Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Week's Gossip #7

Richelle Mead has issued a challenge to her fans: Reach 10,000 pre-orders for BLOODLINES before this week ends and she will reveal an exclusive cut-chapter from the book, narrated by the one and only Adrian Ivashkov!! ADRIAN FANS UNITE!  Details here!

Feeling the need to release your inner wolf over the cliffhanger Andrea Cremer left us with in Wolfsbane? Well tuck your tail between your legs, because she's given us preview of the first chapter of BLOODROSE! Warning: Do not read if you have not read Wolfsbane. Spoilers, ahoy!

Want to read the first chapter of LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR?! Of course you do! Head on over to Between The Lines for an exclusive first look!! CAN I HAVE THE FULL BOOK NOW PLEASE?!

For those who like their zombie boys sweet, check out the 3 chapter preview of Lia Habel's DEARLY, DEPARTED. Mmmm brains.

Debut novel, LEVEL TWO, by well known blogger, Lenore Appelhans (Presenting Lenrore) has now been acquired by Usborne UK! Check out the press release for some exciting details about the story. Cinematic rights have also been sold and Simon & Schuster will be publishing the novel in the US.

Admire The Pretty...
A Witch In Winter by Ruth Warburton
Scarlet by A.C Gaughen
Fever by Lauren DeStefano
I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins


Need your Fuentes fix? Check out the trailer to Chain Reaction, the third and final installment in the trilogy by Simone Elkeles!

I NEED THIS BOOK NOW!!! So excited release date is nearly upon us!

I haven't read The Secret Circle books, but I am super excited for this show! Fully of witchy magic and the ultimate hook - it's from the creators of The Vampire Diaries. I wasn't a big fan of the first TVD book, but the show? I LOVE! Seeing what they've done with that makes me excited to see the magic they'll bring to The Secret Circle! Bring on September.

Not only does July 31st mark the birthday of The Boy Who Lived, but Pottermore has promised an exclusive opportunity for one million users to gain beta access to their site, prior to the official launch in October. So don't forget to check it out on Sunday! But be warned: If you steal my spot, there will be retribution.


  1. The first chapter of LOLA?! Oh no, I want to read it...but then I don't because it's going to make the wait for the entire novel THAT much worse. Eeeeeeeeeeeek!

  2. I loved the first chapter of BLOODROSE and you know that because I couldn't stop talking about Ren on twitter. Haha. I can't wait to read LOLA and lovin' the Chain Reaction trailer! Love those books!

  3. Ooh, first chapter of Lola! Gotta read that. And I love the cover for Spellbound! It's soo pretty. Sadly, I don't think I'm gonna be one of those million people on Sunday, I think I'm being dragged somewhere with the family. If you get it, I'm gonna be hounding you with questions every five seconds :P.

  4. arrrggghhhhhh I REALLY WANT LOLA!! Good lord, it is going to be so awesome, I can just tell, well I can't but ill be darn disappointed if it is not. I cannot WAIT! you know if you couldn't already tell. . ;p


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