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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Fictional Couples

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish who are this week asking: 'Top Ten Tuesday Rewind -- Pick a past Top Ten Tuesday that we've done that you didn't get a chance to participate in.'

Seeing as this is my first time participating, I get free reign of them all! I KNOW I wrote a ton, but I couldn't help myself!

Favourite Fictional Couples in Books

Ron and Hermione -  Harry Potter series
They will always be one of my all-time favourites. We watched them grow up together, fight and make up more times than I can count, their bantering, their jealousy (like Ron's irrational jealousy in Half Blood Prince over a kiss between Hermione and Krum that happened TWO YEARS ago, so he gets all pissed and then starts getting it on with Lavender Brown... gosh I love Ron). They're just such polar opposites but they WORK. I absolutely love their friendship/relationship. When it all finally came to a head in the Room of Requriement in Deathly Hallows - WHO DIDN'T CHEER?!

 "Hermione, you are honestly the most wonderful person I've ever met," said Ron weakly, "and if I'm ever rude to you again --"
"--I'll know you're back to normal," said Hermione.

Katniss and Peeta - The Hunger Games trilogy
The girl who was on fire and the boy with the bread. Katniss and Peeta have an incredible bond and a history that began the first time he ever heard her sing. They've been through a shocking ordeal together and the devastation of what they've witnessed and endured is one of the things that help bring them together, but it's their own individual characters that draw the other in. There was something so real and precious about Katniss and Peeta's relationship throughout the series. In the end, he's the one who gives her hope, something to hold onto, some glimmer of life for the future.

"You love me, real or not real?"
I tell him, "Real."

Tris and Four - Divergent
It wasn't an instantaneous connection between these two and that was fantastic because as the story moved on, as we were caught up in the action and intrigue and astonishment of this incredible novel, we saw the connection slowly begin to form. The respect, the attraction, the strength. One particular moment that I loved was Four letting down his guard in front of Tris - allowing her to see his weaknesses and vulnerabilities. He's a strong character both physically and emotionally, but that involves a different kind of strength, to let someone in. They were incredible and I loved every bit of seeing their relationship grow and I'm so excited to see it deepen more in the sequel!

My stomach writhes, partly because I know he makes a good point but I don't want to admit it, and partly because I want something I don't know how to express; I want to press against the space between us until it disappears.

London and Luke - Forgotten
This is such a beautiful relationship. I don't know if it's the fact that Luke is the sweetest thing to ever walk, talk and breathe simultaneously, the uniquely stunning plot that draws them together or just simply because of the beautiful writing of Cat Patrick. But they work so well, they have such a truly sweet and genuine connection. I love them together!

 And then, before I can worry about what he's doing, Like leans over and kisses me.  Barely there at first,  then more purposeful, the kiss is soft and electric at the same time. It's so perfect that, before it's over, I'm heartbroken that I won't remember it.

Rose and Dimitri - Vampire Academy series
I LOVE Adrian, don't get me wrong. But it was always meant to be Rose and Dimitri. Their relationship is so strong and equal and let's face it, they're pretty badass on their own. But together? Badassness to the EXTREME. I love the scene where they have to physically fight each other in the field experience tests. They have been through so many trials, so many complications and so much heartache. We cheered on their forbidden relationship, hoping someday it could develop into something more and then just when we're given the kind of hope we craved - it was snatched away from us. RICHELLE MEAD IS AN EVIL GENIUS.

"What?" I asked uneasily. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
He shook his head, the smile rueful now. "Because sometimes, a person can get so caught up in the details that they miss the whole. It's not just the dress of the hair. It's YOU. You're so beautiful. So beautiful, it hurts me."

Anna and Etienne - Anna and the French Kiss
The sexual tension between these two is currently generating my household electricity. I no longer have to pay the bills, just by having Anna and the French Kiss sitting in my bookshelf, I'm powering my whole house... heck, maybe even my neighbours are leeching off it! I loved the push and pull of their relationship. There's a solid friendship right at the foundation. Throughout the year they grew closer and you're just waiting, waiting, WAITING for that kiss to happen, that moment where it all comes together but oh does Stephanie Perkins make you work for it. And you eat up every minute of it. 

"Closed. Plenty of time to see it later, remember?" He leads me into the courtyard, and I take the opportunity to admire his backside. Callipygian. There is something better than Notre-Dame."

Marcello and Gabi - River of Time series
They have such a deep, respectful bond. On their own, they're two capable, headstrong characters and together they manage to compliment each other perfectly. He's a 14th century Italian knight, she's a 21st century girl used to women rights. I loved to watch their relationship grow, Gabi was this fascinating new oddity in his era and what I liked so much was that he respected her 'girl power'. Yes, he wanted to keep her safe and protected and certainly didn't want a girl, particularly one he had feelings for, wielding a sword in the middle of battle, but the She-Wolf of Siena does what she wants :)

We froze. Neither of us moving, simply staring at each other, wondering if the other was going to move first.
"You are," he whispered, "uncommonly stirring."

