Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Author Interview & Giveaway: Shelley Coriell

You still have a little time to enter to win a preorder of THE HUNT by Andrew Fukuda! Giveaway will end Monday 19th December 11:59pm US EST. Hurry!

Introducing 2012 author #6, who plans to brave the apocalypse with.... desserts! Peeta Mellark would be proud <3 Welcome, reader, this is Shelley Coriell!

Why should Santa fill every stocking next year with a copy of Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe? 
CHLOE has something for everyone: sparkly vintage shoes, mistletoe, garbage games, and a lovable bunch of misfits who are fighting to keep their school's struggling radio station alive. Picture GLEE in a high school radio station. CHLOE also stars a big-hearted girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She's not afraid to love hard and share her truths. The world needs more love and truth. Therefore the world needs more CHLOE. There's a mathematical principle tucked in there somewhere, but math makes my head hurt. Santa gets math...and CHLOE.

What is the best Christmas gift you've ever received?
A drawer full of cute pajamas. Back story: Three years ago I announced to family and friends I was giving up the day job to write fiction. That Christmas many bought me pajamas so I looked "good" while tackling my new "job." IMPORTANT NOTE: Surround yourself with good people who celebrate you and your dreams. Hug them often.

What's been your favourite YA novel of 2011?
THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson. So much to love...a snarky heroine, a London boarding school, a dash of history, and ghosts. I also have a major crush on THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson. I came out in 2010. I read it then, and I read it again in 2011. And I'll read it again in 2012. Exquisite teen girl contemporary fiction.

And your most desperately needed of 2012?
I'm on a serious history kick right now, so I'll go with GILT by Katy Longshore and A BREATH OF EYRE by Eve Marie Mont.

Do you have any plans to survive and/or fight the 2012 Apocalypse? 
I shall bake blackberry cobbler, Oreo cheesecake, and triple-chocolate chunk brownies. Armed with these sweet treats, I'm ready to tackle the evils of this world and beyond.

Big-hearted Chloe Camden is the queen of her universe until her best friend shreds her reputation and her school counselor axes her junior independent study project. Chloe is forced to take on a meaningful project in order to pass, and so she joins her school’s struggling radio station, where the other students don’t find her too queenly. Ostracized by her former BFs and struggling with her beloved Grams’s mental deterioration, lonely Chloe ends up hosting a call-in show that gets the station much-needed publicity and, in the end, trouble. She also befriends radio techie and loner Duncan Moore, a quiet soul with a romantic heart. On and off the air, Chloe faces her loneliness and helps others find the fun and joy in everyday life. Readers will fall in love with Chloe as she falls in love with the radio station and the misfits who call it home.

Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe is released May 1st 2012 by Amulet Books
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Giveaway has now closed and the winner has been contacted. All weekly winners will be posted in January once the event is over!


  1. I'm so excited about this book! It sounds so fun :). Good luck to everyone who enters!

  2. I love the pajama story--it's so cute! I would love it if my family did something like that for me. :)

  3. WEEEE! I got approved for this on NetGalley! Yayyyy!


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