Monday, July 25, 2011

Aussie Book Gossip #1

Sometimes I do a weekly round up of "This Week's Gossip" (when I'm not so lazy) with different bits of news, cover reveals, etc around the blogosphere. But I thought I'd also post an All-Aussie round up maybe a couple times a month, or whenever there's any news for my Aussie readers (and international folk who are interested!)

Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres has been receiving a lot of buzz from international readers eager to get their hands on this amazing novel. Currently it is only available in Australia and New Zealand and will be published early 2012 in Turkey. But what about the rest of the world? This is where you come in! If you want to help see Burn Bright see international fame, check out this post. And be vocal! The more people buzzing, the more industry people will take notice.

Foreign Rights have been sold for The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler, which will be simultaneously released in UK and Australia in January 2012.

Roadshow Films are giving one incredibly lucky Australian the chance to win a visit to the set of The Hunger Games! But hurry, entries close 5pm Thursday 26th July. ENTER HERE.

The Penguin Australia team have been busy these past few weeks, casting and filming teaser trailers for the upcoming release of Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. The first has been released, featuring Rose and the second will go viral tomorrow featuring some Russian God Dimitri action. Check out the schedule here

Fan reactions have been quite strong in regards to the actors. But hey, they're only trailers! Not the real movie. I think it's great that Penguin are getting so involved in giving fans these teasers!

Cover Reveal
Penguin Australia have also revealed the UK/AU cover art to Legend (on the left). Which do you prefer? AU or US? I think they both have appeal, but I'm a little more partial feel of the Aussie cover!

Tour News
Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series will touring throughout Australia during the next two weeks. If you're a Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane fan, make sure you check out the details!

Marie V. Snyder, author of the Insiders and Poison Study series will also be down under during the month of August. For specific locations, check out the HarlequinTEEN Facebook page.

Review of the week
I'm a little biased choosing this, because I just read and reviewed it myself and absolutely LOVED it. Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart, who just happens to be... yes, an Australian author! I'm sure you didn't see that coming ;) Nomes over at Inkcrush posted her review and said:

The other thing you should absolutely know about this book is it is crazily original. The plot continually heats up and the villains (!) are insanely, genuinely creepy. I had chills even as I couldn’t look away ~ they are fascinating and dark and make for some completely vivid imagery. The stakes are raised and the truth is equal parts creative and horrifying.
Check out her full (gushing) review here!


  1. I like this feature! Continue to do it. <3 me.

  2. Burn Bright!! If this gets published in US, I'll be able to get my hands on it. Come on. It's a very beautiful, intriguing novel. Publish it!

    ZOMG. Is that..Legend?? Holy wow. June looks kickass. ;) Another outfit to covet, eh?

  3. Aussie book gossip? So much for the ABC Alliance LOL.

    I want to read Burn Bright! SOMEONE PICK UP THE RIGHTS! *wailing*

    I love your cover of Legend! More than the US, I think. The colours in the background are gorgeous.

  4. Australia has the best stuff. Do you mind if I hop on a plane and come live with you? :P. I love the sound of Burn Bright! I want to read it! I really hope it gets published internationally. And I love the AU/UK cover of Legend, I think I prefer it to the US one. Love this feature, Brodie! :)

  5. i love this feature! seriously think it's such an unreal idea. (i am so up for aussie book gossip)

    and thanks for the shout out. it is a rather gushing review, haha. i can't seem to help gushing when i love a book <3

  6. Aussie gossip is the best! (And not just cos I'm part of it :p ...Well maybe this week!)


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