Violet and Jay - The Body Finder
How can I not have these two? They've been childhood friends and then suddenly Violet began seeing her best friend in a whole new light. HE GOT HOT. And so we watched as their relationship began to grow into something more, more than just friends, they took those tentative steps into this whole new arena and it was so sweet and romantic. Not sure what they're like in Desires of the Dead, but I'm getting a copy soon!

And then he kissed her. Gently. Softly. Not on the lips, as she'd imagined so many times before, but on her forehead.
The gesture was sweet and a little possessive.
Violet hoped, maybe, it was a start.

Snape/Lily/James - Harry Potter series
Sure, we never got to see as much of the Marauders era as we did the trio's (although J.K  Rowling seriously needs to write another set of books from the Marauders POV!), but I love what this relationship brought to the series. I loved the way Lily and James came together - she hated him in the beginning and he, ever that cocky Quidditch player was always trying to gain her favour. They grew up and eventually love happened. Yet Snape's lifelong love for Lily is so tragic and heartbreaking, despite the fact that the guy has a terrible attitude, it really touches your heart. He loved her so much that still, 17 years after her death, regardless of how much he hated James, he's secretly fighting to keep her son alive. He's sacrificed a lot, all in the name of love. Take that Voldy!  And his patronus is still.... *oh sniff*.

"After all this time?" 

Who are your favourite fictional couples?


  1. Definitely agree with Hermione/Ron, Rose/Dimitri, and the last one with Snape/Lily/James.

    I love Ron and Hermione together, but I must admit I thought it was hilarious when Ron was with Lavender Brown. It's been awhile since I read the book though, I mainly remember them in the movie and that cracks me up every time. "oh Won Won."

    I think it's a good call with Lily, Snape, and James. That would be awesome to read about their story and experience their dynamics together in present form and not via another generation.

    I'm a little iffy about Katniss and Peeta. I think it could have gone either way, Katniss going well with either of the boys, but maybe I'm just attributing that to my disappointment to the end of the series.

  2. I am not familiar with most of the characters on your list, but I agree wholeheartedly with Katniss and Peeta. :)

  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that felt heartbroken for Snape's love for Lily. It was so tragic. Snape is one of favourites in HP.

  4. I'm not sure who my favorite couples are but yours are great! You reminded me of couples I didn't even consider as couples in the traditional sense. Snape/Lily/James

    Great list.

  5. Great choices! I would love to read about the Marauders. Interestingly enough I believe J.K. Rowling said that she finished it the way she did so she wouldn't have to write any more... personally I think she left it wide open for a new series.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  6. Agree 100% with Ron/Hermione, Rose/Dimitri, Anna/Etienne and Lily/Snape/James.

    And the quote I love best - and made me cry even reading it here?

    "After all this time?"

    Check out my Top Tuesday @ my blog!

  7. Great choices. It makes me want to go back and read some of these novels.

    I love Rose and Dimitri and I was speechless at the end of the third novel.

  8. Snape's tragic love for Lily makes me cry just thinking about it... they are truly one of the most incredible fictional pairings (or rather pairings that never were).

    Love what you said about Anna and the French Kiss powering your house! I really need to read that book! Anyway, awesome list. :)

  9. It was sooooo much fun cheering for Ron and Hermione! Nice commentary.

  10. Brilliant choices! Rose and Dimitri are my all time favourite couple, so I'm so glad that you included them!
    Violet and Jay are just as wonderful in Desires of the Dead!
    I feel like crying whenever I think of Lily/Snape - I can't get over how much he loved her. It's beautiful.

    Books of Amber

  11. Great picks and good reads.

    Come by and see mine and my giveaways.

  12. HAha take that Voldy!
    Great choices! Many of these couples are from books I have read - and they definitely make my top list as well! The other couples I really want to know more about! So putting some books on my wishlist right now ;)

  13. Katniss/Peeta & Violet/Jay are my top favorites! Great choice :)

  14. New follower here.
    Great list! Love your choices.

    Reading Lark's Top 10 Tuesday

  15. Violet and Jay from The Body Finder is a definite. But I think I'm the only one in the entire world opposed to Katniss and Peeta. I don't know why, but I just felt more comfortable with her being with Gale. They were just so natural!

    Also, I've just started a YA review blog. If you have time, stop by :)

    Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads

  16. YES! I love your list. With Ron and Hermione it was like FINALLY! It happened so perfectly too. Deathly Hallows was made of so much awesome, but that was definitely one of my favorite moments.

    Tris and Four! ZOMG! I just finished Divergent a few days ago, so I'm still swooning over that swooniness. It was so deliciously agonizing just WAITING for it to happen. Gah! *swoons*

    And I had actually forgotten about that line from Anna, so I was rolling on the floor laughing over here. I seriously need to re-read that one soon. It was SO sweet and hilarious!

  17. Ron and Hermione :) :) Seriously the best fictional couple!!!
    But I'd go with James and Lily only, James Potter seems totally adorable!! :D
    Nice list!!
    Here's mine: http://peskypiksipesternomi.blogspot.com/2011/04/top-ten-tuesday-1.html


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