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Team Devin vs. Team Asher - A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

Today is our final day of the love triangle debates, but don't worry, you still have all month to keep voting! Don't let your fave Team lose out! Lisa and I have each have 3 fresh debates for you all today. So get your game face on and help your boy win!

Descending from the skies are two heavenly young men.... uh... and I think one has the other in a headlock. Yeesh. And the debate hasn't even started yet! It would appear there is some animosity between the boys from A Beautiful Dark! Fighting on Devin's behalf is Bree, who plays dirty with puppy dog eyes and shows us that shy can mean sexy. And defending Asher is Kris, tempting us with his rebellions nature and flirty charm! Who deserves Skye's heart more? Who deserves YOUR heart?!

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Represented by: Bree from The Magic Attic

Who is Devin?
You don't know who he is?
Devin's one of two angels that were sent to watch Skye; to note any 'strange' things that might happen to her after her seventeenth birthday. 
Long story short: he's sexy; he's mysterious; he's blond; he's hot. He's everything Asher's... well, not.

 Reasons why Devin is way better than Asher:

He's reckless, too and, sure, he keeps his secrets. But at the end of the day, he'll be there. And that's the thing. With cocky, reckless Asher - sure, he's hot - but he's too unpredictable. One second he's there and the next, he's gone. You don't know if he'll be there or not. Most of the time, you don't even know where he is. But Devin's calmer, more controlled. And you know he'll always be there for those he cares about.

He apologizes. No, really. Girls, this isn't a little thing. 'Cause we should all want a guy who knows when to joke, when to shut up, and when to say sorry. You want a guy who knows when he crosses the line, and you want a guy who feels sorry when he does something wrong. And he should give sincere apologies - there's a difference between a sincere apology and a light apology that's... well, not sincere. He'll sulk (so will Asher), but when he comes back, he'll apologize. And with Asher, you won't really know.

Devin: "I'm sorry about ruining your party Saturday night."
His voice was calm, quiet, shy. But also seemed sincere. I hadn't been this close to him yet, and now I could see that his eyes were a tranquil blue. Peaceful. I was something I longed for since my parents had died - a place with no troubles.

He's the mysterious, sexy stranger with that extra something. Whether it's a guy, a book, or real-life, don't we all love mysteries? And that's Devin - quiet, shy-ish, and a mystery. Oh, and you did notice me italicize 'quiet, shy-ish'? Yep, that was on purpose. Because he's sexy, mysterious, caring, and he's also a great listener. It wouldn't be so great if the guy you liked talked and talked and talked and talked without letting you speak at all, right? But Devin's not like that - he's quieter, shyer, and a great listener. Talking with him won't be about Devin, Devin, Devin. And that's the kind of great conversation to have. 

He might seem cool and aloof, but he's a softie at heart. I mean, no one wants a guy who's cool and aloof inside and out, right? Once you get past that quiet, reserved, cool outer barrier, Devin's... well:

Tentatively, he reached up and cradled my cheek in his hand. His palm was warm, his fingers gentle. His thumb neared the corner of my mouth and I had the feeling he wanted to trail it over my lips. The blue in his eyes deepened. "My descriptions don't do it justice. I want to be able to share it with you. I want to be able to share so much with you."

And if you've read the ending of A Beautiful Dark, (QUICK! Look away if you haven't!), you'll know he's loyal to those he cares for - right 'till the very end. I'm surprised he held out that long. And, hey, you've got to give him some credit - he could've done it at the very beginning but he resisted, right? That's gotta earn him some brownie points, and that's a part of him Asher doesn't have. 

Asher's cool too - I'll give you that. But he just isn't like Devin; he doesn't have the qualities Devin does. But, y'know, it's perfectly fine if you don't like Devin. Y'all can go crush on Asher - I'll keep Devin for myself ;P

Represented by: Kris from Imaginary Reads

Asher is the wild rebel that good girls should stay away from. He is the dark and passionate one that allures you. Energy surrounds Asher, and it is easy to get caught up in his face. While Skye believes that she knows what she wants, Asher makes her question herself. Does she really want to be a good girl? Or does she want to throw caution to the wind and see what happens? Girls flock around Asher like it is the most natural thing in the world, but it isn't really him. All they see is his front. They can't make sense of the complex puzzle that is Asher.

