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Team Gabriel vs. Team Luc - Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

Whew. Things between the Nightshade and Matched boys are heating up! Have you voted? Check out Team Ren vs. Team Shay and Team Xander vs. Team Ky! A full schedule of debates can be found HERE.

Now get ready for a good ol' fashioned Heaven vs. Hell! And boy have these girls made it hard to choose a team. High above in the beautiful clouds of heaven we have Sonia singing the sweet praises of Gabriel and simmering below in the pits of hell we have Amber trying to burn at hole in our heart for Luc. Angel or demon? Which boy do YOU think is better suited for Frannie?

And even if you're unfamiliar with Personal Demons, don't let that stop you from voting! Vote whichever guy has wooed you over below. For every debate you vote in, you'll earn extra entries into the GIVEAWAYS!

Represented by: Sonia from The Story Queen

If you haven't read Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers, you're probably used to hearing about Luc, the demon, when it comes to the series. Have you heard of Gabriel? No? Well, allow me to introduce you.

Frannie describes Gabriel as, "all angelic: glowing smile, platinum waves, and insanely beautiful blue eyes shining out of a strong, tanned face. Nobody should be allowed to look that good." Indeed! Let's hope for all of our sakes that Gabriel is really fictional or we'll find ourselves focusing less on when the next book is coming out and more on how we can sabotage each other to get with him. The boy smells like cool winter sunshine, for crying out loud. YES, PLEASE! I wouldn't mind some of that.

Gabe isn't just a pretty face (or scent!) though -- he's the full package of looks, personality and maturity. When Frannie says he's angelic, she means it! Gabriel holds a powerful position up in Heaven and he takes it seriously. He knows how to take care of things and do them right but all the years of practice have given him the expertise to balance that with fun. Yes, Gabriel is determined, and also pretty serious at times. Does that mean, however, that he doesn't know how to have fun and let loose a little? Absolutely not. When the situation calls for it, Gabriel will make you laugh like any dream date would. Looking for someone with the body and energy of a youth but the emotional control, intelligence and maturity of someone much older? Look no further because Gabe has all of that and more. No longer will you have to bang your head against a wall, wishing that a guy with the ability to hold a real conversation would walk by you.

Also, I don't know about you guys, but I'm personally close to my family and want them to approve of any guy I choose to be with. With Gabriel, Frannie has nothing to worry about. Forget approve of, Frannie's entire family adores Gabriel (good taste!). It's not like with Luc where they're constantly suspicious and unhappy. No, Frannie's parents would be thrilled to see Gabriel with their daughter, and for good reason too.

There's a reason Frannie is so drawn to Gabriel. He really understands her and the struggles in her life because he's been there, watching and protecting her from a distance. When Frannie's with Gabriel, she's more like herself. It's almost like she allows herself to believe that she's a good person because Gabriel brings that side out of her. He really believes that she can make a difference and being around all of that positive, supportive energy all the time is awesome. Wouldn't you rather have some sunshine and optimism in your life than the broody, dark companionship of a demon?

Besides, there's the added bonus that if Frannie chooses Gabriel, she can relax in Heaven rather than burn in a fiery pit of Hell. Just a minor thing to consider. Angels > Demons.

I mean, sure, Luc can grow on you. He becomes nicer and less like a typical demon. With Gabe though, you never have to wait around. He is sweet and considerate right from the start, something that gets only more powerful as the books go on. And, trust me, you will want to read more about this beautiful, kind angel.

Note: In an effort to avoid spoilers -- because, really, no one wants that -- some of the points I brought up may not be as relevant to the current events of the series and apply more to just the first book. 

I'll leave you with this lovely visual of Gabriel. Watch and enjoy! 

Represented by: Amber from Down The Rabbit Hole

The name Luc Cain rolls off your tongue and just oozes sex appeal. You can already tell that what's coming is bad in the very best way possible. And Luc has "so bad he's good" written all over him. He's literally "hotter than hell" and he knows because he's been there.

From the Personal Demons series by Lisa Desrochers, Luc is a demon from Hell sent to tempt Frannie over to the dark side by any means possible.Wrapped in the oh-so-tempting tall, dark, and handsome package, it's pretty easy to see why Frannie falls hard.

A smug little grin to kill, dark hair and deep dark eyes, I see Luc looking something like Grey Damon, who just has that look about him like he's up to nothing good.

While Gabe has this whole, breathe of fresh air thing going for him, Luc is about passion and heat. Gabe might be steady but he's also predictable. Luc is also always there but you never know what he's going to say or do next. As a demon his body heat is way hotter than a normal human which is perfect to snuggle up to. He looks good and he knows it which makes him come off as cocky-- after all, his Sin of choice is Pride--but he's intelligent and has a whip sharp tongue to match.

