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Harry Potter Week: BEST MOVIE EVER!!

I am so, so sorry for the awful posts the past two days. I can't believe that old toad Umbridge and her cronies managed to breach our protections and overtake our blogs. I sincerely hope they didn't manage to covert any of you - fight the good fight!! Thankfully, Voldemort is now dead. Or as Peeves would say "We did it, we bashed them wee Potter's the one, and Voldy's gone moldy, so now let's have fun!". And Umbridge is now enjoying a beautiful life with her favourite Centaurs *snorts* Anywho, onto my movie thoughts!

I know, I know this is long. And I've probably mentioned every second scene and still forget some of my favourite moments. But dude! You saw the movie (you saw it, right?!) how can I write anything less?


Read at your own risk. Yes, nearly everyone has read the book but you know some things get changed in the movie. So I take no responsibility if you read on and spoil yourself silly :P

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Did I mention WOW?! I saw the movie on Wednesday, so I've had a bit of time to calm from my ridiculously good Potter high. Okay, who am I kidding? I'M STILL ON THAT HIGH!!! Part 2 blew me away. Stunning in it's visuals, heartbreaking in it's revelations, epic in it's battles and all round sheer awesome.

I think I was holding myself back a bit in the cinema because I hate crying in front of people. Once it's out on dvd and I can watch alone and let it hit me, I know I'm going to bawl. That being said, I DID get teary on more than one occasion!! Shall I list the ways? Snape's death - it was a nice touch adding the "You have your mother's eyes" line, since it is repeated to Harry so often and it's importance is so prominent in this particular scene. It wasn't necessary for the books, but it added a nice emotional touch to the movie. I really loved that Harry tried to stop the blood flow, I mean... after everything, all that he believes of Snape, he still tries to save him. God, and his memories. They cast young Lily and Severus so well. When Snape found Lily's body.... he was so broken. Which naturally broke me! Alan Rickman gave an incredible performance for this movie. That scene at Godric's Hollow was brilliantly heartbreaking. Baby Harry looking down at his mother's dead body with those big, teary eyes and then Snape.... KILL ME NOW... cradling the love of his life in his arms and her son crying in the backyard. RUINED. I AM RUINED!!!! *breaks down and cries*

Moving on from tears to... more tears. When we saw Fred's body lying in the Great Hall and Ron just overcome with the grief... then the following shots of Remus and Tonks, yeah, the tears came. My heart broke (AGAIN. How many times can it break in the one film??). Such a saddening moment. Sure, seeing their actual deaths may have evoked a greater emotional reaction, but I don't think it was needed. Their bodies just lying there, lifeless, is enough for any Potter fan to feel that shard of glass in their heart. And then, of course, when Harry told Ron and Hermione about him being a horcrux. I wanted to cry when Hermione said she's go with him.

When the Dragon burst into the main lobby of Gringotts and starting tearing around, I honestly got so emotional. Just seeing these iconic structures that are so much apart of this world destroyed is devastating. Gringotts, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, it hurt seeing that. This was really it. The end battle. It's big. It's epic. Nothing and no one is spared. They'll rebuild with magic, but it's crushing to watch.

Every single person brought their A-game to this film. In previous films there were times where I felt some of the acting was a bit shoddy. Just a few lines here and there that felt forced, but not once, not a single moment do I recall a scene delivered subpar in this movie. It's like everyone realised, "This is it. I've got to give it everything I've got," and the truly did. Dan was amazing and his emotions after he left the pensieve were so believable. Ron is just... Rupert has always been the perfect Ron and he had some really great lines in this film. He delivered perfectly in the Room of Requirement when the trio returned (so funny!) and then when Goyle shot a killing curse at Hermione, I LOVE when Ron took off after him yelling, "That's my girlfriend, you numpties!", because I'm such a Ron/Hermione shipper. And then a few minutes later, he comes pounding back, screaming his head off "AHH AHHH Goyle set the bloody place on fire!". Everyone in my theatre laughed. I just wanted to knock the flipping wand out of Goyle's hand when he kept waving it about shooting flames, the moron LOL.

Voldemort was deliciously creepy. I think Ralph Fiennes delivered his best performance yet as the Dark Lord. That scene with Voldemort walking through the slew of bodies he slayed and the blood - it was chilling, it was amazing. When he hugged Draco... how creepy-awkward was that?. That man does not understand the word 'affection'; I loved seeing him break more and more with each horcrux that was destroyed and the knowledge that this boy, this pesky thorn in his side, knows his greatest secret. The whole disintegration effects with his death was so cool. But the creepiest part of all? Happy Voldemort. Man, that smile is unsettling. When Neville (aka The Chosen Badass) was sticking it to him in the courtyard,  I had to repress a shudder at that look of glee on Voldemort's face. I am just so, so proud of Neville. He's the only one who stepped forward and glowed with Gryffindor bravery.

I can't sing enough praises about this film. Every freaking character really shone in their time on screen. McGonagall was AWESOME. I love that woman. Neville Freaking Longbottom was just so damn badass. Every scene he had was made of WIN. My favourite was the bridge scene. One man against this hoard of psycho Snatchers and he's standing there ready to take them on. Neville, you da man. Oh and I can't not mention Filch. His two moments were such standouts. The bloody castle is in ruins and here he is with his broom trying to sweep up the rubble LOL. I don't think a broom is going to do you much good.

