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Team Simon vs. Team Derek - The Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong

Did you catch the battles going down between Asher vs. Devin and Lucas vs. Derek? None of these boys are planning to give up without a fight! Make sure you get your votes in!

This time, Nadia casts us under a spell with the magically charming Simon... can we really resist an artsy, Asian boy?! But then Mag bites Simon on the rear with the stealthy wolf, Derek, whose troubled past has a way of luring us in. But you know what makes this debate even harder? The fact that these boys actually care about each other! Can't we just squish them both together and let them have a threesome? Okay, okay. No. Fine then. I'm handing the polls over to you guys!

You know the drill by now. Vote vote vote and you might win win win!


Represented by: Nadia at Lost In A Bookshelf

Hi! I'm Nadia and I run the book blog Lost In A Bookshelf. I'm honoured to be a part of the Valentine's Event. I will be supporting Simon Bae from the Darkest Powers series in the Love Triangle Debates.

Let me tell you a bit about Simon:
Simon Bae is a sorcerer of Korean and Swedish descent who can cast spells, such as levitation and mist projection. He is fifteen-years-old. His father, a lawyer named Christopher Bae, worked for the Edison Group, eventually adopting Simon's foster brother, Derek, with whom Simon shares a close bond. Simon is shown to be very easygoing and he cares a lot about Derek and he would do anything for him. He's also a diabetic. 

Now, why is Simon better than Derek, you ask? Why does he deserve to be with Chloe more than Derek does? I'm giving you 9 reasons why!

1. He is a lot nicer than Derek
Simon is a nice, caring guy. He is the total opposite of his brother, Derek, who is grumpy and angry all the time. But Simon? He is the one who will never judge you or be mad at you.

2. He can always cheer you up
Simon is the guy you should go to when you need cheering up. He will always listen and he is guaranteed to make you feel better, thanks to his caring personality and sense of humour :)

3. He is funnier than Derek
Ok, I think you all agree with me on this one. Did you see the hilarious things that come out of Simon's mouth? Very funny! Now, did you see Derek say things like that? No, thought so.

4. He has some real chemistry with Chloe
For  those of you who read the Darkest Powers series, I think you know there was real chemistry between Simon and Chloe from the very first moment they saw each other! It was perfect! After they admired each other from far away (ok, not that far, but still), they decided to go on a date. A date! A real date, which ended up in a kiss.  So, these two were meant for each other. You would be blind not to see it.

5. He isn't dangerous at all
While Derek is a werewolf and may be potentially dangerous to Chloe, Simon doesn't have any of that! He isn't dangerous at all.

6. He is HOTTER than Derek
In my opinion, Simon is a lot hotter than Derek. He has dark blonde hair and a cute Asian face. (Now, tell me, don't we all love Asian guys?) And I mean, look at Derek: he is too tall and he has acnea. (I feel sorry for him, but...)

7. He could come in handy some day!
His powers could come in handy some day, with all the spells he can cast.

8. He continued showing her that he likes her
He's always been tolerant and caring with her and he continued showing her that he liked her. Now, that's romantic!

9. He can draw! Nice drawings! Drawings of Chloe!
Now, we all like an artsy boy, don't we? And he is perfect for the job! He even drew pictures of Chloe. Awww, so cute :D

Now, my dear readers, I know you've been asked this kind of question before, but I'm gonna ask you, too: Do you want a cute, nice, caring, funny boy like Simon? Or an always angry, not-so-hot and not-so-nice guy like Derek?

So, with that being said, GO TEAM SIMON!
Represetnted by: Mag from Geek Chic

Hi, I'm Mag from Geek Chic! I'm lucky enough to be defending the awesome and wolfy Derek Souza from the Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong. I already know this is going to be easy, because even if he seems scary at first, Derek really is AWESOME.

-Name: Derek Souza (Alias: "Derek Brown")
-Age: 16
-Species: Werewolf
-Family: Simon Bae, foster brother; Christopher "Kit" Bae, foster father

-Super Big: Derek is over six feet tall and broad-shouldered.
-Black Hair: Despite him showering twice daily, it's usually pretty greasy do to his raging werewolf hormones. Luckily, by the end of the series, once he's started Changing, it gets better, as does his acne.
-Green Eyes: They stay that way whether he's human or wolf.
-Black Fur: Only when he's in wolf form. Thankfully.

Best Features
-Derek is super protective, which is one of his best features and also one of his worst. It's equal parts wolfish instinct and just Derek instinct. He'll protect those he cares about with his life, but anyone else he couldn't care less about.

