Saturday, December 3, 2011

In My Mailbox #26

In My Mailbox is a weekly feature hosted by the wonderful The Story Siren where we get to drool with one another over the awesome books that came in the post this week.

I peeked at the first few pages of Cold Fury when I picked up my mail and judging just on that, it's one of those books that will have me sucked in from the beginning. Cannot wait to start it! And T.M was also kind enough to sign it for me - thank you!

Okay, so after The Iron Daughter, I am officially TEAM ASH TEAM ASH TEAM ASH an Iron Fey fan. But I am worried about reading this because I know it will make me love the series even more and there's only one more book to go after this... noooo ;(

Girl Missing and Sister Missing were a nice surprise from Simon and Schuster <3 I haven't read any of Sophie's books yet, but I've heard a lot of about her and these sound great!

What goodies are in your mailbox this week?


  1. COLD FURY!! So lucky you received a signed copy!! I can't wait to read it next year :) ABOUT TIME YOU STARTED THE IRON QUEEN BRODIE! AND STAY AWAY FROM *MY* ASH. You were undecided a few weeks ago, so either stay undecided or be Team Puck ;) 'Cuz I'm NOT sharing :P I received Sophie McKenzie's books as well - so excited to read them! I'm so curious about her kidnapping now!! Enjoyy <3


    Oh and I forgot to mention in my post that Shirley from Shiiirleyy's Bookshelf told me how much she hates Ash from Iron Fey and hopes I live a long and sexy life with him. That is all.

    (Yay we both got Sophie books! Caroline is so awesome <3)

  3. NOOOOO go back CRICKET or.....*checks Brodie's reviews* ...KERRICK or whoever else you're cheating on! I, however, will forever stay faithful to ASH<3

  4. See, you don't even review-stalk properly. NOAH SHAW! ETIENNE ST. CLAIR. ADRIAN IVASHKOV. FOUR. PERRY. ALEX. BRAM. I could capslock you my book crushes all day, but since that would be digging myself a bigger hole... whatever, they totally understand my varied needs! Sometimes a girl needs fae, other times a zombie boy. They're happy to be shared.

  5. Those comments are the best comments I have ever read! I NEED TO READ IRON FEY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??
    But Etienne <3 (today, I get him :), you have to wait until Tuesday, haaa haaa!), Sam, Tucker, Tristian, Lend, Jonah Griggs, Adam.... ohh I love them all

  6. Adam! Lend ! Tucker! Other guys you named who I don't know! <3 Honestly, the number of swoony guys in YA fiction is ridiculous. I pity the poor guys in reality who are expected to live up to our expectations :P

    DUDE. READ IRON FEY. (recommended before Shirley hulks out at you). Soo good and I've heard The Iron Queen is AMAZING. Ugh. Tuesday. Don't do anything... dodgy with him in the mean time. I don't want my boy tainted :P

  7. The Iron Queen, eh? I could repeat "ItoldyousoItoldyousoItoldyousoItoldyousoItoldyouso" for a pretty long time, but I think you've learnt your lesson (always listen to Liz & Sonia :P). Cold Fury looks brillsome too (brilliant+awesome) and I've heard really good things about Girl, Missing! Happy reading! :) (And welcome to Team Ash. All the amazing people are here :D.)

  8. Mwaha! This is yet another reason I fail at life--I haven't read the Iron Fey books. I think I must be the only person left on the planet who's not. But they're close to the top of my list! I REALLY want these books for Christmas.

    And I swear I've seen Cold Fury floating around... looks amazing! :D

  9. All your books look "brillsome," Brodie (LOL Liz).

    You just STAY AWAY from Ash, Noah, Etienne, Adrian, Four, Alex and Bram! I haven't read Under the Never Sky yet but I want Perry already, so you can back off him too ;) Really, Brodie. Just admit that these boys are all MINE. I'll make you holographic images or mail you cardboard cut-outs... anything to help ease your painful delusions.

  10. So glad you're enjoying The Iron Fey books Brodie. I'm just glad you're finally reading them :)

    I also got Girl Missing and Sister Missing from S&S this week. They're not usually my kind of thing, but they do sound really good.

    Happy Reading!

