Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kryptonite has weakened me from reading!

I've been really slacking on blogging/reading stuff this week. I've barely commented anywhere, I've read all of two chapters in the past 5 days and my Google Reader is seriously scaring me with that huge number of unread posts. I've been distracted - I've nearly finished watching the entire season 9 of Smallville in less than a week. All my spare time has gone into catching up - what are my chances of watching 19 episodes of season 10 before the 2 hour finale on Friday? (Well, Saturday in my time zone). I think if I continue my book/blog deprevation, I can do it!

I have two reviews nearly ready for posting, at least I have something remotely bookish to post. But yeah, I will get to reading blogs and commenting and burying my nose in Bloodspell (vampires and witches?! Hell yes!) very soon. I must finish my Smallville lovefest first. Since the upcoming finale is the final episode ever! Aussie tv is behind so I've taken it into my own hands to catch up. I'm really loving season 9. Anyone else a fan? I LOVE the Lois/Clark developments this season. They have such great chemistry.  Way more entertaining than Clark/Lana. Books or tv  - I'm a sucker for romance.

Might I also add, Callum Blue plays an excellent Zod! But seriously? He can freaking fly within days of getting his powers but after 9 seasons Clark STILL CAN'T?!  Glad I still have another season to watch, sad that I won't have any more new episodes after that :(

Alright, well I'm sure this post is boring for those who have no interest in the show. So I'm going to go watch the season 9 finale and then super speed through season 10!


  1. Don't worry! I'm doing the same exact thing with Vampire Diaries! I need to catch up with the last 10 episodes before the finale on Thursday!

  2. I've always been a huge Smallville fan! Honestly, my heart still pings for Lana and Clark's loss because their romance was always about forbidden love. Lois is great for Clark, though, because she makes him a better man than Lana could - embracing his destiny and all. Although, there have been a few things that the writers have conveniently glossed over with Lois's relationship with Clark that they made a big obstacle for Lana's relationship with him that really bugs me - such as certain bedroom acts.
    Ah the flying thing - I can't remember what episode it happens in, but the show never makes much of a deal of it, even in the final season. I think I remember reading that it has to do with the personal preference of the actor who plays Clark. And Callum shows up in Season 10, too, evil dude.
    Good luck with catching up to the finale!

  3. Damn Brodie, I thought you were dead!! Don't just randomly disappear like that without telling me! Jeez. Kids these days have no sense of self preservation. I'm not sure what self preservation has to do with this but it sounds good in the sentence LOL You could've at least sent a tweet or something you ungrateful, good for nothing, little..... I MISS YOU SO MUCH! While you were out watching TV like a freaking zombie, I was here worrying my ass off about you!

    LOL I joke, I joke. I've missed you but I figured that you had something super duper important to do. I actually think I'm going into a reading slump as well. Exams are coming up so I'm ganna have to cut down on reading and blogging in favour of studying. Bleh. & my brain just feel so tired all the time. It needs a break from reading before it burns out.

    You go on and watch Smallville like a maniac. We'll all still be here, waiting for you, when you get back!

  4. Smallville! <3 I haven't even started ten, it's not on yet over here. Tell me what it's like!

  5. Yay! We can be Smallville buddies! I just watched the series finale last night!


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