-Derek is seriously smart--both book smart and street smart.

     "I thought Derek was in tenth grade."

     "Yeah, but not in algebra. Or geometry. Or chemistry, physics, or biology, though he's only in twelfth grade in the sciences."

     -The Summoning

-Super senses, including night vision, sense of smell and hearing. They make it very easy to avoid people who'd like to kill you and find people who don't.

-The ability to move super silently. Warning: Likely to sneak up behind you and inadvertently scare the crap out of you.

-He has the extremely cool ability to Change into a wolf. Granted, he can't control when it happens, but once he's Changed, his senses are even more heightened and, despite his initial fears, he's still himself, just...a wolf.

-Derek is also good at interrupting Simon and Chloe at the best times:

     Simon swore. "Anyone ever tell you your sense of timing really sucks?"

     "That's why I don't play the drums. Now what's up?"

     -The Summoning

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     "There's another thing I've been thinking about. I know it's not exactly a good time, but once we get settled in, I thought maybe you and I could--"
     A shadow loomed over us. 
     Simon didn't bother looking up. "Yes, Derek?"
     Derek leaned over the seat, one hand on the back for balance as the bus swayed. He seemed distracted, almost anxious.

     -The Awakening

- And finally...well, I don't think there's any commentary needed for this one:
     Derek looked around, like he was searching for something to use. Then he stripped off his shirt. I tried not to look away. Not that he looked bad without his shirt.

     The opposite, actually, which is why...Let's just say friends are really better when they're fully clothed.

     -The Reckoning

More About Him
Ever since Derek was a little kid, he was treated like a monster. That's had its effects on him. There are times when he doesn't feel like he's worth anything, when he BELIEVES he's a monster.

     "You were just worried about me."

     An exhale, relieved that I'd understood. "Yeah."

     I turned. "Because you think I'm worth it."

     He put his fingers under my chin. "I absolutely think you're worth it."

     "But you don't think you are."

     His mouth opened. Shut.

     "That's what this is about, Derek. You won't let us worry about you because you don't think you're worth it. But I do. I absolutely do."

     -The Reckoning
But despite that, he tries so hard not to be a monster. The problem is, that's what people expect, so they treat him harshly because of it.
     He knew they were talking about him. But he wasn't dangerous. He'd never done more than shove the other boys and only when they came after him or Simon.......He was a good boy--everyone said so.

     -"Dangerous," from the Darkest Powers Bonus Pack

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     "Yes, sir."

     His lips tightened at the "sir". Figures. Try to be polite and they think I'm being sarcastic. Dad would say it's my tone. And my look. And maybe a bit of actual sarcasm.

     -"Dangerous," from the Darkest Powers Bonus Pack

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     "Yes, sir." I said it without sarcasm, but he still glanced over sharply. He'd made up his mind. I was just a knuckle-dragging bully who'd probably thrown that kid into the wall because he wouldn't lend me a smoke.

     -"Dangerous," from the Darkest Powers Bonus Pack

Why He's Better
As to why he's better than Simon, well...I love Simon, okay? I really do. He's a great guy. But sometimes being a great, likeable guy isn't enough reason to pick him. I'm not saying bad or mean guys or better--or that Derek is a bad or mean guy--All I'm saying is that sometimes the person you're meant for isn't the person you'd think. In the end, you can't control your heart.

     I lifted onto my toes, put my hands around his neck, and pulled him down. When our lips met, that first jolt...It was everything I hadn't felt with Simon, everything I'd wanted to feel.

     -The Reckoning
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     "Chloe? It's me."
After a pause, he added, "Derek," like I could mistake that deep rumble
for anyone else, like I could mistake that little part of me that
perked up like an eager puppy saying, "It's him. Quick! Go see what he
wants." God, how had I been so blind? It seemed so obvious now.

     -The Reckoning

And more than that, Derek does have his moments. He loves Chloe, but he's secretive about it because of various reasons: He's a werewolf, he doesn't find himself worthy of love, and, most importantly, his brother may or may not like her himself. Awkward. But there are the times when his feelings for Chloe leak through.

He'll do anything to make sure Chloe's safe, and that's one of his biggest weaknesses.

     When Liam stepped forward again, Derek's arm shot around me, a growl vibrating up from his stomach.

Liam put his hand out toward me. When Derek tensed he pulled back, then
did it again, testing his reaction, laughing when he got one, until
even Ramon started to laugh.

