Saturday, April 30, 2011

Surviving the zombie apocalypse #2

I was in the mood for a 'month in review', so I decided to do a second monthly zombie apocalypse post. My first was back in January and since the zombies have not yet attacked and we are all still very much alive, I figure it's time to refresh my plan. And since I have my own personal zombie-like creature with a particular taste for my flesh *cough* Honey @ Sniff Books, Not Drugs *cough* I really feel the need to better equip myself. 

Surviving the zombie apocalypse #2

Using only the books I've read in the last month, I will answer these critical questions should the Zombie Apocalypse call on us early.

I have read 7 books this month, not including my current read since there is no way I'm going to finish that just now. I've been super slow reading lately. I haven't used all the books I've read, but here goes

Zombie's are invading in mass numbers. Which 3 characters do I take on the run with me?
Luca (Cascade) - He's a 14th century knight; badass with a sword and he'll give me a laugh in these dark times. Plus he's so charming. Seriously,  he'll be fighting off a zombie gnawing on his ribcage and still manage to flirt with the pretty young damsel he's protecting (that's me). How can I resist that?

Fade (Enclave) - the guy is already adept at battling zombie-like creatures! With his fighting skills, I have more hope than I ever imagined of surviving. True, I could have went with Deuce, who is just as capable, but Fade has a Y chromosome and clearly I'm thinking with my X chromosome tonight.

Jacinda (Firelight) - She's a fire breathing draki! Can fire kill zombies? Surely it must? She can huff and puff and blow their stinking flesh across the city. Although I bet the zombie-virus festers with heat and then all the zombitis germs will be clogging up the air from the mass of flesh-eaters she incinerated and she''ll breathe it in and morph into this hybrid human-draki-zombie. Hudrambie. A flying, fire-breathing human with a taste for flesh? Why does it seem like I'm making the world die even faster in my plans?

Where would we hide out?
The Underworld (Abandon)! Only temporarily, mind you, don't go getting any ideas John Hayden. I'd rather hang out with mournful souls lining up for judgement rather than rotting corpses hell bent on eating my delectable brains.

What object or weapon would I take with me?  
It's a tie between taking Jake Tolan's (Saving June) van named Joplin, because it has a cool name and stocked with a crap ton of music (his taste is are widely varied, so there'd be at least one song fitting for the car chase through zombieville) OR doing a trade with the hunters and acquiring some draki skin/blood since it has healing properties.. super helpful in times like these. What? WHAT?! Okay, Jacinda. Get that "I'm going to tear your throat out, you heartless animal" look off your face. I don't like the idea either, but this is the end of the world and if I'm taking two hot men with me, I'll be damned if I'm going to die and leave them to your womanly prowess!

Who would I sacrifice to the zombies as a peace offering or attempt at distracting them while I run the hell out of dodge?
Lord Paratore from Cascade. Why? He's a jerk! It's a fitting fate.

Which one book from the past month would I save?
I hate these questions, they suck. WHY ONLY ONE?! Agh. Cascade!

Which author from the past month's books would I save? 
Oh man... oh man.... um. Amy Plum! Her books are set in PARIS, people. I will force her to sit in a corner and write new stories set in the beautiful city of romance with yours truly as the protagonist with hot French guys fighting over me. If I'm saving her from being eaten, it's the least she can do! Oh and I suppose the fact that she's a sweetheart also influences my decision.

Do I think we'll survive?
Not counting the hudrambie, Jacinda, possibly roasting us all with her in-built oven and then devouring us - I'd say yeah, we have a pretty good chance. We have skilled fighters, a getaway vehicle with music to set the soundtrack to our zombie war, entertainment in the form of Lord Paratore being eaten and Amy having hot men whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Of course, we're all going to starve to death since our hideout is the home of the dead and food may be scarce, but eh, that's so not a priority right now.

What about you? Using characters, objects or settings from books you've read in the past month - do you think you'd survive the zombie apocalypse?

So if I'm bored again this time next month and want to write stupid posts, any ideas for future questions? Maybe I'll do an alien invasion, rather than zombies, since aliens are probably smarter and pose more of a threat. Having brains is dangerous - whether used for knowledge or food.  
Nom nom.


  1. LOL this was *so* entertaining..what a good idea!!! loved this post.

  2. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! THANK YOU BRODIE, YOU DUMB LITTLE LIVING HUMAN! YOU'VE REVEALED ALL YOUR PLANS TO ME! There's no way you're going to survive the zombie apocalypse now!

    You've known all along that I would spark the zombie apocalypse, what with my love for your yummy flesh. It's going to be much easier than I thought, now that I know exactly who and what you plan on bringing to survive.

    All I need to do now is read all of these books to find the weaknesses of the characters! I already know yours: BOOKS. HARRY POTTER. MUAHAHAHA

    Great post Brodie, so fun!!

  3. Thank you, Cait! :D

    Honey: My plan changes monthly, PMEG. By the time you read all of these books and set your plan in motion, I'll have a new plan for surviving and the element of surprise over your decaying backside. AND DON'T BRING HARRY POTTER INTO THIS! No one uses my Potter love against me!

  4. can't wait to read CASCADE! I loved Luca in the first book in that series :)


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