Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Bloggy Birthday To Me!

I've been reading YA book blogs since 2009, but I've been blogging exactly a year (and a day. I thought I started on the 31st December 2010. Turns out I can't remember my bloggy birthday, it was the 30th!) and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've been apart of many different online communities, but I can say with all honesty that the YA community is THE best I've ever joined. I've made the most gorgeous friends, chatted with my favourite (and future favourite) authors and made connections with the friendliest publicists in all the land. This is a community where no matter who we are in our real lives, we're all equally united here by our love of reading.

Thank you to every single person who reads my posts. Who comments. Who follows (or stalks) my blog. Who is genuinely interested in what I'm writing (even if you're just following for potential giveaways, you're awesome too!). I love you guys so much and I very much hope there is never a day when I stop blogging. Because it's not creepy at all to be a 91 year old tapping away at her computer saying "OMG I WANT A PIECE OF THAT SEXY 17 YEAR OLD BAD BOY."

I can't list individual names because there are so many of you I love. I ADORE every Aussie blogger like crazy. I've grown close to so many of you and you're such a tight-knit, welcoming group of people who always make me laugh or astound me with your sexy awesome ways. And I've have made the most amazing (and potentially craziest) friends from the Philippines, Canada, UK, US and others (but I'm not so great with my geography). I love talking with you guys about books or tv shows or hot guys or whatever else we share a mutual love for. Or just the weird crap that make no sense to the world, but makes my day :)

I must say thanks to Precious from Fragments of Life because while I was umming and ahhhing as many said, "why you no blog?", it was Precious who gave me that final push of encouragement that resulted in what you're reading today. And she was actually my first ever commenter on a dodgy test post which has since been deleted. Thank you so much, Precious! <3

I know most people have some big giveaway planned for their blogoversary, but I can't afford anything huge right now. So I'm just going to do something small. If you've actually made it to the bottom of this post, I am giving one random commenter.... something! I don't know. I'll buy you a mystery book on your wishlist. Or if I have a book you want and you're Aussie, I'll send it to you (don't worry, I'll do research first. I'm good at stalking!). Something involving a book! (I know, I'm so good with the details). Anyone can enter. No advertising, no extra entries, the only thing required is for you to say something nice about someone from the YA community. Whether a reader, blogger, author, publisher, agent.. anyone! Just spread some love! In a week, will do it's thang ;)

And now we celebrate by devouring Jonathan's stolen Harry potter birthday cake because clearly we're all bigger fans than him (sorry Jonathan, you're cool, but.... *noms cake*. Also, can someone get this woman to make my birthday cake?).

I hope you all have an incredible new year! 
(and try not to die. Haven't those 2012 author interviews been giving you any tips for surviving the Apocalypse?)


  1. I just want to say thank you to all the authors who wrote all these amazing YA books, like Stephanie Perkins (First author who replied my tweet back!) and of course, blogging friends especially Aussie ones too! (This includes you too, Brodie! :)

    Happy Blog o‘versary, Brodie!! Keep up the AWESOME blog. We love you! :D

  2. You know you love me ;) Haha I still remember you when you weren't a blogger *wipes tear* My, have you grown up!

  3. Happy bloggy birthday! Here's to many more years of happy blogging for you! x

  4. HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYY BRODIE'S BLOG!!!! Thank you for being such an amazing place for me to hang out at; I've had so much fun stalking you, reading everything that's posted on here should know me by now right? I AM a regular visitor after all!
    Okay now, onto the OWNER of this fantastic blog! HAPPYYY BLOGOSPHERE BRODIEEEEEEE!!!!! Wow, you've come a long way! Haha don't worry, I don't remember when I started my blog either, hehe! Yes yes, I read to the end of your post, so I know you're giving a little surprise to one lucky commenter! (hope that's me!! Hehe) So, I'd like to say a very big thank you to our amazing BRODIE for all your comments and love on my blog! Seriously, your comments are so freaking fantastic- they make me laugh all the time! & thank you for your weekly book recommendations through your WOW posts! I'd love to give massive hugs to all the wonderful Ya authors out there, because really, where would we be, without those awesome books and their authors?!?! Okayyy I think I'm writing too much...Anyways, Happy New Year! <3 and remember, we all (everyone from Aus, Philippines, UK, US , Canada and everywhere else around the world) LOVE your blog!!!

  5. Brodie....

    HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!! I look forward to many, many years of your amazing reviews, and fun posts.

    You're amazing, your blog is amazing, and I <3 you.

    That cake! *dies* I want one for my birthday. Haha.

    Have a fantastic start to 2012!

  6. Happy Bloggy Birthday Brodie!

    We all love you! And we love stalking you, even though it's totally unhealthy. But . . . okay totally awkward. hehe.

