Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Character Interview - Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm sure you've all heard of this lovely lady. She's has been building quite a name for herself after the release of her hit novel, Half-Blood. I recently read Obsidian (totally separate series with smoking hot aliens) and whew. SEXY. But today is not about extraterrestrial beings with drool-worthy abs, it's about godly beings with drool-worthy abs. I'd like you to all welcome Aiden and Alex, love interests in the Half-Blood series! Make that secret love interests, given that their kind are forbidden to engage in a relationship with one another.

They've generously stopped by during a break from their sparring to answer a short interview for Lisa and I!
Aiden, you obviously tried to fight your feelings for Alex. What changed your mind?
Aiden: Tried? I haven’t realized that anything has changed.

If your love wasn’t forbidden and you could freely go on a date, where would be the perfect place?
Aiden: Alex loves animals, so I would like to take her to the zoo. I know that may sound weird to some people, but I know it would be something that Alex would love.

Will you be spending Valentine’s Day together somehow?
Aiden: Who knows. If we are, I’m positive it won’t be out of romance.

What attracted you to her to begin with?
Aiden: Her eyes… they are beautiful.

Seth has a...colourful personality. What do you think about him?
Aiden: I try not to think of him. It’s like he doesn’t exist.

Alex, if you were a pure blood and could control any element, which would it be?
Alex: Fire. Nothing is cooler than fire.

This is a violence-free zone, guys... Keep it tame! What are the most annoying traits of your partner?
Aiden: Her stubbornness.
Alex: His control. a fight? Who’d win? You both train hard. *winks*
Aiden: Me.
Alex: *smirks* Until I turn eighteen…

Do you believe love can conquer all?
Aiden: Yes. Love does.

 Heh, Aiden is awfully sure of himself.... who do you think would win in the fight? ;) Who here has read Half-Blood? Or any of Jennifer's novels? Any newcomers excited to become fans?

 I'm lonely and separated from my alphabet companions, collect me in the name of Scavenger Hunt!
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  1. they are on my wish list but i have obsidian ^^;; i hope to get half-blood for my birthday next month

    this post was great thanks

  2. Aaaaa, I haven't read Half-Blood but I've been hearing AWESOME things about this book. Aiden, you sound AMAZING. Okay, I am SO reading this book NOW! <3

  3. Thank you for the interview, I love these books so much!!!

  4. I must read this series. Heard nothing but great things about them.

  5. Oh, this is a very nice character interview! Loved the answers!

  6. I wasn't blown away by Half-Blood so I'm still undecided if I'll read Pure, but I did enjoy the interview :)

  7. I liked Half-Blood and can't wait for Pure! Still undecided about whether to read Obsidian though...

    The Cait Files

  8. ha, "it's like he doesn't exist" ouch! I'm so so excited for Pure and these were great character interviews! Alex is right, I think she'll win in a fight once she's eighteen.

  9. I must read these books. Such a nice interview! :)

  10. Love this series :). Aiden! I laughed when he said what he thought of Seth :P. Cannot wait for Pure, I'm so excited! Great post, thanks :).

  11. Aiden! <3 I can't WAIT for Pure to come out. Seriouslyyyy. I need more. Hahah, gotta love them both! Awesome interview:)

  12. AIDEN! <3 I was in love with him in Half-Blood, but OH MY GOODNESS, he gets even more amazing in Pure (and this interview haha)! Fire is my favourite element too -- although I'd probably be too dangerous to exist if I actually had it LOL! x) And I'm putting my money on Aiden for now, although Alex will definitely end up beating him up one of these days! ;)

    Love this interview! And I love how you're keeping Valentine's Day alive, Brodie -- I don't want February to end!! <3 x)

  13. Yea, Aiden is my favorite...something about being forbidden really just calls to my blood.

  14. Girl would win. Why? Girl plays dirty. Guys only punch and kick. Girls pull hair and claw and other things. Plus, the guy would be too soft on the girl and she kick his butt. :D
    Awesome interview guys!

  15. I wanna read this book so bad! Great interview- esp loved the "Nothing is cooler than fire." comment! :)

  16. I loved Half-Blood and I am slowly dying from the wait for Pure. Aiden. Stop fighting your feelings for Alex. Its a losing battle.

  17. Soooooooooooo need to read this series! <3 Looks absolutely amazing. Gah! Thanks so much for the character interview! :D

  18. It looks like I need to read this series. Oh god, is it weird that I NEED to read every post for this event... yet I'm worried about the number of books my TBR pile will grow by? Lol.

  19. Oh, Aiden. I look forward to his losing that control, haha! Great interview! I really enjoyed Half-Blood and can't wait to read Pure...though having just read Obsidian, I must say I'm totally more in love with Daemon! YUM!

  20. Haha, they seem like a competitive couple but that's cute though :)


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