Oh! How could I forget the kiss! I made dozens of notes after I got out of the cinema, I just found my Ron/Hermione one. It really came as a surprise to me. I'd read that it was going to be set in the Chamber of Secrets and I was anticipating it, but it still took me by surprise. It was just so sweet and sudden and unexpected and while yes, I will always prefer how it played out in the books (that scene was amazing), I really enjoyed the movie version too <3

The epilogue was perfect. It was sweet and beautiful and touching and emotional. To see the trio (and Draco too) all grown up, married with families, sending their kids off to Hogwarts. That new generation in the carriage with the chocolate frog on the window and... and... oh god, I'm crying again! That whole scene just brought back that air of innocence and magic that you would have found in Philosopher's Stone. They all looked fantastic with the make-up and aging effects. And the kids were adorable!

The entire movie was executed so well. The battle scenes and all the special effects were amazing. I didn't see it in 3D (I've never watched 3D before and didn't want to risk not enjoying it), but I can imagine they'd probably look even more "WOW". I know they changed quite a few scenes from the book, but I can't complain. Yes, the book will ALWAYS be best, it's my favourite novel out of the series. But the books and movies are two separate entities - the movies are inspired by the books. They're sometimes going to take a different creative approach and maybe change/edit scenes to make them more movie-friendly.. Yes, says the girl who grumbled at scenes they butchered in previous movies, but I've come to appreciate the films for what they are. They're not the books, they're just an awesome visual interpretation of the books. And Deathly Hallows part 2 was a freaking amazing interpretation!  I was prepared for pretty much all of the changes anyway because I read a lot of interviews and behind the scenes details in the months leading up to release. So thankfully there was no disappointment on my part.

Best Potter film BY FAR. The perfect send-off to what has been the greatest franchise in history. I could ask for nothing more. Except maybe the dvd next week. You'll grant me that wish, won't you Warner Bros?? I'm dying here!! I think I'm going for a rewatch over the weekend (or maybe I already have since I scheduled this post!).

What did you think of the movie? LOVED IT? Liked it? Didn't agree with you? Are you planning on going back for a rewatch? Favourite scenes? Share, share, share! Gush with me!


  1. While the Goblet of Fire remains my ultimate favorite HP film, this one was way better than the DH part one. I have to say the saddest moment was Snape's death. I'm still mourning over his loss. There I thought I was over it since reading the book but seeing it on the big screen . . . it was too much for me. Anyway, I was little disappointed by the film, wasn't as EPIC as I wanted it to be. Sigh. Maybe it's because I'm peeved off that my childhood has now officially ended and I'll have nothing to look forward to in the future. Other than the Hunger Games film. hehe.

  2. Shame it didn't have that 'epic' vibe for you! But there's always rewatching, it might grow on you more :) Seriously though, if Alan Rickman doesn't win some kind of award for his performance, then the system is RIGGED!!

    I am so, so, so looking forward to The Hunger Games movies!! Nothing will ever replace Potter for me, but I'm (obviously) a huge fan of the THG trilogy. Fingers are crossed the movie will be as amazing as the book!

  3. I mean it was EPIC when it comes to the battles scenes . . . but everything seemed rushed. But you can't do EVERYTHING in the book. Anyway Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar for his performance! I hope Hunger Games lives up to the book's hype! Fingers crossed.

  4. I loved Alan Rickman's performance, too-- fantastic, and the flashback scenes with Snape and Lily were so heartbreaking! My cousin actually started laughing really hard in the silent theater when Voldemort hugged Draco... and he got our entire party laughing, too. Today on Facebook he posted on my wall: 'Voldemort is a hugger. :o'

    So, yeah, that killed the finality of the mood for a few minutes there. But overall, the film was so amazing. I also can't wait to watch it again!

  5. Agreed. I got teary-eyed so many times - Snape, Fred, the reunion scene with his parents and Sirius & Lupin...I was so emotional! And I think it definitely is the best movie of the lot. They tried their hardest and it paid off :).

  6. I just got home a little while ago took my mother to see it. I cried we loved it.

  7. I was a bit perturbed that they downplayed the deaths of the others, but I get it. I think Snape's Death and memories were some of the best of the movie. And Neville, who is EPIC. :)

  8. I'm so glad you liked it, seeing as you were so super excited and all. :)

    Snapes death was so sad (although it did look like they were about to make out...) :S

    And I couldn't help at laugh when Volde started laughing... it was just... weird. I know, I'm a sicko.

  9. I actually loved the whole thing, watched it three times and i'd love to watch it once more.
    I have to say the sound effects and the MUSIC was brilliant, made me cry two times.
    Not to mention the brilliant and amazing way all of them acted.
    I cried the moment it started, and when the dragon started to fly (cause it's like the last time we get to atch something that epic) and I also cried at Snape's memories and when he,Fred,Remus and Tonks die, and this is a bit weard but I also cried at the part where McGonagall casted that spell and all the statues started to move, and when Molly Weasley and the other teachers casted that protection spell for the school, and last but not least, I cried a river at the last part of the movie '19 Years Later' magnificent, just magnificent.
    This a beautiful and brilliant movie.
    Harry Potter,forever!


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