    I hope we still blog in our 90's - that is if I make it til then. hehe. Congrats again!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Ahhhhh! HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY BRODIE'S BLOG! YAYYY! Blog, you will always hold a special place in my blogging heart because you were the first blog I EVER saw, way back when you were a one month old baby and before I even HAD a blog! (I wonder how many times I can say the word blog in this comment?)
    And Brodie! Thankyou for inspiring me to blog and for helping me out when I first started! I know I must've been a pain but I appreciate it (if that really helps :P)
    Thankyou for always making me laugh with your amazing comments and for sharing Etienne St. Clair with me :D



    That makes 8 - not as much as I expected :)


  9. Happy holidays!
    I cannot wait to see the movie- I hope it's pulled off really well!
    Your comment made me put on my happy face- your really kind to say that! I think I'll have to reread it at least twice next year! Thank you so much for giving it away! It was my 7th favourite book of 2011! YAY!
    Yes, well I'm a little excited, for multiple reasons and one is... a certain author... *Cat hint hint* may be answering a few questions on my blog... keep an eye out for it, ok?

  10. Happy Blogoversary! :) It's a wonderful moment when you realize you've only been blogging for so long, yet it feels like forever. The community of book bloggers is certainly wonderful, helpful and friendly. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

  11. Happy blogoversary, Brodie!! I'm so happy for you. Your blog is absolutely amazing and I'm not surprised at all that you have hundreds of loyal fans ;) It'll always be my favourite! May 2012 bring you another fabulous year of reading and writing! <3
    Also, thank you for helping me with my blog when I first started. You were such a great guide and never told me to bugger off! Always friendly and all around awesome...what's not to like? :) Cannot wait to kick off February with you - mwah!

  12. Hey hey, what about me? Your evil twin sister? Your partner in crime? :) HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY, BRODIE DEAREST! I have Precious to thank for it were not for her, we wouldn't have someone as awesome as you in the book blogging world. (I feel kind of proud when you listed my country and saying we are awesome :D)

    And you do have the best IMMs in the world. Sometimes I'm afraid of even checking your blog because that'll mean I'm adding new books to my already insurmountable pile. Then I shake my fists at you because you're great at picking books I've never even heard of.

    You do know you've made my book blogging experience more worthwhile and fun, right? Right? *pokes* What will I do without you? *gives you a massive hug*

  13. See, this is the exact reason why I love the blogosphere so much. You guys are so freaking amazing! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH <3 <3 <3

    Every single one of your comments have seriously made my day. I may just have to kidnap you all. It'll be fun, I promise!

  14. Happy Bloggy Birthday!! I have met so many incredible people via the YA community. Authors that I can't get enough of like Suzanne Collins. I mean THE HUNGER GAMES is a phenomenon. I love chatting to other readers & blogettes. Well done!!


  15. Happy blogoversary, Brodie! :)
    I know I don't comment much on your posts except for your WoWs but I've subscribed to your blog so I've read most of your thoughts. I'm happy I got to know you and promise to make an effort to comment more often rather than stalk. Haha

    Happy anniversary again and have a blast in 2012! You've earned a place in my heart for the most exciting bloggers so I'll be looking forward to what you cook up in the years to come. ^_^

    - Mauie (The Traveling Reader from the Philippines)

  16. HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG! :D I'm a relatively new follower of your blog and the book blog world in general but I'm already in love with book bloggers and book blogging! It is such a fun and helpful community and it is so great to be able to collectively gush at our fictional crushes :D etiennestclairomg.

    Your Top Ten list made me laugh and want to read all the books in my tbr and your list immediately! I'm going to check your review of The Future of Us now :D (also in my tbr pile!) Happy blogoversary again and HAPPY 2012 :D

  17. I will try not to die :P
    Those tips will save my life I'm sure!!
    Happy Blogoversary!

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  18. Because it's not creepy at all to be a 91 year old tapping away at her computer saying "OMG I WANT A PIECE OF THAT SEXY 17 YEAR OLD BAD BOY." LOL. I actually cracked up at this. Nothing can ever take us away from our love of bad boys...:P. Happy blogoversary! A year old already, wow. It's been great getting to know you (from talking about Anna and the French Kiss [which I just re-read, by the way, and still adore] to our Harry Potter Week - it's been awesome!). And out of all the bloggers I know, you have the best Waiting on Wednesdays :P. Hope your next year is as successful as your first! And now let us go and enjoy some of this stolen cake (it looks yummy).

    P.S. Etienne St. Clair is still mine. As is Four, Dimitri, Alex, Alex (I notice you're reading Fated, by the way. Jealous), Dimitri - basically, they're all mine. -cue cackling-

  19. @Liz- I'll fight your for all of them.

    @Brodie- You know I heart you! Happy blogoversary, you awesome person. You are one of the most enthusiastic bloggers I know, one of a handful of bloggers who can write brilliant reviews, AND, even better, we share the same tastes in YA books.