     "Check this out," Liam said. "I think the pup's got himself a mate. Isn't that the cutest thing?"
     -The Awakening

Derek can act angry and aggressive sometimes (okay, a lot of times), especially to Chloe. But that's just because he cares about her and wants to make sure she's safe. 
     One second he was in my face, making me feel stupid and useless. The next he was like this: hovering, concerned, worried.

     -The Reckoning
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
     "I'm not going anywhere, not without Chloe."

     -The Reckoning

Closing Arguments
I'm going to let this speak for itself:
     His lips pressed against mine, then parted. And he kissed me. Really kissed me--arms tightening around me, mouth moving against mine, firm, like he'd made up his mind that this was what he wanted and he wasn't backing down again.
     I slid my arms around his neck. His tightened around me and he scooped me up, lifting me off my feet, kissing me like he was never going to stop, and I kissed him back the same way, like I didn't want him to ever stop.

     -The Reckoning

And to finish up

Let's all give a big thanks to Brodie and Lisa for hosting this awesome event, and to Kelley Armstrong for writing such awesome books! You can click on the images to go to their sources.

Is your heart torn in half yet? Because mine certainly is! Do you vote for Sorcerer or Werewolf? One who will woo you over with his sweet, humorous nature and the other who offers a little more spice, yet doesn't think he's worth it? Both types make me melt at the heart! Which melts yours more?

Cast your vote below, enter the giveaway form and then battle it out amongst your fellow readers in the comments! After filling in the form (you must fill it in once for every debate you want entries counted for - total 16) each comment you make will earn you entries!

Voting will remain open until the end of the month.

List of prizes can be found HERE.
All the debate links can be found HERE


  1. Good lord in heaven. Derek. Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek! DEREK!!!!!! Derek Souza is one of the BEST male leads to ever grace YA fiction!!! There was never any competition between he and Simon, it was always Derek for me!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Derek!!!

  2. Ahhh this is tough, especially considering I haven't read the books yet. D: D: D: Hmmmmm. I think I'm going to have to go with Team Derek with this one. ;) Those pictures...mmmmm. He sounds like a freaking hot guy! UNF. Definitely need to read these books!

  3. derek, a wereworlf i adore ( but i'm feeling bad seing simon without vote) ' i haven't read the book yet but at least these one i have them^^

  4. I honestly voted for Simon! I really liked him in the book :)

  5. There's no question here . . . DEREK!!!!!!!

  6. I think I'm Team Derek although I haven't read the book. I've been hearing great things about him so DEREK IT IS!

  7. DEREK SOUZA!!! <3 Oh my gosh, of course it has to be Derek! I adored Simon and all of his cuteness in the books, but I think that Derek and Chloe will always make one of the sweetest couples. Anyone who read the books has to agree that they're perfect together! ;)

    This one was easy -- I think it might be the only one that was so far LOL! x) Loving it, Brodie! :) <3

  8. I haven't read the book and they both seem like the correct choice but I'm gonna go join Team Simon right now. :D

  9. Swedish? Swedish! *stares* I keep getting shocked whenever I see that around in books. LOL

    ANYHOW, while I love the sound of Simon andddddd he's a sorcerer and Swedish... Once again, I think I might have to go for Derek... usually I don't go for the werewolves, but I'm just not feeling the spark with Simon! So wolfie it is!

  10. I went team Derek although I think Simon is a cutey.

  11. Team Derek! :D I love love loved Derek! :D Simon just never really appealed to me...I liked that Derek had that hidden soft spot that kept getting bigger for Chloe...those two are just so fricken cute together! :D

  12. Team Simon...I don't know...just wasn't a fan of Derek in this series.

  13. Derek! I loved Derek from the beginning, although Simon is really cool too :).

  14. Team Derek all the way - not even a question :)

  15. So I was gonna pick Simon at first, but Derek sounds totally crushable. :) Plus the drum comment totally convinced me! ;)

  16. It's not always about looks and I know the whole greasy hair thing wasn't the most appealing sounding, but, I read these 3 books ages ago and I remember being drawn towards Derek. Sometimes the ones that are a bit more of a challenge are worth it.


    So DEREK!!

  17. Deeerek! Even though I couldn't read the whole argument as I'm yet to read The Reckoning. But he's just complicated and intriguing! I liiiike him!

  18. It's been ages since I read the first book, and have yet to read the rest...but I remember loving Derek and the above arguments just brought all of that back! Team Derek all the way! :-D

  19. Okay.. I'm going for Simon, based on the post.. Everyone seems to be going for Derek o:


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