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Valentine's Blog Event: Character Interview - Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

If my review and fangirling tweets escaped your attention, I recently read Storm by Brigid Kemmerer AND FREAKING LOVED EVERY WORD OF IT! Seriously guys, you'll want to preorder the sequel before you even read the first. Because you're guaranteed to be clambering for the next book the minute you turn the final page. The characters are so amazingly REAL and flawed, the plot is fast-paced and suspenseful, the refreshing mythology will have your eyes glued to the pages and she writes her action and romance SO FLIPPING WELL.

And yeah, 5 sexy guys certainly do not hurt :D I have the immense pleasure of welcoming the Merrick brothers here today, who have kindly taken some time from their busy and chaotic lives to to chat about girls and looooove for our Valentine's event! Warning: 102% chance of swoonage.

Character Interview - Smokin' hot Merrick brothers

In Storm: The Elemental Series, the four Merrick brothers are ordinary guys—who have the ability to manipulate the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. They’re powerful. Dangerous. And marked for death because of abilities they can barely control. They stopped by to chat with Lisa and Brodie about themselves.

Brodie: Thanks for stopping by to chat, guys. We’re excited to have you with us today.

Michael: (Glances at watch.) We don’t have a lot of time. I have a big job this afternoon. Agreeing to this is the only way I could get all three of them out of the house.

Lisa: What kind of work do you do?

Michael: Landscaping. I took over my parents’ business when they died. It works well with my whole Earth power thing. (A shrug.) And it pays the bills what with Chris and the twins eating more food than a small army.

Brodie: Wait a minute. How old are you all?

Michael: Twenty-three.

Chris: Sixteen.

Nick: Seventeen.

Gabriel: (Points at Nick.) Did you catch that we’re twins?

Brodie: Twins? Do you have the same powers?

Nick: I can control the air.

Gabriel: (Pulls out a lighter and flicks a flame to life.) Guess.

Nick: Chris’s special power is brooding.

Chris: It’s water. And I do not brood.

Nick: You’re kinda brooding now.

Lisa: We have a lot of gorgeous ladies reading, and Valentine’s Day is coming up...who would you say is the most romantic of you all?

Nick: Wait. Can we see some pictures of these gorgeous ladies?

Michael: (sighs) This would be so much easier if I had sisters.

Gabriel: You do have Chris.

Chris: Whatever.

Brodie: Okay, maybe not romance, then. Would any of you ever use your powers to impress a girl?

Gabriel: Once during a science lab, I kept making a girl’s Bunson burner catch fire.

Nick: Isn’t that the same time you accidentally set her entire textbook on fire?

Gabriel: Details. She was hot.

Chris: We don’t like to show off. Michael won’t even let me join the swim team. We’re supposed to stay hidden. Our abilities are too strong. If the wrong people find out where we are, it would be bad.

Gabriel: Very bad.

Nick: Yeah, Mike learned that the hard way.

Michael: The last time I used my powers around a girl, it didn’t end well.

Lisa: So you were trying to show off, and it went badly?

Michael: No. I was trying to save her life.

Nick: Maybe we could talk about something happier, before Michael calls this whole thing off.

Brodie: Happier…well, what’s your favorite quality in a girl?

Gabriel: That sexy Australian accent.

Nick: And I like girls who read.

Gabriel: Suck up.

Chris: Yeah, said by the guy who’s hitting on our interviewer.

Michael: Maybe you could let them move on to the next question?

Lisa: If a gorgeous girl were to walk by, which of you would have her in your clutches first, and how?

Chris: I’d make it rain while I was the only one around with an umbrella.

Gabriel: Dude. Lame.

Nick: I’d turn the air cold and offer my coat.

Gabriel: I can’t believe I’m related to you two.

Brodie: What would you do?

Gabriel: Just wait til you see what I can do with a campfire. What are you doing later?

Michael: You are working later.

Gabriel: (whispering) Okay, what are you doing later later?

Lisa: It sounds like you all have an appetite for romance. Can we expect any romance in the pages of Storm?

Chris: I do meet someone special.

Nick: Aw. He’s blushing.

Chris: Forget it. You’ll just have to read the book to hear all about Becca.

Brodie: What makes her so special?

Chris: She saves my life.

Nick: Don’t give it all away.

Michael: I think we’re out of time, anyway.