Outside, he is the wild rebel; inside, his worries amount to the weight of the world. Although Heaven may view him as a rebel, his heart is as pure as they come. Honestly, I have no idea what his goodness level amount to, and it doesn't matter. What really matters is that he takes Skye's feelings into consideration. He is there for her.

Not to say that Devin isn't there either. Yes, Devin also cares for Skye, but he isn't as free as Asher. And he isn't willing to put his entire being on the line for her or suspect his superiors of malicious intentions towards her, not until it is too late. In light of the fact that he acts on the orders of beings that you do not want to cross, it is easier to understand his position. Nevertheless, he remains indecisive for too long and cannot give Skye the attention and care that I believe she deserves.

Asher is the one who protects Skye when it really matters. He is there when she needs a friend, he is there to protect her, and he is there with his heart in hand. I have a soft spot for hot, bad boys who really aren't bad boys, if that makes any sense, and Asher is a dangerous boy in a tough spot with a soft heart. If you search for a guardian angel with no loyalties to Heaven and is not afraid to do whatever is necessary to be with you and keep you safe, if you are looking for a hot, dark, and wild with a past, then look no further. Join team Asher, if you haven't already done so.

Can the sweet, quiet type of guy truly trump the sexy bad boy? Do you prefer a boy who can follow the rules or one who likes to shake them up? I confess I am 100% Team Asher (so maaaaybe I had a thing for a rebel), but Bree sure knows how to make you swoon for the 'good' guy! Which boy has won over your heart?

Cast your vote below, enter the giveaway form and then battle it out amongst your fellow readers in the comments! After filling in the form (you must fill it in once for every debate you want entries counted for - total 16) each comment you make will earn you entries!

Voting will remain open until the end of the month.

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  1. Team Asher for sure! He's the only boy who cares and actually really wants to be there for the girl. Just saying.

  2. Ooh this is another really hard one, especially since I haven't read this book yet! But I have to go with Asher. I have a weakness for bad boy rebels...:P.

  3. I could understand why Devin would be appealing while I was reading the book, but it's all about Asher for me :)

  4. Ummm doubt!!! Yea, this one is a no contest :)

  5. I have't read this book yet, but I think Asher is the one that would appeal to me most :)

  6. I have this book but I haven't read it!!! But I'm voting for Asher because he SOUNDS AWESOME! <3 Can't wait to read this book!

  7. I loved this book! And totally Team Asher. I loved Devlin but I'm a sucker for tall, dark and handsome types and Asher fits the bill perfectly! ~ Donna

  8. I haven't read this book yet but I think I'm definitely on Team Asher. He sounds pretty damn cool. ;) AND HOT. Bahahahahaha. Can't wait to read this book though! Awesome debates as always!

  9. team asher for me ( even if i don't know why)

  10. Can't wait to read this! And while Devin sounds very tempting, I think Asher's the best choice here.

  11. Another one I haven't read yet (yes, fail! BUT my to-read list is growing like crazyyy) and I just have to go with Asher... I mean... I love the sound of Devin, but... Asher! Bad boys, yes please. o:

  12. I haven't read this yet but I just can't resist a bad boy and its seems neither can most. Asher!

  13. Hehe! I haven't read it yet, but after that debate it has has HAS to be TEAM DEVIN! I mean, there are sad eyes! *hugs*

    PLUS, now I SERIOUSLY want to read this book!

  14. I can't wait to read this. I'm choosing Asher, but who knows maybe after reading the book I'll change my mind? Thanks for the great post!

  15. Haven't read this yet, but I picked Devin. He sounds so sweet!

  16. Haven't read this book, but baed on debate info I think I like them both =, but I chose Asher as he is there when it really matters.


  17. Go Team Asher all the way!! So proud to be representing him :D

  18. Another book I've not read! I went with Asher. Kris swung it with talking about Devin's indecisiveness.

  19. Must read this book the meantime, I'm voting Team Asher...though I still feel torn by this. I don't always go for the bad boy, and so sweet Devin almost won me over...but it sounds like he maybe doesn't know where he stands quite yet. So Asher it is! But maybe that'll change when I actually read the book!

  20. Team Devin. Because he seems perfect, not overly-perfect either.

  21. Go team Asher!i love him all through the book,but he really matters in the end...then agin devin does still with Asher!!hehe

  22. Am I the only one here that fucking hated Devin? He was so extremely annoying and I couldn't care less about whatever he wanted to express so much. Team Asher, always and forever.


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