Thursday, May 26, 2011

Armchair BEA Day 4: Nurturing Relationships

This post was so hard for me to write. We're supposed to highlight one relationship formed from blogging (whether that be with a blogger, publisher, author, etc). But I have met so many amazing people in the blogging community, that I honestly can't just single one person out.  So I decided on two... then three.. then four and okay, I'm going to mention 6 fantastic bloggers who I'm delighted to have as friends! I also wanted to spread the love for the awesome gals with all you guys. I will try to keep it short!

Honey @ Sniff Books, Not Drugs - We first met through our obsessive spamming on a comment-contest from Liyana Land (who I also love!). And then we got back in contact when she started blogging. I freaking love her. She's all kinds of crazy awesome and honestly one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. And hilarious. She makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Precious @ Fragments of Life -  The girl who made it all happen! She encouraged me to start blogging and I could not be more grateful to her for it. We chat all the time about all the goings on in the blogging community and books we love. She has such a genuine, sweet personality and of course, kickass taste in books! Whatever is churning through the Phillippines drinking water, it's GOOD because the people are so nice!

Kai @ Amaterasu Reads - Speaking of networking, I met Kai through Precious! They're both Phillippines bloggers and because of their combined greatness, I so need to visit there someday! Kai and I are frenemies. She's awesomely cool, but we regularly fight on the battle-field for fictional hotties. She is way too greedy for her own good. *draws sword* All is fair in love and war!

Lisa @ Read Me, Bookmark Me, Love Me - We met years ago on a fan forum for the tv show Supernatural. So we first bonded over a sexy pair of brothers who hunt down monsters and now we bond over our love of YA books! We have very similiar taste in books, not to mention she honestly rocks and is a fellow Aussie!

Erin @ Tales of Inner Book Fanatic - My Vampire Academy homegirl haha. And another fellow Aussie blogger who I first started following on twitter because of her VA pimpage and love of all other things I love!  She's an inspiring writer, so watch out for her bestsellers in the future!

Liz @ Planet Print - Liz and I are both co-hosting (as is Honey, -above- and two other bloggers) a Harry Potter celebration in July, so we got talking through emails and we have so much in common! That girl has ridiculously good taste in books and tv ;) She's such a fun person to talk to!

So yes, I cheated. I couldn't name ONE. I would never be able to choose. I have met so many other amazing people throughout the book community and had the incredible luck to chat with some insanely cool authors and publicists. It never fails to amaze me how FRIENDLY this community is! I love them all to bits and if they ever kick me out of their club, I will have an emotional breakdown.

My tips for 'connecting and building these relationships'? 

Twitter is like the school playground for all the bloggers to go eat lunch and mingle amongst friends after they've finished their schoolwork (ie; blog posts. Except way more fun than actual school work). There is such a huge community of  bloggers, authors, publishers, etc on twitter and it's so much fun interacting with them or else just lurking in the background stalking (totally not creepy, Twitter Stalk is all the craze these days).

Godreads, of course. My bookish haven. It's everything you could want in a book community surrounded by people who share similiar interestes to you. It's a great way to socialise with other readers.

Don't hide or lurk in the background - if you like someone, go follow them on twitter or goodreads, comment on some posts, join in on weekly meme's like Waiting on Wednesday or Book Blogger Hop or participate in a blog hop (just as we're doing through Armchair BEA!). You might make an amazing new friend!

How have you formed relationships with your fellow bloggers? Any awesome people you've met that you want to spread the love for? Throw a link to their blog in the comments!


  1. Awwww thanks for mentioning me! <3

  2. Aww.. *hugs* Thanks Brodie! :) I'm so honoured to be mentioned. I so told you that you can blog! *crosses arms* but you wouldn't believe me in the beginning. Lol! ;) Kickass taste in books! Takes one to know one, right?

  3. Aww Brodie, I love you too! *hugs*

    I can't believe Honey participated in one of Liyana's contests too! Wow, Liyana sure knows how to pick em ;)

  4. GoodReads and Twitter are two sites/services I use on a daily basis. Twitter's like an old partyline phone.

    Rather than talk about bookstores, publishers or bloggers, I'm talking about volunteering. Come see what I mean.

  5. twitter was definetly responsible for me becoming a blogger. By visting all the sites and then finding the wonderful @parajunkee to design it I really found more Authors, publishers and fellow bloggers reaching out to me.

  6. I love, love, love Twitter! So much so that my phone absolutely despises TweetCaster now and will on occasion close out the app. :P I completely agree with you (about not hiding/lurking)! If you don't put yourself out there, you'll never get the "full" blogging experience--and as far as that goes, it's great! Love making new blogging friends, following new blogs, chatting on Twitter, discussing books, and getting to know authors! :D

    Also, oh my goodness am I guilty of rambling in e-mails too! xD School has programmed me to be lengthy though, so breaking the habit is proving to be quite difficult. :P Great post! <3

  7. Great post. Thanks for sharing with us. I heart she is one my BFFs and always has amazing insight on the book blogging world.

  8. I spend way too much time on Twitter! Nice list of bloggers, they're all new to me.

  9. WHAT?!? BRODIE. You're kidding, right? I'M ON THIS LIST?!??!? YOU'RE TOO SWEET!!

    I already follow a couple of the other bloggers mentioned and I will definitely check out the ones that I don't! If they've recognized your awesomeness, then they just be pretty darn awesome themselves!

    I totally agree with you (when don't I?) about Twitter. Twitter is an amazingly efficient way to get the word out and make new friends. Don't know where my blog would be without it! And Goodreads <3 It's like Facebook for us bookish people!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting me on this list! You already know how much I love you <3

  10. Hi Brodie, love your post, you did an awesome job. :-) I like twitter, but I'm still catching the hang of it. I was a FB diehard, but I'm gravitating to Twitter more and more. I love twitter parties, I meet the most twitter pals that way.

    Goodreads is great. I need to learn how to get in and get out. I go there and before long I've been posting and lurking for hours. So I've yet to find a balance there, but I'm working on it.

    Didn't seem like your post was hard, it seemed effortless.

  11. I'm a new blogger and I love your tip about Twitter. I've been able to connect with a lot of bloggers, authors, and publishers.

  12. I'm seriously ADDICTED to twitter now, and I blame the book blogging community ;). I've loved being able to meet and get to know people through our blogs, twitter, and goodreads! So much fun... and I think my husband is a little jealous :). ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  13. I agree! Start commenting so they know you exist, and you might develop a relationship!

  14. I agree that Twitter is a great way to connect. I don't use Goodreads enough.

  15. I might be the last person to comment on this post because I'm hecka cool, and not because I just saw this today. *cough*

    HAH! I GOT MENTIONED FOR MY INNATE KINDNESS AND GENERAL AWESOMENESS! *coughs again* Didn't I tell you to come over and visit? I thought you're swimming over from Australia to Manila? :D

    Kidding aside, I have to agree with you about Twitter. It helped me TONS in building a great relationship with a lot of people, readers and bloggers alike. Don't be afraid to talk to people! Great post, Brodie!


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