Lisa: When can we read all about Chris and Becca’s story?

Chris: April 24.

Gabriel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, enough about the book. Let’s talk phone numbers.

AUS Covers
US Covers
YES. I DO BELIEVE GABRIEL WAS HITTING ON ME. And no, I'm not telling you if we hooked up later later  what happened later around the campfire... *shakes ash out of hair* Anyway, I LOVE these guys and trust me, once you've read Storm (because you're running off to preorder a copy right now, aren't you?), you will too!

Aren't the covers AMAZING? Both so different, yet look incredible as a series whole. Head over to Brigid's blog to see the bigger versions (the guy on the AUS Spark is HOT. I also have a girl crush on the Spirit girl) and let her know what you think of them! <3

Look! A lonely letter! Collect it to unscramble the lustworthy title in our Scavenger Hunt! 
Full schedule of events can be found HERE.


  1. OMG! HAHAHAHA.. I love this interview. BRODIE got lucky... :)) Can't wait to read STORM.

  2. OMG this interview was AWESOME. Mmmm loved getting a taste of these boys. UNF. THE HOTNESS. And oh BRODIE. Now what DID happen with you and Gabriel huuuuuuuuuuuuuh? ;) ;) You missed a bit of ash there hun. Bahahahaha.

    1. Oh shite. Where's Chris?! I need some water over here! And then Nick can blow dry it. Wow, you'd save on a lot of water and electricity with these guys around!

  3. Why only Brodie get to interview with the brothers? *cries* ME WANT ONE BROTHER TOO!!! <3 And what an AWESOME INTERVIEW!! I LOVE LOVE IT!!! Haha, makes me so excited to read Storm!!!

    1. Hehe well Lisa did too, but really, we all know who was hitting on who ;) I am SO excited for you to read this!

  4. Gabriel: That sexy Australian accent.

    Nick: And I like girls who read.

    OH.MY.GOD. GUESS WHAT BRODIE?!? I'M OFFICIALLY FALLING FOR THE TWINS <3333 Ehhh but GABRIEL HIT ON YOU!?!?! Majorly JEALOUS now! Butbutbut...I'LL HAVE NICK? :DDD Awwwww...Chris is SO ADORABLE here! <3 ahhh poor Chris getting teased by his brothers <3 Seriously AWESOME interview!!!

    1. Hahaha those Merrick twins are HARD to resist! But sorry, I can't really take one twin without the other, can I? They'd be incomplete =\ And then I need to take Chris because I love him and don't want him feeling left out. And of course, I need help keeping them in line *hollers at Michael*

      *runs away with them all*

  5. That was freaking awesome!! Hats off to you though Brodie, you were in a room with 4 hot brothers and close stayed on. Well done. Seriously though, next interview with these 4.... I want in!!!

  6. Oh and those covers are stunning! Both our ones and the US versions--they look fantastic together. Plus, Micheal has a prequel story and the terrific green US cover fits in excellently with the other covers <3

    1. I know! Brigid got so lucky to have such amazing covers for both US and AUS! <3 OHHH. I forgot to add Michael's cover! Damn, I don't know if blogger will play nice and let it fit on that line or not.

  7. i prefer the us cover but as for the story, it's a new discovery for me

    all the best

    1. I'm happy to hear it's a new discovery! Definitely keep an eye out for it in April, it will blow your sock off :)

  8. Lady, you are killing me, KILLING ME!

    Why must you go on 'bout these brothers! *drools* Seriosly, chills baby! The more you go on about this book (and those smokin' bro's) makes me not want, but NEED! Hurry up April 24!

    *whispers* Brodie, you can totes tell me if you hooked up! I so bet you did! I'll be needing those deets, thank you. And I'm trying to hide it, but I'm so jealous. I mean, Gabriel! *faints*

    I know I should like the Aus covers, but I'm digging those US ones! *whoops*

    1. Buahaha you may have noticed I have a slight gushing compulsion. I don't imagine I'll be shutting up about this any time soon :)

      *cough* Ahem. A lady does not kiss and tell :P

      I love both covers, so gorgeous!

