but I don't care. I know the comments are mine! Does blogging get much better than that? I started blogging because, for over a year, I'd been following these fantastic bloggers and became immersed in the most amazing community of readers and wanted to share my thoughts on books too. Never did I think I would get such cool perks to this hobby.

So that's my AWESOME of the week! Totally made my day. And that just gives you one more reason to buy yourself a copy of Angel's Fury when it's released in July! If you want something new and original that will haunt you for weeks after reading, I can't recommend this enough!

Add it: Goodreads

What's your awesome of the week?


  1. Maybe I can get this and try for that achievement too :p

  2. Congrats Brodie! I'm so happy for you! :) This is a wonderful start in your blogging career! We both got our blurbs used. XD I'll post the images this weekend!

  3. I just added this book to my TBR list! It sounds like a really great book :) Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  4. Thanks Brodie, I wish we could have used your name! Maybe next time.
    Angel's Fury is going to the printer this week - strange to think that all those books are being 'born' soon ...


    That's soo cool! You totally deserve it though. Who wouldn't wanna read a book with your blurb on it?? I'm even more anxious to get Angel's Fury now! If I ever meet you Brodie, I'm ganna make you sign my copy LOL


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