Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is a note. To you. Yes, you. Read it!

Just wanted to make a short note that I may be a little slack with posting over the next week or so. I've been really slow with reading lately and starting July 10th, myself,  Honey of Sniff Books, Not Drugs, Liz of Planet Print and Sonia of The Story Queen will be hosting an awesome week of Harry Potter love on our blogs in celebration of the final movie coming out. And did I mention we have a bunch of amazing giveaways? Seriously, I'm considering taking Polyjuice Potion to disguise myself so I can enter too.

Anyway, this next week I want to focus on getting the Harry Potter posts written. But I have an awesome interview this coming Tuesday with Bryony Pearce, author of Angel's Fury, as part of her blog tour and either tomorrow or the weekend I'll have up my Outside In review. I just might be slow on reviews following that. But since I only ever post like, two a week, you might not notice any difference in posting at all. How some of you manage more than two per week, read and reviewed, especially battling with an internet addiction when you could be reading, makes me incredibly jealous.

Anywho - HARRY POTTER WEEK!!! More details soon. I am very much excited about this :D


  1. Can't wait for the Harry Potter week posts!

  2. The HP stuff sounds great. I've got life stuff happening too so don't worry!

  3. Can't wait-- I've been thinking of posting a lot of Harry Potter posts these next few weeks, too, because *wails* this is the last time we'll ever be waiting for something Potter! Looking forward to checking out all you guys' posts and giveaways! :)

  4. Oh, HP week! I forgot you were going to do that; haven't heard about it in a while :)

  5. Ya Brodie! Goodluck with your HP week! I'm sure it'll be awesome! :) So excited for this!

    And yay! I just saw this > > >
    The Angel's Fury Button! :) So excited!

  6. Harry Potter week YAY!!!!!

  7. Yay Harry Potter! I love Harry Potter! I just posted my Chamber of Secrets reread thoughts. :)

    I can't believe the movie comes out in two weeks!! Eeeeeeeeek.

  8. This HP week is sure to be epic, I can't wait Brodie! :)

  9. I love Harry Potter so much haha I was re-reading it over and over again during my June holidays!(: Totally supporting HP week hahaha.

    Looking forward to the new Deathly Hallows movie coming up!

    A Novel Paradise

  10. EEEEpppp I cannot wait for the last movie but i am sad it is ending =\ =D


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