  9. OH, BOY. I think it's probably a hazard to fall for brothers (especially twins!) but that's EXACTLY what this character interview made me do! <33 LOOOOOOOL Gabriel was definitely hitting on you, Brodie! If we can't resist guys with awesome accents, how can guys resist GIRLS with awesome accents? I don't think the world works that way! ;) Oh my gosh, and I thought I was excited for this book before but now I CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!

    Fun fun fun fun and totally swoon-worthy character interview, you guys!! I don't know how my "Boys I Wish Were Real" list grew 4 boys with only one interview, but somehow you and Lisa managed it LOL! <33 x)

    1. LOL but isn't falling for the boys we ought not to the most thrilling part of YA romance? Lisa and I potentially have the unfair advantage of an Aussie accent.... I wonder if we lure the boys to come to Australia with our siren song? And if successful, naturally the next step is to ditch Lisa :P

      LOL it's so not out doing, it's these amazing authors with equally amazing characters! They just continue to blow us away again and again.

  10. Haha, these guys (and by extension the book) sound awesome. I am going to be checking this one out for sure. I love that you got hit on...hehe. Gabriel does sound pretty hot.

    I love synopsis of the first book so thank you for making me want to read it even more!

    1. All of these brothers are smoking! I am crazy excited to see this pop up in IMM posts come April. And then the gushing reviews will follow, because seriously, it's going to be hard to dislike this book!

  11. A very steamy interview, Brodie! Sure you didn't complain. haha. Great interview! I'm looking forward to Storm and meeting these hot boys!

    1. Hehe you know me too well :P Eeee, April/May doesn't seem terribly far away once we're on the other side of February. March is nearly here already!

  12. Wow, okay I really want this series! I gotta say, the AUS covers look cooler. :D But yeah, loved the interview. It was sooo cute! :D

    1. I can't wait for you to get your hands on a copy, Jenelle! The AUS covers efinitely look WAY cool. Love the theme they all have going.

  13. Omg, this interview was AMAZING! It was just a short interview, yet I already feel like I have an idea of their personalities! AND I ALREADY WANT GABRIEL! Will you share, please, Brodie? Pretty please?! I don't think this is being published in the UK anytime soon. Book Depository!

    I LOVE the Australian covers, they're gorgeous!

    1. Isn't Brigid a GENIUS?! Now imagine what the entire book is like! <3 Hahaha I already have tough competition for Gabriel with those who've also read the book (some amazing fans have already started a Facebook fanpage!), I fear his ego is going to explode once the rest of the world gets their paws on him!

      Aw damn, such a shame it's not coming to UK! Thank the book gods for The Book Depository!!

  14. o.o I think... I think I might be in love with these guys. *runs to pre-order the book* Seriously, where have I been to miss this one?! Fail, Rebecca, fail!

  15. Brilliant!! I also cannot decide which covers I like better. I think it's a tie!

  16. hilarious i can't wait 2 have those dudes in my reading life

  17. Love it! Honestly, you guys rock. Too bad eventually you all get taken. Interview was great. And personally, Nick's idea sounds better. Not only do you get to put on some seriously hot guy's coat, but you have a high probability of getting to keep it on 'accident' and returning it later. :D

  18. ugh you are killing me right now. I so need these books, and I already know Gabe will be my favorite lol

  19. This was a really fun interview. Juggling all these boys, well done girls:D

    I must get this series, they sound adorable.


  20. Not going to lie these books were already on my wishlist just because of those US covers lol

  21. Hhaha loved the interview! lol @ "Chris' special power is brooding" :D Already love these guys.

  22. LOL that was amazing! So hilarious :P. Nick and Gabriel especially. My favourite parts: "Nick: Chris’s special power is brooding" and
    "Michael: (sighs) This would be so much easier if I had sisters" "Gabriel: You do have Chris" :P Thanks so much!

  23. Love this interview. Nothing like siblings! Very interested in what Gabriel can do with a campfire!?

  24. Aww funny boys. I actually had no idea what these books were about. But they sounds awesome so Im just going to go add them to my TBR pile.

  25. Wow, you girls totally had your hands full, haha! Gabriel cracks me up! :-D I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on these books! Thanks for sharing!

  26. The first sentence of the character interview reminded me about The Carrier of The Mark haha :p And as for the covers i'll have to say the Australian one looks WAAAY better!

  27. I'm anxious for the next book alright! "I’d make it rain while I was the only one around with an umbrella." < my favorite part of the interview. :D


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