Don't believe me? There are plenty of examples in the book:
“Sii la mia schiava d’amore,” I purr.
Her expression is guarded. “What did you say?”
An amused smile pulls at my lips. “I’ll never tell.” Somehow, I don’t think she’d agree to be my love slave anyway.”
--Pg. 148 of "Personal Demons" by Lisa Desrochers

Yup, that's right. He speaks a different language, he reads and he paints. Sure, it's Hell he paints over his bed but it's just because he misses home.

But underneath all that sizzle is the one thing that will always set Luc apart from Gabe. It isn't his charm or his heat or passionate. It's his love. Or rather, that he can. Because here's the ultimate thing: Luc loved Frannie when it wasn't even possible.

Being a demon, love doesn't exist for them. They obey the devil out of fear and the other demons sometimes couple off out of lust but love doesn't exist in that fiery pit of Hell. Any yet, Luc falls for Frannie, seeing her beauty even when he is a demon. While mingling his soul with hers he comments:
I seek out her essence--her soul. And when I find it, it takes me breath away. I've never experienced anything close to its beauty: shimmering opalescent white shot through with silver... My slick, black obsidian essence swirls and twines with hers, and I'm embarrassed by the thick, oily fell of it compared to the silk of hers.
--Pg. 153 of "Personal Demons" by Lisa Desrochers

Sure, his love has a little to do with Frannie's power but he wouldn't continue loving her if he didn't want to. Because even when he leaves and is forced back to Hell and tortured by the devil himself to change out of his human form, Luc resists because he doesn't want to lose his love for Frannie.

He respects her strength, loves her vivacity, and goes against his own nature to make himself better for her. Where there is no love, he manages to find it and hold onto it with every last ounce of his energy, forsaking all else for her.

Why is Luc the better choice? Because like any good dish, he brings the intense heat followed by a brilliant flicker of sweet. He gives everything he has and goes deeper to find more when there isn't anything left. The answer is pretty clear. Plus, let's not lie, he isn't too bad to look at either.

 Join Team Luc where looking "hotter than Hell" is just one of the many perks!

Amber is also giving away 4 signed bookmarks for The Last Rite, thanks to Lisa Desrochers! So whether you're a Team Luc or Gabe fan, go check it out!

So guys and girls, which boy do you think should end up with Frannie? It sure doesn't help me decide when Amber uses Grey Damon as her Luc! I'm compelled by the intelligence, humour and let's face it, the delectable scent of Gabriel, and also the passion, respect and unpredictability of Luc. Who to vote for?! Only one guy can stand triumphant.

Cast your vote below, enter the giveaway form and then battle it out amongst your fellow readers in the comments!  After filling in the form (you must fill it in once for every debate you want entries counted for - total 16) each comment you make will earn you entries!

Voting will remain open until the end of the month.

Another divine battle is raging over Lisa's blog between Tucker and Christian from Unearthly! Don't let my Tucker lose out! 
And check back here in a few hours for Team Jem vs. Team Will!


  1. Its been so long since I read Personal Demons that I don't remember who I liked. Hmmm... Gabriel maybe? I need to go for the good guy once in a while.

  2. I haven't read this book but yet but from the post, Luc sounds like an AWESOME guy!!! I should really really read this book! AWESOME DEBATE! <3

    1. I haven't read the books either and I'm also leaning towards Team Luc. XD Glad that someone else is also thinking that he's an awesome guy, even though we haven't read the book.

    2. I'm with you! I've not read the books either, but Luc is sounding awesome! Gabriel does too, but... love when it's impossible? That's just too aww-y for words!

    3. Exactly! Yay for Team Luc! :D Defying all the odds!

  3. This is tough because I think both boys are gorgeous, in their own way. But Team Luc. Beautiful pic of him.


  4. That's a hard one. I've only read the first book . . . but I'm probably more . . . gosh I can't decide. So I'll just go with Team Luc today!

  5. I read only about half of the first book and dropped it because my Ebook Reader broke. However, I think I'll go with team Luc!

    1. Your ereader? Oh no!! :( Must have been Luc's 'hotter than hell' looks that broke it :P

    Umm....I LOVED Luc in Personal Demons, but that pic of Gabriel is messing with my decision :S But I'll still go with Luc <333 Love how he's looking 'HOTTER THAN HELL!'

    1. Hahahaha, yep Grey Damon is in The Secret Circle. :D He was also Brian in The Nine Lives of Chloe King but that show got cancelled (unfortunately! D:).

    2. HOT VOODOO GUY!!! That was my first thought when I saw the post haha. Ahhhh I watched some episodes of Chloe King! Liked what I saw, but didn't get around to watching a ton... good in way, otherwise I would have been more devestated when it was cancelled =\

      Anyway, clearly the smexy pictures are tampering with our logic. Yep, these debates are totally RIGGED! :P

    3. Naw. Chloe King was a really good show. I was one of the devastated ones when it got cancelled. D: Though over there I was definitely Team Alek!

