Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Witch Eyes Blog Tour: This or That

I'm delighted to be the third stop on the Teen Scene Book Tour for Scott Tracey's upcoming debut novel, Witch Eyes, which sounds like an absolutely fantastic blend of magic, love and a dangerous fued between two witch dynasties. Be sure to add this one to your wishlists, folks!

Today I'm joined by Trey, the enigmatic love interest of main character, Braden. He's kindly consented to take time away from the magic and danger of Belle Dam to share a few of his preferences with us.

First dibs or Last laugh? Last laugh.
Stop time or Fly? Stop time. I could get so much more done.
Book or Movie? The book is always vastly superior to the movie. Besides, I think people need to read more.
Zombies or Unicorns? Zombies. Killing unicorns just doesn't seem like a good life decision.
Chinese or Italian food? Italian. Especially when it's homemade.
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset. Maybe it's a little more dangerous, but it's also more fun.
Truth or Lies? Truth. Always truth.
Darth Vadar or Lord Voldemort? Vadar. Even with all his power, he was just a man.
Lover or Fighter? Fighter. Being the lover seems a little too passive for me. I'd rather go out and kick butt.
Eyes or Lips? Eyes. I mean, obviously...
Cookie dough or Cake batter? Cake batter. Then two hours at the gym with my trainer.
Monkeys or Penguins? Anything but wolves.
Horror or Comedy? Comedy. Horror movies hit too close to home.
Befriend an alien visitor or be the alien visitor? Befriend the alien visitor. Then find out how he can help the family.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Trey!

Witch Eyes is released September 8th 2011. You can pre-order yourself a copy at The Book Depository!

Check out the Tour page to keep updated on where Scott is headed next around the blogosphere!


  1. I'm loving Trey already! I think I'll enjoy reading about both him and Braden :) Witch Eyes is high on my wishlist.

  2. I pre ordered my copy two nights ago! Can't wait!

  3. Very cool post. Looking forward to reading Witch Eyes!

  4. Well, that was fun :) I mean, clearly unicorns > zombies, but whatever. Great post! Looking forward to Witch Eyes.

  5. Loved the answes. So humorous. I really like the response to unicorns or zombies.

  6. I'm not a horror person either. Too scary. I'm all about Chinese food. Especially authentic Chinese food.

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