Saturday, October 8, 2011

In My Mailbox #18

In My Mailbox is a weekly feature hosted by the wonderful The Story Siren where we get to drool with one another over the awesome books that came in the post this week.

I was interested in reading Stay With Me, but then Lisa coerced me into reading it NOW and oh my god. Lisa, you're reimbursing me a box of tissues. Well, I used my clothes to wipe my tear-streaked face and snotty nose, so you owe me a new shirt LOL. It was incredible and such a touching novel. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT..

Excited to start The Name of the Star, have heard great things about it! I've read mixed reviews on After Obsession, but the plot does sound intriguing, so we'll see how it goes.

What's in your mailbox this week?


  1. There we go! Similar books. I had the Stay With Me galley from a while back but didn’t get to it (like I get to any of the galleys anyway...). Considering you and Lisa loved it, I must see what it is about although it is a bit romancey :p I’m starting to appreciate it more. Gives me some pointers on how to treat a lady. Like I feel like Sam from Wolves of Mercy Falls because he’s similar to me in many ways I guess.

  2. I think you will like SWM, Braiden! I don't think it's what you're expecting... totally surprised me. Especially with the turn the novel takes halfway through. Man, Paul is an incredible writer.

    But I'm glad you're starting to appreciate romance more :P And reading Mercy Falls! Lovelovelove Maggie's novels <3

  3. From the publisher I got The Name of the Star. Can't wait to read it!

    Let me know what you think of After Obsession. Heard mixed things about it.

  4. I don’t like the direction they took with the cover of After Obsession. It looks like Need #4 with a co-writer, not a totally separate book.

  5. It seems like a bunch of wonderful books came in you mailbox this week, Brodie :)

    I'm kind of scared to read novels that makes me want to cry a lot, I'm very emotional and I usally find something to shed a tear about in every book I read. The really teary stories makes me drown in tears and I'm a complete mess afterwards.

    The Name of the Star and After Obsession are both books I would like to read someday.

    Braiden: I have to say that I agree with you on your thoughts of the After Obsession cover.

  6. YAY for The Name of the Star. I hope you enjoy it.
    You had a bunch of awesome books come in your mailbox this week :)

  7. Huh. I totally wouldn't expect Stay With Me to be such a tearjerker. I really want to check it out now! And The Name of the Star, too, which I almost bought this past week but didn't....

  8. The Name of the Star and After Obsession look pretty goood! Happy Reading! : )

  9. The Name of the Star! I can't wait to read that one myself. Thanks for the rec of Stay With Me! Sometimes it's nice to have a good cry.

  10. I got The Name of the Star too! So excited.

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  12. Interested to see what you think of The Name of the Star!!

    Happy Reading!
    my IMM:

  13. Oooh, After Obsession! I haven't read any of Carrie Jone's books, but I'm excite to try this one! Can't wait to see what you think of it! Stay with me looks amazing - but I don't think now's a good time for me to read it since it sounds like such a touching novel that my mind will probably be completely consumed by it & I won't be able to concentrate on school. blahh
    Enjoy your books!

  14. I used my hands to wipe my tears, hence the achey and raw eyes LOL. Not reimbursing anything! :P

    So happy that After Obsession is finally available. Come on, A&U!

    Here's my IMM

  15. I wasn't going to read Stay With Me...but I think I have to now. You've persuaded me! :P. And The Name of the Star looks great, can't wait to get that one! Happy reading :).

  16. I got Name of the Star as well. Can't wait to get into it.

    Xpresso Reads

  17. Another week and more amazing books! Have fun reading all of your new editions! :)

    Come visit my IMM!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

  18. I've been seeing The Name of the Star so many times, haha. I hope you're still enjoying it.

  19. I haven't heard of Stay With Me... but now you're making me WANT IT NOW. And The Name Of The Star... I NEEEEEEEEEDS THAT. *gotta go buy*. And OOH After Obsession, I've heard good things!! Enjoy your books Brodie!

    heeeyy.... where's my cheeks to pinch? I see no Brodie.

  20. Ohhh, I'm dying to read The Name of the Star! I hope you enjoy it!


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