    You've been a wonderful blogging pal and I hope your blog continues to run strong.

    *tacklehugs* Congrats!

  20. Ahahaha... at least you'll be in good company in your senior lusting years ;) I don't think I'll be ready to give up my YA bad boys for quite some time.

    Anyways, moving on to what's really important:


    I hope you realize how much more wonderful and sparkly the blogosphere is because of you. Seriously, Brodie, I hope you keep at this for a loooong time to come because this is definitely one of my favourite blogs :) Congratulations on one year!

    PS - Don't listen to Liz. They're all mine.


  21. Ohh, Happy Bologversary! :D That's awesome. *throws confetti* And kinda cool it's so close to the new year!

    LOL, I love the 91 year old lady part. And that cake looks so awesome. o: Happy New Year!

  22. Happy Blogoversary! And Happy New Year! *throws confetti* :D Man, I wanna join the party, that cake looks amazing! *steals and runs away*

  23. Congrats Brodie! I can't believe it's been a year for you already! I hope you have a fabulous New Year and another great year of book blogging!

  24. Happy blogoversary and a happy new year! =D

  25. Happy Blogversary!!! I'm so happy for you! I'm such a new blogger and I think the community is so wonderful. Everyone's so supportive and helpful. I'm definitely going to be back.

    Happy New Year hun!

  26. Happy Blogversary!!! I'm so happy for you! I'm such a new blogger and I think the community is so wonderful. Everyone's so supportive and helpful. I'm definitely going to be back.

    Happy New Year hun!

  27. Happy blogoversary! Your blog is great! As you know, I'm one of your newest followers, I came across your blog just a few days ago & I think it's great, so continue the great job! Happy New Year!

  28. Congrats, congrats! Truly a successful accomplishment, especially seeing as how you've always seemed pretty consistent in your blogging throughout the year. And I don't think I would want to even touch that cake! It's too perfect to ruin by eating it.

  29. Aww, Brodie! I've got no stable internet now. So I just read this and.. *wipes eyes* Thank you for the mention! You know I believe in you and I love you, right? *hugs* Happy blogoversary! <3 I love commenting and reading your posts because they're just so full of energy! I love the vibe that you give off through this blog! Keep it up!

  30. Oh, and! You've got the best Waiting on Wednesday posts (do you notice that those get tons of hits - I have to admit, I really contribute to that because I always look back to those when looking for new reads!) Thanks for being awesome!

  31. Brodie!
    There is so much that I could put here, like, how you've been my friend for seven years now and how much you and your blog inspired me to create my own and how I adore every single comment you put on my blog and cherish our often random twitter convos.
    But, instead, I am simply going to say...

    I LOVE YOU BRODIE. You inspire me every single day!

    And, well, this may seem lame but you are the YA Blogger I am commenting about in this comment post because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have a blog at all. Okay, that's not ENTIRELY true but I certainly wouldn't have a book blog if it weren't for you! Nor would I be loving books as much as I used to five years ago!

    Congrats on being around for a year. I can't wait to be in this position myself!
    Muchos love to my favourite aussie <3

  32. Happy Blogoversary! Always a great feeling! =)

  33. Happy Blogoversary, Brodie!! So glad to be able to read your blog daily, it's awesome! :)

  34. Happy Blogaversary Brodie!

    Stalks? Whadya mean, stalks? *shifty eyes*
    Oh, you just meant stalking your blog... uh... right.

    This is my contribution to your celebration:


  35. Late comment is late but....DECEMBER 2011 BLOGS FTW.

    But, oh my, I really thought you had been at this blogging thing wayyyyy longer. Seriously, even when I started following you I had the idea that you were a seasoned pro. Must have been the fabulousness of your reviews! <333

    Happy blogoversary!

  36. I'm way behind on my feedreader(aqs you probably can tell) but HAPPY belated blogoversary, Brodie! Here's to many, many more.

    I'm so happy that I discovered you and your awesome blog last year. You know you are one of the bloggers responsible for a huge amount of the books I've added on my wishlist in 2011.

    As for being 91 and blogging, I say YES to that!! My great grandmother passed away last summer, she actually made it passed 100(she didn't blog mind you). When we talked about age she once told me that in her head she still felt like when she was 18-20. I never heard her talk about 17 year old bad boys though ;)

    Btw, you can add a blogging friend from Norway to your list as well ;)

  37. Brodie!! Happy happy Blogger Birthday! :D What an awesome time of year that you started blogging--I had no idea. I'm super behind on the Google Reader, but when I saw this title I knew I had to drop by and leave a comment.

    I'm sure you can totally pull off 91-year-old cougar. I'll support you all the way, haha! You're such an awesome blogger and you're on here so often and you really do get around with your commenting and socialising around the blogosphere. I really don't know how you bloody well keep up!

    What an awesome cake, by the way. 8) Potter cake, get! Mmmmm...magic.


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