Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Becca Fitzpatrick Blog Tour: My Favourite Things

Welcome to the second stop on Becca Fitzpatrick's Aussie Blog Tour! Becca is currently visiting down under where she'll be signing books, glamming up for The Black Hand Ball and eating Tim Tams. (I hope she has plans to brave Vegemite!)

Yesterday, Lisa at Read Me, Bookmark Me, Love Me shared a special chapter from the POV of our favourite winged bad boy, Patch. Be sure to check that out and you can also find the next stops on her tour below.

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a slice of her genius mind!

What I Know by Becca Fitzpatrick

I’m obsessed with… reading, of course!

The strangest thing I own is… the New Kids on the Block cassette tape I bought when I was nine.

I’m proud of… my boys. They are great kids. They keep me real. I never imagined myself as a mother, but it has brought me so much joy.

I really need to… get my hair cut!!

I can’t handle it when… I feel overwhelmed with tasks. I don't do well under pressure.

I look back on my childhood with… happiness. I had great friends. There was always something exciting happening.

I relax by… sleeping. Sometimes I take a hot bubble bath first.

I can’t live without… a good night's sleep.

I like to collect… fanmail, apparently. There's a huge stack sitting on my desk. I need to get on that!

I have always wanted to… compete in an Ironman.

My biggest weakness is… sleep. I love sleeping. (Are you seeing a pattern?)

My fridge usually contains… at least one container of leftovers that has started to mold. Ew, right?

My list of favourite things includes… ice cream, running, gardening, taking my kids to the park.

My friends don’t understand why… I've lost my social life since becoming published, ha!

My favourite place is… home. I'm such a homebody.

I get inspiration from… the world around me: movies, books, overheard conversations, my friends' lives, dreams, my old high school journals, anything really!

My best characteristic is… my optimism :)

I wish I was… in possession of a super power. Invisibility would be cool. I'd love to be a fly on the wall.

My favourite fictional character is… Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER series.

Catch up with Becca: website / blog / twitter / facebook
Simon & Schuster's YA Facebook: Read Me, Love Me, Share Me

7th December: Novels on the Run with an Aussie themed interview
8th December: The Rest is Still Unwritten with a Sydney Black Hand Ball review
8th December: Tales of Inner Book Fanatic with Becca’s top 10 books
9th December: Shirley's Books with a full signed series giveaway
10th December: Book Probe with a Melbourne Black Hand Ball review
10th December: Paperback Heart with a Hush Hush movie cast by Becca and Darcy
11th December: Nice Girls Read Books with a Melbourne Black Hand Ball review

Thanks to the amazing Caroline at Simon & Schuster Australia for putting this tour together and of course, the ever lovely Becca for taking part! <3


  1. Great insight into Becca's mind:D I could do with a bit more sleep.


  2. Squee! This is fab little interview!
    But seriously, all this talk about sleep. All I want to do is crawl back into bed XD

    Are you going to BHB?

  3. The awesome part of this is I just read Silence the other day! I totally agree with Becca....sleep! I love sleep. I wish I got more sleep.

    I am excited to see the rest of the tour stops.

  4. LOL I think the consensus is: MORE SLEEP! And ooh, I look forward to your review, Kathy!

    @Sarah - Unfortunately, I'm not going to the Ball. I don't live near any of the major cities, so I've no way of getting there. But I can't wait to see everyone's reports and smexy photos! Are you going?

  5. Awesome,AWESOME post <3 Hahaa, I'm so sleep deprived right now, that reading about SLEEP and hot bubble baths makes me feel all sleepy!

  6. BRODIE, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO THE BALL?! (Oh my, that sounded like a line from a cheesy American teen movie.) Hopefully S&S are sending you something pretty and signed :)

  7. Mmm. Yes. Sleep. Sleep is good. I like sleep. *nods off*

    Haha, I don't think my friends would be very surprised by me "losing my social life." I'm not quite sure I have one right now...

  8. How lovely to get to know Becca a bit better :) I love these kind of questions, they remind me that authors(most at least) are just like you and me.


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