Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winners, Answers and a Hint...

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway to win 3 copies of MUSE by Rebecca Lim! There were so many great responses, I couldn't possibly choose favourites, so I allowed to decide who be worthy. I asked the question: "If you woke up in the body of another, who would you like it to be? Whether a celebrity, friend or just a general person living a particular life you'd love to experience."

The following three are the winners and their answers:

Shirley from Shiirleyy's Bookshelf
HA! I'd love to wake up in the body of half the YA heroines out there, since their love interest/crush/boyfriend(s) are so freaking hot. And if I have to choose ONE, it would have to be MEGHAN from The Iron Fey series just because I like Ash way too much <3 Which reminds me, YOU HAVE TO READ THE IRON FEY SERIES! ITS SUPER AMAZING!!!!! haha, i hope my answer's legit; since Meghan isn't technically a PERSON but a CHARACTERS, :)

*makes not to self to hurry up and read The Iron Fey series in case Shirley kills me*

  Does it have to be a person? I think it would be fun to be my dog for a day, do what they do and see life through their eyes

I would love to be in a body of some female working close with Cleopatra in ancient egypt. I was going to say Cleopatra but I wouldn't like to have the same ending as she did, but if I could jump back into my body just before she dies then I would pick Cleopatra :)
Congrats ladies! I've emailed you all, please respond within 48 hours with your mailing addresses!

I LOVED all the answers. From favourite book characters to mothers, to Barack Obama, librarians, Princess Mary and Miranda Kerr (I agree, Gabriella - adorable baby and ORLANDO BLOOM. Plus her smoking hot body haha). So entertaining to read! I have to share one though, mainly because I want to publicly out his Beiber/Launter admiration buahaha.

Braiden from Book Probe Reviews:
Okay, seriously? Fine. I'm so ashamed in saying this but I'd like to see how Justin Bieber's life is like. With his legion of girls behind him it'd be rockin'. But then I'd probably really like to be Taylor Lautner so that I get two in one: an awesome rocking body AND a legion of girls behind me. It'd be like...can't even describe it lulz.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for an ARC of Article 5 by Kristen Simmons! US only, ends this Monday, when I'll be posting a new 2012 author and international giveaway. Want a hint at what the book will be?

It's not hot, but don't tell the mob that, lest they unleash their fury...


  1. Thank you Shirley! SEE, Brodie? Another person agrees with us! ;)

    LOL Braiden.

    Congrats to all winners!

  2. LMAO!!! I'm totally laughing my ass off over Braiden's answer. So like him!!

    Oh and by the way....I'm completely outraged that you haven't read The Iron Fey series yet Brodie!!! And you tell me about Hunger Games....pfft. Read it! Now! So good, so yummy, so Ash! Totally great series and you NEED to read it!


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