Sunday, December 18, 2011

You Give = We Give Winners!

Well, things have come to a close and I think I speak for both Jess and Rachel when I say: You guys are AMAZING!! Thank you so much to all who donated books, prizes or money to place gifts under the Kmart Christmas tree. Your generosity has brought the incredible gift of reading to many kids, teens and adults this Christmas. An inspiring story can have such a magical effect on people.

And thank you to the amazing publishers and authors who contributed to the prize packs. We really appreciate all the enthusiasm, support and kindness of everyone involved.

So without further ado, here are the fabulous winners, each who donated and karma rewarded! Jess will soon be sending your mailing details to the authors/publishers, who will then ship our your prizes. You can find a list of what each prize pack contains HERE.

Aussie Prize Packs
Prize Pack 1 - Sheree D
Prize Pack 2 - Amie K
Prize Pack 3 - Shelleyrae C
Prize Pack 4 - Alison S
Prize Pack 5 - Skye H
Prize Pack 6 - Rebecca A
Prize Pack 7 - Erin W
Prize Pack 8 - Sharon C
Prize Pack 9 - Skye H

Prize Pack 1 - Shirley G
Prize Pack 2 - Rebecca A
Prize Pack 2 - Michelle A
Prize Pack 4 - Jana R
Prize Pack 5 - Braiden A
Prize Pack 6 - Kathy C

Prize Pack 1 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 2 - Erin B
Prize Pack 3 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 4 - Rachel C
Prize Pack 5 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 6 - Jena F
Prize Pack 7 - Erin B
Prize Pack 8 - Taneesha F
Prize Pack 9 - Erin B
Prize Pack 10 - Jena F
Prize Pack 11 - Rachel C

We only had one UK entrant, so Donna R... you won them all! :)

Once again, a HUGE thanks to every author, publisher, blogger and reader who has donated novels, money and prizes to help make this event a success. And to each person who has helped spread the word. We are so grateful for your support! And to the lovely Jess and Rachel, thanks so much for inviting me to be apart of this. It's such a nice feeling knowing you're helping others <3 You girls ROCK.


  1. Congrats to all the winners! :) You girls are so awesome for coming up with this. Next year, if you'll have this again and I have the money to send books online, I'll probably have a box of books to send. ;)

  2. Yay! Thanks Brodie! Congrats to all the winners.

  3. Congrats to all the winners! :)

  4. You guys are awesome. Congrats everybody!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  5. I am thrilled and look forward to the gift but even happier that there will be so many books for kids to enjoy this Christmas! Thank you

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd OUt


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