      Hahahahaha, oh yes. Debates are definitely rigged. ;) Smexy pictures are manipulating our minds!

    4. VOODOO? Oh my god, it really matches Luc's profile!

    5. ABC scares me with it's record of axing good shows (Kyle XY!!!) especially given that I'm a huge fan of Once Upon A Time at the moment! But I think that's going strong :)

      Hmm, whose stupid idea was it to ask for HOT PICTURES? I pin all the blame on Lisa. She is the master manipulator! :P

      YES giddusadik!! Voodoo guy for hotter than hell Luc? Perfection :D And the guy Sonia chose for Gabriel gives off the steady, nice guy vibe. And he even LOOKS like cool winter sunshine!

    6. I think the ABC doing Once Upon A Time is different to the ABC who did The Nine Lives of Chloe King (and axed it! *sniff*). Chloe King was produced by ABC Family. Not the same ABC who does Once Upon a Time. :D So Once Upon a Time should be safe! (YAY - Though I want my Graham back! D: D:)

      Hahahaha. But the hot pictures are CONFUSING US! @___@ Movie directors should come see these posts so they know who to call when they make movies out of these books. ;)

  7. This is another hard decision, since I haven't read these books. :P Ahhh! I think I'll go with Luc. Amazing how he even went through torture so that he wouldn't give up his love for Frannie. <3 Sounds like the ideal guy!

  8. Luc you are the guy for me always and forever <3 bad boy from hell, you make my heart thump ;) GO LUC!!

  9. Hmmm really hard decision. I'd go with Luc, although I haven't read the books, but I think he'd be my choice. :D

  10. I haven't read the books. It's a hard decision, really. Luc seems so hot and all (BTW, you chose the perfect boy to represent him!, but I vote for Team Gabriel, for the simple fact that I don't like hell!

  11. I've not read these books, but OMG, DO I NEED TO! They sound freaking awesome!

    I vote was based simply on the arguments, and I voted for Luc. A demon who loves when it's not possible? A demon who fights to continue loving even when being tortured by the devil? That did it for me. Bloody amazing!

  12. Luc. I find Gabriel to be a bit too goody-goody. I don't know. He never appealed to me. Definitely going for Luc (sorry Sonia! :P).

  13. I've been Team Luc since the beginning... But I LOVED Gabrielle in part two!!! I have no idea who to pick!!! Can I be Team Both?? :D

  14. I love Luc! Gabe is oh k but Luc is Frannie's perfect match...they are so good together.

  15. Thanks to everyone who is voting and all the support for Team Luc! Glad everyone seems to be liking my choice for Luc. I saw him on The Secret Circle and immediately thought of him for Luc! I've posted my side of the argument (w/ plenty of links back here) and a signed bookmark giveaway (you can be Team Gabe and enter too as long as you vote over here) over on MY BLOG.

    Brodie, I hope this okay. Like I said, I left many links and to enter, you have to come over here and check out the event. Lisa Desrochers just offered them in support for this whole debate (and I don't want to be greedy and keep all the pretties) but please email me if this is a problem.

    Again, thanks so much for the support! This was super fun to write.

    Also, Sonia, great opposing argument. You raise a lot of great points though I will always be Team Luc!

    1. Of course it's okay!! You took the time to write up this awesome debate, afterall :) I put a link to your contest in the post above too.

      And thanks for the link pimpage! <3

  16. So, I haven't read the books, although I've been wanting to for a while! Hard choices too when you don't know much about them. o: BUT, Sonia managed to convince me for Gabriel! I have no idea why, since Luc sounds like someone I would usually like but... Gabriel. o: Now I'll have to read it just to see who steals my heart! Lol

  17. i've won the books more than a month ago but i still waiting for it so it's difficutlt to say ^^ from the picture and text: Luc would have my preference ( but it could change when i read the book^^)

  18. Ummmm...WOW!!! Yea..definitely Team Luc here *grin*

  19. Both Sonia and Amber gave excellent arguments!! Having never read this series...I'm just not sure who to go for. I really do want to read it now though!!

    The Cait Files

  20. I don't always go for the bad boy but Amber definitely won me over with Luc! Yum and more yum! :-D

  21. I have to admit I've only read the first book in this series, but it was Luc that had my attention so I gotta vote for him :)

  22. Team Luc all the way! Gabe is great, but yeah he's got nothing on Luc in my book!!


  23. Okay, Luc sounds amazing! :D Talk about bad boy!

  24. This is one of the easiest questions EVER for me. Gabe is NOT ALLOWED to get involved with her and it just doesn't feel right anyway. OBVIOUSLY, Luc is the guy for her and if she doesn't want him, then move over sister!

  25. I haven't read this series yet, but i choose Luc. Gabriel seems just.. way too perfect ..


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