  11. You guys are BRILLSOME! (I am totally stealing that word now). Haha I think I will start Iron Queen today, just finished Drink Slay Love(<3) and I'm feeling the call of the Ice Prince.

    Oh Sonia. The number of you Canadians who live in denial is kind of insulting to your race. Aussie's are sexier than 'nadians, that's why all the YA hotties flock to me :P

  12. Brodie,

    Haha, so I gather I am one of these Canadians in denial? Face it, Noah's mine. Do we need to get back in the boxing ring again?!

    Yay for the Iron Queen. I love that one. It's seriously the best in the series (with maybe Iron Knight creating a tie for best).

    Cold Fury sounds all kinds of awesome, so I am excited to read your review.

    And again....hands off the hot British guy! *Sonia that means you too*

    Also, for the record I <3 you both.

  13. I've just put in a reservation for the Iron Fey books at the library. Can't believe I've not read them yet!

  14. I can't wait to read Iron Queen. I hear it's really great. Look forward to reading your review.

  15. Hahaha glad you recognise your Canadian denial, Kathy :P Oh, BRING IT. You didn't fare so well last time in the ring, think you can take me again? Muahahaha. (I LOVE YOU TOO).

    I've been hearing SO many amazing things about The Iron Queen!! I can't wait to see what you'll think of the series, Sarah. I was hitting mysef over the head for having taken so long to read aswell!

    And now that I've spent the day spamming my own comments, I'm going to catch up on returning some :)

  16. If you loved The Iron Daughter, you WILL LOVE The Iron Queen. By far the best book in the series! Ooh, and Cold Fury looks so good. The cover girl looks like she's going to whip out a gun on me any second and take me the eff down.

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  17. This is one of the best comment string I've read in a loooooong time! If you loved The Iron Daughter, you will flip out for The Iron Knight! You girls can fight over Ash, as I'm firmly in the Team Puck camp! Brooding boys are boring, where a man who can make you laugh is worth his weight in gold! ;)

    Alexia's Books and Such...

  18. I keep seeing COLD FURY. I'm undecided. will await your opinion!

  19. Awesome signed copy!!! I love signed books, they're so fun :) And Iron Queen!! ENjoy!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration


    (*prays i got the day right*)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (or happy early birthday if it isn't your birthday and I'm a big noob and a failing friend!)

    Your IMM is lovely this week! Glad you're liking the Iron Fey series and I hope you realise you've made me put the first book on reserve at the library. Yes, it is YOUR fault. hehe.

    Happy Reading!!

  21. @Alexia: Haha! I WAS Team Puck in the first book but then that damn brooding, hulk of ice did something to my heart and now all it understands is "Team As Team Ash Team Ash." I still adore me some Puck, so... I'm happy to take him on weekends :D

    @Daydreaming_Star: Huh? My birthday is in April..... :| Hehe, you did get the day right!! THANK YOU! Have I mentioned lately how much I love you? <3

    Ahhhh so happy you put the Iron Fey on reserve!! If you love them, I accept full responsibility, if not.... well, omg how pressuring are those crazy fans in the comments? Emphasis on the crazy

  22. I've only read the Iron King, but the Iron Daughter is part of my mailbox this week! I haven't decided on a "team" as of yet, but you could say I am leaning towards Ash ;)

    In My Mailbox @ Radiant Shadows! Don't forget check out my 100 Followers Giveaway!

  23. I need to get into gear and start the Iron Fey, everyone keeps telling me that anyway. I've got all the books, it's just a matter of sorting out time. I've seen Cold Fury around a few blogs, and think I might check it out too.

  24. Ooh you got Cold Fury!! Awesome it looks great! Nice haul Brodie!

    Xpresso Reads

  25. The Iron Queen is awesome!!! I've got my eyes on Ash....just saying!!!!Enjoy your awesome haul.


    Win a GLOW audiobook!

    International 300 Follower Giveaway


    BUT I'm SOOOO glad you have THE IRON QUEEN. God, I love that series.

    And, COLD FURY seems real good.. you're lucky!

    I hope you enjoy them all Brodie!! :)

  27. I'm CONVINCED I am the only person to have not read the Iron Fey series. I need to get in on this Ash action ASAP. heard brill things about the Girl books, I really need to check them out.

    The Cait Files


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